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Call Letter Origins: Key and Listing

CallsCall Letters (All are AM unless otherwise noted)
(CC): Carrier Current
(FM): FM
(LP): Low Power FM
(SW): Shortwave
(TV): Television
City of LicenseCurrent City of License as of this document's date
*Origin of the Call Letters
E: Euphony - Sound of call letters, perhaps spelling a word
F: Frequency - Call letters related in some way to dial position
O: Ownership Related - Initials or name of [original] licensee
L: Location Related - Pertaining to geographic feature, region or city
S: Slogan - Promotional phrase, often reflecting licensee or city nickname
Explanation/NotesThe relationship to the call letters
For instance, WCFL (once in Chicago) would be shown as: C)hicago F)ederation of L)abor to clarify "CFL" in the callsign. In some cases, additional historic facts dealing with the call letters or station is also indicated.

Note that the contents of the call letter list itself is deliberately presented in a preformatted, monospace font. This allows not only for a relatively fast load on most browsers but also presents the information in a machine-readable format.

Calls     City of License          *  Explanation/Notes
-----     ---------------          -  -----------------

2BD       Aberdeen, Scotland       L  Ab)erd)een
2BE       Belfast, Ireland         L  B)e)lfast
2BS       Bathurst, NSW            L  2 = New South Wales, B)athurs)t
2DE       Dundee, Scotland         L  D)undee)
2EH       Edinburgh, Scotland      L  E)dinburgh)
2LO       London, England          L  L)o)ndon
2LS       Leeds, England           L  L)eeds)
2LT       Lithgow, NSW             L  2 = New South Wales, L)ithg)ow
2RN       Dublin, Irish Free State E  RN=phonetic of 'Eireann' Gaelic for Irish
2WR       Birmingham, Witton       L  W)itton R)adio Note: changed to 5IT when BBC took over from Western Electric
5IT       Birmingham, Witton       L  Wi)t)ton
5NG       Nottingham, England      L  N)otting)ham
5NO       Newcastle, England       L  N)o)rrth of England
5PY       Plymouth, England        L  P)ly)mouth
5SC       Glasgow, Scotland        L  S)c)otland
5SX       Swansea, England         L  S)wansea, X a cypher for the second letter
5WA       Cardiff, Wales           L  W)a)les`
6BM       Bournemouth, England     L  B)ournem)outh
6CK       Cork, Irish Free State   L  C)ork)
6FL       Sheffield, England       L  Shef)fiel)d
6KH       Kingston, England        L  K)ingston upon H)ull
6LV       Liverpool, England       L  L)iv)erpool
6PR       Perth, WA                L  6 = Western Australia, P)er)th
6ST       Stoke-on-Trent, England  L  S)toke-on-T)rent
CBA       Moncton, NB              O  C)B)C A)tlantic
CBCV-FM   Victoria, BC             L  C)B)C) V)ictoria
CBE       Windsor, ON              L  C)B)C E)ssex County
CBF       Montreal, QC             O  C)B)C F)rench Network
CBG       Gander, NF               L  C)B)C G)ander
CBH       Halifax, NS              L  C)B)C H)alifax
CBK       Regina, SK               K  C)B)C K) refers to Kelsey, the Explorer
CBL       Toronto, ON              L  C)B)C Great L)akes
CBM       Montreal, QC             O  C)anadian B)roadcasting M)ontreal
CBN       St. Johns, NF            L  C)B)C N)ewfoundland
CBO       Ottawa, ON               L  C)B)C O)ttawa
CBR       Calgary, AB              L  C)B)C R)ocky Mountains
CBR       Calgary, AB              L  C)B)C Calgar)y
CBSI-FM   Sept-Iles, QC            L  C)B)C S)ept-I)les
CBU       Vancouver, BC            L  C)B)C Vancou)ver
CBW       Winnipeg, MB             L  C)B)C W)innipeg
CFAM      Altona, MB               L  A)ltona, M)anitoba
CFAR      Flin Flon, MB            O  A)rtic R)adio
CFCF      Montreal, QC             S  C)anada's F)irst, C)anada's F)inest (CFCF is Canada's oldest radio station)
CFCO      Chatham, ON              L  C)oming f)rom C)hatham, O)N
CFFB-TV   Iqaluit, NU              L  F)robisher B)ay, former name of Iqaluit
CFGP      Grand Prairie, AB        L  G)rand P)rairie
CFJP-TV   Quebec City, QC          O  J)ean P)ouliot
CFLC      Brockville, ON           S  C)anada's F)inest L)ittle C)ommunity
CFMO      Ottawa, ON               S  F)M) O)ttawa
CFMT-TV   Toronto, ON              S  C)anada's F)irst M)ulticultural T)elevision Station
CFNB      Fredericton, NB          L  F)redericton N)ew B)runswick
CFOS      Owen Sound, ON           L  O)wen S)ound
CFPL      London, ON               O  F)ree P)ress L)ondon
CFPR      Prince Rupert, BC        L  P)rince R)upert
CFRA      Ottawa, ON               O  F)rank R)yan A)ssociates
CFRB      Toronto, ON              O  C)anada's F)inest R)adio B)atteries or R)ogers B)atteryless, Radio Manufacturer
CFRC      Kingston, ON             S  C)anada's F)inest R)ugby C)hampions Note: operated by Queen's University at Kingston, it is Canada's second oldest station
CFRE-TV   Regina, SK               L  R)e)gina
CFRX-SW   Toronto, ON              S  C)F)R)B Ex)tended Range
CFSK-TV   Saskatoon, SK            L  S)ask)atoon
CFTK-TV   Terrace, BC              L  T)errace-K)itimat
CFTO-TV   Toronto, ON              L  T)o)ronto
CFTR      Toronto, ON              O  T)ed R)ogers, see CFRB-Roger's Batteryless
CFTU-TV   Montreal, QC             O  T)ele-U)niversite
CFVP-SW   Calgary, AB              S  V)oice of the P)rairies
CFWH      Whitehorse, YT           L  W)h)itehorse
CFYK      Yellowknife, NT          L  Y)ellowk)nife
CHAM      Hamilton, ON             L  H)a)m)ilton, ON
CHAT      Medicine Hat, AB         L  H)a)t)
CHEX      Peterborough, ON         O  Peterborough E)x)aminer (newspaper)
CHEZ      Ottawa, ON               E  CHEZ = French 'home of'
CHFD-TV   Thunder Bay, ON          O  H). F). D)ougall
CHNC      New Carlisle, QC         L  N)ew C)arlisle
CHNS      Halifax, NS              L  H)alifax, N)ova S)cotia
CHOO      Ajax, ON                 S  C)ountry H)eart o)f O)ntario
CHQM      Vancouver, BC            S  Q)uality M)usic, was once classic and easy listening
CHQM      Vancouver, BC            S  Q)uality M)usic, was once classic and easy listening
CHSJ      Saint John, NB           L  Saint John
CHSM      Steinbach, MB            L  S)teinbach, M)anitoba
CHTM      Thompson, MB             L  T)hompson, M)anitoba
CHUM      Toronto, ON              E  CHUM = chum (friend)
CHVN-FM   Winnipeg, MB             S  H)eav)en)
CHWK      Chilliwack, BC           L  C)h)illiw)ack)
CHYR      Leamington, ON           E  CHYR = 'Cheer'
CICT-TV   Calgary, AB              S  I)ndependent C)algary T)elevision
CIDC      Brampton, ON             O  D)oug C)unningham (founder)
CIHF-TV   Halifax, NS              L  H)alifax and F)redericton
CIII-TV   Toronto, ON              F  III=Roman numeral for 3, refers to Global, Canada's third TV network, of which CIII-TV is a part
CILQ      Toronto, ON              E  CILQ='silk' Note: was to be easy listening, silky smooth, now rock
CINC-FM   Selkirk, MB              O  N)ative C)ommuinication
CINF      Montreal, QC             S  I)n)f)o 690
CINW      Montreal, QC             S  940 N)ew)s
CIOO      Halifax, NS              E  C = SEA IOO = 100.1 mHz
CIPA-TV   Prince Albert, SK        L  P)rince A)lbert
CISA-TV   Lethbridge, AB           S  C)anadian I)ndependent S)outhern A)lberta
CITE      Montreal, QC             E  CITE = French 'city'
CITL-TV   Lloydminster, AB         S  I)ndependent T)elevision in L)loydminster
CITO-TV   Timmins, ON              L  T)immins, O)ntario
CITV-TV   Edmonton, AB             S  I)ndependent T)elev)ision, now part of Global TV Network
CITY-TV   Toronto, ON              E  C)i)t)y) of Toronto, from the fact that Toronto is Canada's largest city
CIUT      Toronto, ON              O  U)niversity of T)oronto
CIVI-TV   Victoria, BC             L  V)ancouver I)sland
CIVM-TV   Montreal, QC             L  V)ille de M)ontreal
CJAD      Montreal, QC             O  J). A)rthur D)upont
CJAR      The Pas, MB              O  A)rtic R)adio
CJBC      Toronto, ON              O  J)arvis B)aptist C)hurch
CJCB      Sydney, NS               O  J)ennie Hathanson C)apre B)reton
CJCD-FM   Yellowknife, NWT         O  C)harles D)ent, former member of legislative assembly
CJDC-TV   Dawson Creek, BC         L  D)awson C)reek
CJKL      Kirkland Lake, ON        L  K)irkland L)ake
CJME      Regina, SK               O  J). M)arsh E)llis
CJOB      Winnepeg, MB             O  J).O). B)lick
CJOH-TV   Ottawa, ON               L  O)ttawa-H)ull
CJPG-FM   Portage la Prairie, MB   L  P)ortag)e la Prairie
CJRT-FM   Toronto, ON              S  J)ournalism R)adio-T)elevision (Ryerson Polytech)
CJTT      New Liskeard, ON         L  T)ri T)owns of New Liskeard, Haileybury and Cobalt
CJUM-FM   Winnipeg, MB             O  U)niversity of M)anitoba
CJVI      Victoria, BC             L  V)i)ctoria
CKBB      Barrie, ON               O  B)arrie B)roadcasting
CKCL      Vancouver, BC            S  C)l)ear
CKCO-TV   Kitchener, ON            L  K)itchener, C)entral O)ntario
CKDM      Dauphin, MB              L  D)auphin. M)anitoba
CKEK      Cranbrook, BC            L  C)ranbrook K)imberley E)ast K)ootenay
CKJD      Sarnia, ON               O  K)eith J). D)ancy Note: now CKTY
CKLC      Kingston, ON             L  K)ingston-L)imestone C)ity
CKLT      Saint John, NB           S  L)T)V (former nickname for station)
CKLT-TV   Saint John, NB           S  L)ionel T)elevision (Name of system station used to be part of)
CKLW      Windsor, ON              L  L)ondon-W)indsor
CKMW      Morden, MB               L  M)orden-W)inkler, adjacent towns
CKNB      Campbellton, NB          L  K)ampbellton = Campbellton), N)B)
CKND-TV   Winnipeg, MB             L  N)orth D)akota, station used to be located in Pembina, North Dakota
CKRD-TV   Red Deer, AB             L  R)ed D)eer
CKRN      Rouyn, QC                L  R)ouyn)
CKSA-TV   Lloydminster, AB         L  S)askatchewan and A)lberta
CKSB      Winnipeg, MB             L  S)t. B)oniface. original location
CKSO-TV   Sudbury, ON              L  S)udbury, O)ntario, now CICI-TV
CKUW-FM   Winnipeg, MB             O  U)niversity of W)innipeg
CKVD      Val d'Or, QC             L  V)al d)'Or
CKVI      Kingston, ON             O  K)ingston C)ollegiate and V)ocational I)nstitute
CKVN      Vancouver, BC            O  V)ancouver N)ews (newspaper)
CKVR-TV   Barrie, ON               O  V)alerie and R)alph Snelgrove
CKVU-TV   Vancouver, BC            L  V)ancou)ver
CKWS      Kingston, ON             O  K)ingston W)hig-S)tandard
HCJB(SW)  Quito, Ecuador           S  H)eralding C)hrist J)esus' B)lessings Note: in Spanish - H)oy C)hristo J)esus B)endice
ICRT      Taipei, Taiwan           S  I)nternational C)ommunity R)adio T)aipei
KAAL(TV)  Austin, MN               L  A)ustin-A)lbert L)ea
KAAT      Oakhurst, CA             E  KAAT = cat
KABC      Los Angeles, CA          O  A)merican B)roadcasting C)ompany
KABF      Little Rock, AR          O  A)rkansas B)roadcast F)oundation
KABI      Abilene, KS              L  A)b)i)lene
KABL      Oakland, CA              E  KABL = Cable (Cars)
KABQ      Albuquerque, NM          L  A)lb)uq)uerque
KABR      Aberdeen, SD             L  A)b)er)deen Note: now KGIM
KACC      Alvin, TX                O  A)lvin C)ommunity C)ollege
KACV      Amarillo, TX             S  A)marillo C)ollege V)oice
KADA      Ada, OK                  L  A)d)a)
KADY-TV   Oxnard, CA               O  Once owned by Meshulum Riklis and then-wife Pia Zadora, named after daughter Kady (same spelling)
KAFA(FM)  Colorado Springs, CO     O  A)ir F)orce A)cademy
KAFB      Petaluma, CA             S  K)rowing [sic] A)lways F)or P)etaluma, (poultry area) now KTOB
KAFF      Flagstaff, AZ            L  Flagsta)f)f)
KAGG      Bryan, TX                S  A)g)g)ies (Texas A&M city)
KAGT      Anacortes, WA            L  Ska)g)it) County
KAID      Boise, ID                L  A)da county I)D)
KAIN      Nampa, ID                O  KAIN='Cain', Dolye Cain, original owner
KAJN      Crowley, LA              E  KAJN = Cajun
KAKC      Tulsa, OK                O  Sam A)vey, K)ellough and Glen C)ondon
KALB      Alexandria, LA           S  K)now A)l)exandria B)etter
KALN      Iola, KS                 L  A)l)len) County
KALP      Alpine, TX               L  A)l)p)ine
KALS      Kalispell, MT            L  K)a)l)is)pell
KALV      Alva, OK                 L  A)l)v)a
KALX(FM)  Berkeley, CA             E  KAL = Cal, University of California
KAMD      Camden, AR               L  K)a)m)d)en
KAMO      Rogers, AR               L  A)rkansas M)issouri O)klahoma
KAMR(TV)  Amarillo, TX             L  A)m)ar)illio
KANA      Anaconda, MT             L  A)n)a)conda
KAND      Corsicana, TX            O  Wolf Brand Canned (KAND='canned') Chili Company, wanted W)O)L)F) but FCC regulations prohibited
KANE      New Iberia, LA           E  sugar KANE = cane
KANG      Angwin, LA               L  A)n)g)win
KANO      Anoka, MN                L  A)n)o)ka
KANS      Larned, KS               L  K)a)n)s)as
KANU      Lawrence, KS             O  K)a)n)sas U)niversity
KAOH      Duluth, Minnesota        E  'K.O.' as in 'knock out', now KQDS
KAOR      Oroville, CA             L  K)a)lifornia O)r)oville
KAOS(FM)  Olympia, WA              E  KOAS='chaos'
KAPE      Cape Girardeau, MO       E  KAPE = Cape
KAPJ      Apache Junction, AZ      L  A)p)ache J)unction
KARB      Price, UT                L  KARB='Carbon' for Carbon County
KARE-TV   Minneapolis, MN          E  KARE='Care' 11
KARL      Carlsbad, CA             L  K)a)r)l)sbad
KARM      Fresno, CA               O  George Ha)r)m)
KARN      Little Rock, AR          O  A)rkansas R)adio N)etwork
KARV      Russellville, AR         S  A)rkansas R)iver V)alley
KARX(FM)  Claude, TX               S  The K)a)r)
KARZ      Phoenix, AZ              L  A)r)iz)ona
KASC      Conway, AR               O  A)rkansas S)tate [Teachers] C)ollege
KASD      Aberdeen, SD             L  A)berdeen S)outh D)akota
KASH      Eugene, OR               E  KASH="cash"
KAST      Astoria, OR              L  A)s)t)oria
KASU      Jonesboro, AR            O  A)rkansas S)tate U)niversity
KATD      Pittsburg, CA            S  The K)a)t)
KATH-TV   Juneau, AK               O  K)a)t)h)y, owner's wife's first name
KATL      Miles City, MT           E  KATL = cattle
KATN      Boise, ID                F  A)da county, TN='10', 1010 kHz
KATT      Oklahoma City, OK        E  KATT='Cat', AOR
KATU      Portland, OR             F  K-2, analog channel 2
KATV(TV)  Little Rock, AR          L  A)rkansas T)V)
KAUB      Auburn, NE               L  A)u)b)urn
KAUS      Austin, MN               L  A)u)s)tin
KAVA      Burney, CA               E  KAVA = lava (Mt. Lassen)
KAVE      Carlsbad, NM             E  KAVE = cave
KAVL      Lancaster, CA            L  A)ntelope V)al)ley
KAWC-AM   Yuma, AZ                 O  A)rizona W)estern C)ollege
KAXE-FM   Grand Rapids, MN         S  AXE='the cutting edge' in the Minnesota northwoods
KAYS      Hays, KS                 L  Ha)y)s
KBAD      Carlsbad, NM             L  Carlsb)a)d), calls now in Las Vegas
KBAY(FM)  San Jose, CA             L  San Francisco B)a)y) Area
KBBC      Lake Havasu City, AZ     L  B)ritish B)roadcasting C)o.  Note: home of the relocated London Bridge
KBBF-FM   Santa Rosa, CA           O  B)ilingual B)roadcasting F)oundation, Inc.
KBBI-AM   Homer, AK                O  K)achemak B)ay B)roadcasting, I)nc.
KBBQ      Burbank, CA              S  K)-B)ar-B)-Q), country format, later Ventura and Santa Barbara
KBBY(FM)  Ventura, CA              S  Originally 'K-B)ab)y)' as album rock station
KBBZ(FM)  Kalispell, MT            O  BBZ = 'Bees', owner Benny Bee
KBCI(TV)  B)oise, ID               L  B)oise C)ity I)daho
KBCM(FM)  Sioux City, IA           S  B)est C)ountry M)usic Note: now WNAX-FM
KBCO      Boulder, CO              L  B)oulder, C)O)
KBCV      Hollister, MO            S  B)ranson's C)hristian V)oice
KBEC      Waxahachie, TX           L  E)llis C)ounty
KBEM      Minneapolis, MN          O  B)oard of E)ducation-M)inneapolis
KBET      Reno, NV                 S  Place your BET
KBEW      Blue Earth, MN           L  B)lue E)arth
KBGH      Memphis, TX              O  B)roadcast Frank G)uess and Jerry H)ooser
KBGO(FM)  Waco, TX                 S  B)ig) O)ldies
KBHU      Spearfish, SD            S  B)lack H)ills U)niversity
KBIG(FM)  Los Angeles, CA          S  'K)-B)i)g)' 104
KBIS      Highland Park, TX        E  BIS = 'Business', financial format
KBJR      Duluth, MN               S  K)eeping B)usiness J)obs and R)ecreation in Duluth
KBJR(TV)  Duluth, MN               S  K)eeping B)usiness, J)obs and R)ecreation, but may actually have had more to do with its original owner: Bob J. Rich
KBLG      Billings, MT             L  B)il)ling)s
KBLI      Blackfoot, ID            L  B)l)ackfoot, I)daho
KBLI(FM)  Bellingham, WA           L  'BLI' airport code for Bellingham
KBLR(FM)  Blair, NE                L  B)l)air)
KBLX      Berkeley, CA             E  BLX = Black's
KBME      Houston, TX              S  B)est M)usic E)ver Made (was KKBQ)
KBMR      Bismarck, ND             L  B)ismark-M)andan R)adio
KBNA      El Paso, TX              S  K)e B)uen)a, Que Buena for It's Great
KBOB(FM)  West Covina, CA          O  B)o)b) Burdette Investments
KBOC      Bridgeport, TX           S  B)est o)f C)ountry
KBOI      Boise, ID                L  B)o)i)se, Idaho
KBOM      Los Alamos, NM           E  BOM = bomb (birthplace of atomic bomb)
KBON      Mamou, LA                E  K-BON='que bon', French
KBOW      Butte, MT                S  Silver BOW County
KBOZ      Bozeman, MT              L  B)o)z)eman
KBPI(FM)  Denver, CO               O  B)ill P)earson I)nc.
KBPR(FM)  Brainerd, MN             S  B)rainerd P)ublic R)adio
KBPS      Portland, OR             O  B)enson P)olytechnic S)chool
KBRK      Brookings, SD            L  B)r)ook)ings
KBRO      Bremerton, WA            L  B)r)emerto)n
KBRR      Leadville, CO            E  BRR = brrr!
KBRS      Springdale, AR           L  B)entonville R)ogers S)pringdale
KBST      Big Spring, TX           L  B)ig S)pring, T)exas
KBSU-FM   Boise, ID                O  B)oise S)tate U)niversity
KBTM      Jonesboro, AR            O  B)eard's T)emple of M)usic Note: Originally licensed to Paragould
KBUE(FM)  Long Beach, CA           E  'Que B)u)e)na' ('Que' is how you pronounce 'K' in Spanish)
KBUF      Holcomb, KS              S  B)u)f)falos, mascot of Garden City Community College
KBUR      Burlington, IA           L  B)u)r)lington
KBUY      Amarillo, TX             S  B)u)y) and Sell (see once co-owned KSEL, Lubbock, TX), now KTNZ
KBVO(TV)  Austin, TX               E  BVO = Bevo, University of TX Mascot
KBVR      Corvallis, OR            S  B)eav)er), Oregon State Beavers
KBWS      Eden, SD                 L  B)ritton W)ebster S)isseton, cities served by station
KBXJ      Los Ybanez, TX           S  West Texas J)ukeb)ox)
KBYU      Provo, UT                O  B)righam Y)oung U)niversity
KCAL(TV)  Los Angeles, CA          L  C)a)l)ifornia
KCAP      Helena, MT               L  C)a)p)ital of Montana
KCAT      Pine Bluff, AR           S  K)eeping it C)hristian A)ll the T)ime
KCBI(FM)  Dallas, TX               O  C)riswell B)ible I)nstitute
KCBN      Reno, NV                 S  C)B)S for N)evada
KCBQ      San Diego, CA            S  C)olumbia B)roadcasting Q)uality
KCBS      San Francisco, CA        O  C)B)S), Inc.
KCBY(TV)  Coos Bay, OR             L  C)oos B)ay)
KCCI-TV   Des Moines, IA           O  C)owles C)ommunications, I)nc.
KCCK-FM   Cedar Rapids, IA         O  K)irkwood C)ommunity C)ollege
KCCM      Moorehead, MN            O  C)oncordia C)ollege-M)oorehead
KCCM(FM)  Moorhead, MN             O  C)oncordia C)ollege M)oorhead
KCCO(TV)  Alexandria, MN           O  WCCO-TV satellite station
KCCR      Pierre, SD               S  C)apital C)ity R)adio
KCCV      Independence, MO         S  K)ansas C)ity's C)hristian V)oice
KCCW(TV)  Walker, MN               O  KCCO satellite station-W)alker
KCDA(FM)  Coeur'd Alene, ID        L  C)oeur'd) A)lene
KCDL      Cordell, OK              L  C)ord)el)l
KCEN-TV   Temple, TX               L  C)e)n)tral Texas
KCET(TV)  Los Angeles, CA          S  C)ommunity E)ducational T)elevision
KCFB      St. Cloud, MN            O  C)hristian F)ellowship B)roadcasting
KCFE      Eden Prairie, MN         E  CFE='Cafe' Note: now KZNZ
KCFR      Denver, CO               S  C)olorado F)ree R)adio, early 1970s
KCFV      Ferguson, MO             O  Community C)ollege F)lorissant V)alley
KCFW-TV   Kalispell, MT            L  K)alispell, C)olumbia F)alls, & W)hitefish
KCGQ      Cape Girardeau, MO       L  C)ape G)irardeau
KCHA      Charles City, IA         L  C)h)a)rles City
KCHJ      Delano, CA               O  C)harles H)enry J)ones
KCID      Caldwell, ID             O  C)ollege of I)d)aho
KCII      Washington, IA           S  L)leanest C)ity I)n I)owa
KCIK-TV   El Paso, TX              S  C)hrist i)s K)ing
KCIS      Seattle, WA              S  C)hristian I)nformation S)tation Note: see KCMS
KCIT(TV)  Amarillo, TX             E  C)I)T)='See It'
KCIT(TV)  Amarillo, TX             S  C-IT 'See it here'
KCIX(FM)  Boise, ID                F  CIX='six', for 106 FM
KCLD      St. Cloud, MN            L  St. C)l)oud)
KCLE      Cleburne, TX             L  C)l)e)burne, TX
KCLS      Flagstaff, AZ            O  C)heryl L)ynn S)aunders, daughter of owner Ken Saunders
KCLU-FM   Thousand Oaks, CA        O  C)alifornia L)utheran U)niversity
KCLV      Clovis, NM               L  C)l)ov)is
KCLX      Colfax, WA               L  C)ol)fax)
KCLY      Clay Center, KS          L  C)l)ay) Center
KCML(FM)  St. Joseph, MN           S  C)entral M)innesota's L)ite Music Station
KCMO      Kansas City, MO          L  K)ansas C)ity, M)O)
KCMS(FM)  Shoreline, WA            S  C)hristian M)usic S)tation Note: see KCIS
KCMT(TV)  Alexandria, MN           S  C)entral M)innesota T)elevision Note: Now KCCO
KCMU(FM)  Seattle, WA              O  C)om)mu)nications Dept Note: dept at the UOW originally ran station
KCMW      Warrensburg, MO          L  C)entral M)issouri - W)arrensburg
KCOH      Houston, TX              O  C)all o)f H)ouston, Newspaper
KCOR      San Antonio, TX          O  Raul C)o)r)tez, original owner
KCPN(LP)  Amarillo, TX             O  C (co-owned with KCIT-TV), UP)N) affiliate
KCPQ-TV   Tacoma, WA               S  C)lover P)ark (Technical College) Q)uality
KCPT-TV   Kansas City              S  K)ansas City's P)ublic T)elevision
KCPX      Salt Lake City, UT       O  C)olumbia P)ix) (pictures)
KCRG      Cedar Rapids, IA         O  C)edar R)apids G)azette
KCRO      Omaha, NE                S  C)hristian R)adio O)maha
KCRW-FM   Santa Monica, CA         S  C)ollege R)adio W)orkshop
KCSM(FM)  San Mateo, CA            O  C)ollege of S)an M)ateo
KCSN-FM   Northridge, CA           O  C)alifornia S)tate University-N)orthridge
KCSU-FM   Fort Collins, CO         O  C)olorado S)tate U)niversity
KCTB      Cut Bank, MT             L  C)ut) B)ank
KCTV      Kansas City, MO          L  K)ansas C)ity T)elev)ision
KCUR      Kansas City, MO          S  K)ansas C)ity You) Ar)e
KCUV      Littleton, CO            S  C)olorado's U)nderground V)oice
KCVT      Silver Lake, KS          S  C)hristian V)oice of T)opeka
KCVW      Kingman, KS              S  C)hristian V)oice of W)ichita
KCWC-TV   Riverton, WY             O  C)entral W)yoming C)ollege
KDAC      Ft. Bragg, CA            O  D)an a)nd C)harlie
KDAF(TV)  Dallas, TX               L  D)allas a)nd F)t. Worth
KDAL      Duluth, Minnesota        O  D)alton A)lexander L)eMasurier, founder
KDB       Santa Barbara, CA        O  D)orothy B)arnes, see KGB
KDBM      Dillon, MT               L  D)illon, B)eaverhead and M)adison (counties)
KDBN(FM)  Haltom City, TX          S  D)a B)on)e, was used on 1480 AM in Dallas for D)allas B)usiness N)ews
KDCK      Dodge City, KS           L  D)odge C)ity, K)ansas
KDCR      Sioux Center, IA         O  D)ordt C)ollege R)adio
KDDB      Paso Robels, CA          O  D)eller D)avis B)roadcasting
KDDB(FM)  Paso Robles, CA          O  D)ellar-D)avis B)roadcasting, former owners, now KWSR, San Luis Obispo CA
KDDS      Superior, WI             S  KDDS="kids", children's format, now WDUL
KDEC      Decorah, IA              L  D)e)c)orah
KDEN      Denver, CO               L  D)e)n)ver
KDES      Palm Springs, CA         L  D)e)s)erts adjoining Palm Springs
KDEW      DeWitt, AR               L  D)e)W)itt
KDEX      Dexter, MO               L  D)e)x)ter
KDFC      San Francisco, CA        S  D)amn F)ine C)oncerts, classical, may be apocryphal
KDFC(FM)  San Francisco, CA        O  D)avis, F)lorence C)rocker or D)amn F)ine C)lassics
KDFI(TV)  Dallas, TX               S  D)allas-F)t. Worth I)ndependent
KDFT      Ferris, TX               L  D)allas-F)t. Worth T)exas
KDFW(TV)  Dallas, TX               L  D)allas-F)t). Worth
KDGE(FM)  Gainesville, TX          E  DGE = Edge (alternative format)
KDHX      St. Louis, MO            O  D)ouble H)elix) corporation, also see KDNA
KDIS      Los Angeles, CA          S  Radio D)i)s)ney
KDIZ      Golden Valley, MN        O  DIZ-'Disney' Radio Disney
KDJW      Amarillo, TX             O  D)onna J)ean W)alton, owner's wife
KDKR(FM)  Decatur, TX              L  D)ek)atur)
KDLH(TV)  Duluth, MN               L  D)ul)uth)
KDLM      Detroit Lakes, MN        L  D)etroit L)akes M)N
KDLN      Dillon, MT               L  D)il)lon)
KDLR      Devil's Lake, ND         L  D)evil's L)ake R)adio
KDNA(FM)  St. Louis, MO            O  'DNA', ownership was Double Helix Corp., now KEZK-FM
KDNS      Downs, KS                L  D)own)s)
KDNT      Denton, TX               L  D)enton N)orth T)Texas
KDNW      Duluth, MN               O  D)uluth-N)orthwestern C)ollege
KDOE      Antlers, OK              S  Antlers is Deer Capitol of the World, thus 'doe'
KDOG      Mankato, MN              S  The D)o)g) Slogan: We've got a leg up on the competition
KDOM      Windom, MN               L  Wind)o)m)
KDRG      Deer Lodge, MT           L  D)eer) Lodg)e
KDRO      Sedalia, MO              O  D)r)o)lich Brothers
KDRY      Alamo Heights, TX        O  Dry, Owner was non-drinker
KDSU(FM)  Fargo, ND                O  North D)akota S)tate U)niversity
KDSX      Denison, TX              L  D)enison-S)herman, TX), now KKLF
KDTH      Dubuque, IA              O  D)ubuque T)elegraph-H)erald, Newspaper
KDTN(TV)  Denton, TX               L  D)en)ton)
KDTX(TV)  Dallas, TX               L  D)allas T)X)
KDUK      Eugene, OR               S  University of Oregon D)u)ck)s
KDVL-FM   Devils Lake, ND          L  D)ev)ils L)ake
KDWG(FM)  Billings, MT             S  The D)a)g)
KDWN      Las Vegas, NV            E  DWN = dawn
KDYN      Ozark, AR                S  D)y)n)amite Country
KDZN(FM)  Glendive, MT             E  DZN = 'Dawson' County, was KIVE
KECA      Los Angeles, CA          O  E)arle C). A)nthony, owned both KECA and KFI Note: now KABC
KEEZ-FM   Mankato, MN              L  KEEZ = 'Keys', refers to Mankato's Key City nickname
KEGE      Minneapolis, MN          E  EGE=The 'Edge' Note: now KXXR
KEGL      Ft. Worth, TX            E  EGL = Eagle
KEIN      Great Falls, MT          E  KEIN = 'keen', was KFBB
KEIR(FM)  Dallas, TX               O  E)lkins I)nstitute of R)adio, now KMGC, Rush Limbaugh worked there
KEKB      Grand Junction, CO       O  E)rin, K)ristan and B)ecca, daughters of Jan and Dick Maynard, owners
KELD      El Dorado, AR            L  E)l) D)orado, AR
KELK      Elko, NV                 L  E)l)k)o
KELP      El Paso, TX              L  E)l) P)aso
KELW      Burbank, CA              O  E)arl L). W)hite Note: now KABC-LA
KELY      Ely, ID                  L  E)l)y)
KEMB      Emmetsburg, IA           L  E)m)metsb)urg
KEMC(FM)  Billings, MT             O  E)astern M)ontana C)ollege
KENO      Las Vegas, NV            S  Keno is a Vegas numbers game
KENS      San Antonio, TX          O  S)an Antonio E)xpress-N)ews
KEOK(FM)  Tahlequah, OK            L  E)astern O)k)lahoma
KEOM(FM)  Mesquite, TX             S  E)ducation o)f M)esquite
KEOS      Flagstaff, AZ            O  E). O). S)mith
KERG      Eugene, OR               O  E)ugene R)egister G)uard, newspaper, now silent
KERN      Bakersfield, CA          L  K)e)r)n) County, CA
KERR      Polson, MT               L  nearby K)e)r)r) Dam on Flathead River
KESM      El Dorado Spr, MO        L  E)l D)orado S)prings, M)O
KESN(FM)  Allen, TX                S  E)S)PN) Sports 103.3
KETC(TV)  St. Louis, MO            O  E)ducational T)elevision C)ommission of St. Louis
KETR(FM)  Commerce, TX             S  E)ast T)exas R)adio
KEUN      Eunice, LA               L  E)u)n)ice
KEVA      Evanston, WY             L  E)v)a)nston
KEYC-TV   Mankato, MN              L  K)e)y C)ity, refers to Mankato's Key City nickname
KEYT(TV)  Santa Barbara, CA        S  'K)e)y) 3'
KEZI      Eugene, OR               S  E)-Z) on the I), easy on the eye
KEZY      Anaheim, CA              E  EZY = Easy (format)
KFAA      Fayetteville, AR         L  F)a)yetteville, A)rkansas
KFAC      Los Angeles, CA          O  F)uller A)uburn C)ord, car dealer in 1930's Note: calls now used in Santa Barbara
KFAI      Minneapolis, MN          S  F)resh A)i)r Radio
KFAM      St. Cloud, MN            O  F)red a)nd M)aude, the original owners Note: now KNSI
KFAN      Minneapolis, MN          S  The F)a)n)
KFAR      Fairbanks, AK            S  K)ey f)or A)laska's R)iches
KFAT      Gilroy, CA               S  All sorts of things based on 'FAT'
KFAV      Warrenton, MO            O  F)aye a)nd V)ern Kaspar
KFAW      Santa Ana, CA            S  K)ept F)rom A)wful W)inters, station dark since 1925
KFAY      Fayetteville, AR         L  F)a)y)etteville, AR
KFBB      Great Falls, MT          O  F). B)uttrey B)roadcasting
KFBC      Cheyenne, WY             O  F)rontier B)roadcasting C)ompany
KFBI      Wichita, KS              O  F)armers and B)ankers I)nsurance Note: KFDI, originally licensed to Milford as KFKB
KFCF      Fresno, CA               O  F)ree C)ollege F)oundation
KFCR      Custer, SD               O  F)rench C)reek R)adio, original licensee
KFDC      Ft. Dodge, IA            S  K)eeping F)t. D)odge C)ountry Note: now KUEL
KFDM      Beaumont, TX             S  K)all F)or D)ependable M)agnolene Note: Magnolia Petroleum Co., now KLVI, calls on channel 6 TV
KFEL      Denver, CO               S  K)an't F)ind E)nough L)ikker Note: now KYGO
KFFX(TV)  Pendelton, OR            E  FFX='Fox' affiliate
KFGI      Crosby, MN               E  FGI='Froggy' Country
KFGI      Brainerd, MN             S  FGI='Froggy'
KFGO      Fargo, ND                L  F)arg)o), ND
KFH       Wichita, KS              S  K)ansas's F)inest H)otel, Hotel Lassen
KFI       Los Angeles, CA          S  F)armer's I)nformation Station
KFIA      Carmichael, CA           S  F)aith I)n A)merica
KFJC(FM)  Los Altos Hills, CA      O  F)oothill J)r. C)ollege
KFKB      Milford, KS              S  K)ansas' F)irst, K)ansas' B)est, Doc Brinkley's station Note: evolved into KFDI-Wichita
KFKF      Bellevue, WA             O  K)emper F)reeman x 2
KFKU      Lawrence, KS             O  K)ansas U)niversity
KFLG      Flagstaff, AZ            L  F)l)ag)staff, AZ
KFMJ      Tulsa, OK                O  F)red and M)ary J)ones Note: now KGTO
KFML      Little Falls, MN         S  F)M) L)ittle Falls
KFMT(FM)  Fremont, NE              L  F)rem)ont)
KFNF      Shenadoah, IA            S  K)nown F)or N)eighborly F)olks Note: now KYFR
KFNW      Fargo, ND                O  F)argo-N)orthwestern C)ollege
KFNY      Enid, OK                 S  F)un)ny), comedy format
KFNZ      Salt Lake City, UT       E  FNZ='Fans' all sports station
KFOG      San Francisco, CA        L  San Francisco: F)o)g) City
KFPW      Ft. Smith, AR            S  K)ind F)riends, P)lease W)rite
KFPW      Ft. Smith, AR            S  K)nown f)or p)oor w)ages
KFRA      Franklin, LA             L  F)r)a)nklin
KFRC      San Francisco, CA        S  K)eep F)orver R)adiating C)heer OR F)r)isc)o
KFRE      Fresno, CA               L  F)r)e)sno, CA
KFRM      Salina, KS               S  F)ar)m) Radio
KFRO      Longview, TX             S  K)eep F)orever R)olling O)n
KFSA      Ft. Smith, AR            L  F)t. S)mith, A)rkansas
KFSG(FM)  Los Angeles, CA          O  F)ours)quare G)ospel Church Note: once on 1150 kHz, now used in Roseville, CA on AM
KFSN(TV)  Fresno, CA               L  F)res)n)o
KFTK(FM)  Florissant, MO           S  F)M T)alk), conservative talk format
KFTM      Fort Morgan, CO          L  F)t). M)organ
KFUO      Clayton, MO              S  K)eep F)orward U)pward and O)nward
KFWB      Los Angeles, CA          O  F)our W)arner B)rothers (Harry, Albert, Sam and Jack), K)eep F)ilming W)arner B)rothers
KFWD(TV)  Ft. Worth, TX            L  F)t. W)orth-D)allas
KFWR      Mineral Wells, TX        S  F)ort W)orth R)anch
KFXO      Bend, OR                 S  F)ox) O)regon
KFXR      Dallas, TX               S  F)ox) Sports R)adio
KFYI      Phoenix, AZ              S  F)or Y)our I)nformation
KGAN(TV)  Cedar Rapids, IA         O  Guy G)a)n)nett Communications
KGB       San Diego, CA            O  G)eorge B)arnes, see KDB
KGCC(FM)  Sherman, TX              O  G)rayson C)ounty C)ommunity College
KGDN      Edmonds, WA              S  K)ings' G)ard)en), religious broadcaster
KGDP      Santa Maria, CA          O  G)loria D)awn P)atterson, wife of owner
KGEF      Los Angeles, CA          S  K)eep G)od E)ver F)irst, now dark
KGEI(SW)  San Francisco, CA        O  G)eneral E)lectric I)international
KGEM      Boise, ID                L  G)e)m) State, Idaho's Slogan
KGET(TV)  Bakersfield, CA          S  K)ern [County] G)olden E)mpire T)elevision
KGFJ      Los Angeles, CA          S  K)eeping G)ood F)olks J)oyful
KGGL(FM)  Missoula, MT             E  GGL = Eagle
KGGR      Dallas, TX               S  G)reat G)ospel R)adio
KGIL      San Fernando, CA         O  G)i)l) Paltridge
KGLA      Gretna, LA               L  G)retna, LA)
KGLD      Golden Valley, MN        L  G)ol)d)en Valley Note: now KDIZ, later used in St. Louis, now in Tyler, TX
KGLE      Glendive, MT             L  G)l)e)ndive
KGLN      Glenwood Springs, CO     L  G)l)en)wood
KGLO      Mason City, IA           O  G)l)o)be-Gazzette, Newspaper
KGMO(FM)  Cape Girardeau, MO       L  Cape G)irardeau, M)O)
KGNC      Amarillo, TX             O  G)lobe-N)ews C)orporation
KGNO      Dodge City, KS           S  K)ansas G)rows N)o O)nions
KGO       San Francisco, CA        O  G)eneral Electric-San FranciscO)
KGPR(FM)  Great Falls, MT          O  G)reat Falls P)ublic R)adio
KGPZ      Coleraine, MN            L  G)rand Rap)ids
KGRC      Hannibal, MO             O  G)reat R)iver C)ommunications
KGRE      Greeley, CO              L  G)r)e)eley
KGRN      Grinnell, IA             L  G)r)in)nell
KGRR-FM   Dubuque, IA              S  G)reat R)ock n R)oll
KGRZ      Missoula, MT             S  G)r)iz)zlies-school mascot
KGTK      Olympia, WA              S  G)reat T)alk)
KGTO      Tulsa, OK                S  G)reater T)ulsa's O)ldies
KGUC      Gunnison, CO             S  G)u)nnison C)ountry
KGUD      Longmont, CO             E  GUD='Good', K-Good
KGVL      Greenville, TX           L  G)reenv)il)le
KGVW      Belgrade, MT             S  G)allatin V)alley W)itness
KGVY      Green Valley, AZ         L  G)reen V)alley)
KGW       Portland, OR             S  K)eep G)rowing W)iser
KGWY      Gillette, WY             L  G)illette, W)Y)
KHAK      Cedar Rapids, IA         E  HAK = Hawk, state bird of Iowa
KHAY      Ventura, CA              S  K-Hay, country format
KHBI(SW)  Saipan, Mariana Islands  O  H)erald B)roadcasting
KHBJ      Canyon, TX               S  H)appy B)irthday, J)ulie
KHBT      Humboldt, IA             L  H)umb)oldt)
KHCC      Hutchinson, KS           O  H)utchinson C)ommunity C)ollege
KHCK(FM)  Denton, TX               E  KHCK = 'Kick' FM, Hot Tejano Hits
KHDN      Hardin, MT               L  H)ard)in)
KHEY(FM)  El Paso, TX              S  H)e)y)! (Country music)
KHHT(FM)  Los Angeles, CA          E  HHT='Hot' 92.3
KHIH(FM)  Denver, CO               E  HIH = High
KHJ       Los Angeles, CA          S  K)indness H)appiness J)oy Note: was KKHJ and KRTH(AM), reverted to KHJ in 2000
KHKS      Dallas, TX               E  KS = Kiss
KHLO      Hilo, HI                 L  H)il)o), HI
KHMO      Hannibal, MO             L  H)annibal M)O)
KHNE(FM)  Hastings, NE             L  H)astings, N)e)braska
KHNR      Honolulu, HI             S  H)awaii N)ews R)adio
KHOB      Hobbs, NM                L  H)o)b)bs
KHOG      Fayetteville, AR         L  H)o)g)s (Home of Arkansas Razorbacks)
KHOI      Story City/Ames, IA      S  H)eart o)f I)owa
KHOJ      St. Charles, MO          S  H)eart o)f J)esus
KHOK      Hoisington, KS           S  H)eart o)f K)ansas
KHOP      Modesto, CA              E  HOP='hope', a religious station at sign on
KHOT      Paradise Valley, AZ      L  Aptly describes Phoenix summers
KHOW      Denver, CO               O  Robert H)o)w)sam
KHOZ      Harrison, AR             S  H)ub of the O)z)arks
KHPO      Merced, CA               S  The H)ip)po)
KHQA      Hannibal, MO             L  H)annibal Q)uincy A)rea
KHQG(FM)  Duluth, MN               E  HQG='The Hog', logo depicted the Q as a hog's rear end
KHTY(FM)  Santa Barbara, CA        S  Santa Barbara's H)ot)-FM, Y)97
KHUS      Bennington, NE           S  U)S) 93-3
KHUZ      Borger, TX               O  HUZ='Hughes',
KHVH      Honolulu, HI             O  K)aiser's H)awaiian V)illage H)otel
KHVN      Ft. Worth, TX            E  HVN = Heaven (Religious Format)
KIAK      Fairbanks, AK            E  KIAK = Kayak
KICG-FM   Iowa City, IA            S  I)owa C)ity's Greatest, now using other calls
KICO      Calexico, CA             L  Calexi)c)o)
KICT(FM)  Wichita, KS              L  I)C)T)-Airport Code Wichita's Airport
KICY      Nome, AK                 E  ICY (cold in Nome, AK - brrr!!!)
KID       Idaho Falls, ID          L  I)d)aho Falls, Idaho
KIDO      Nampa, ID                O  K)i)d)do), knickname for member of owner's family
KIFW      Sitka, AK                O  I)rene F)rances W)agner, first owner's wife
KIII(TV)  Corpus Christi, TX       F  III = Roman numeral 3
KIIS(FM)  Los Angeles, CA          E  KIIS = Kiss
KIJV      Huron, SD                L  I)n J)ames River V)alley
KIKC      Forsyth, MT              E  KIKC = kick
KIKS      Iola, KS                 L  I)ola, K)ans)as
KIKU(TV)  Honolulu, HI             S  Japanese for Chrysanthenum, station formerly ran Japanese-langauge programming, Now KNHL NBC-8
KIKV      Alexandria, MN           E  KIK='Kick'
KILO      Colorado Springs, CO     S  as in kilo of ???? (AOR format, you guess)
KIMA(TV)  Yakima, WA               L  YaK)i)m)a)
KIMN      Denver, CO               O  I)nter M)ountain N)etwork Note: once AM 950, now FM 100.3
KINA      Salina, KS               L  Sali)n)a)
KIND      Independence, KS         L  I)n)d)ependence
KINF(FM)  Dodge City, KS           S  K)ansas I)n)f)ormation
KING      Seattle, WA              L  K)i)n)g) County, WA
KINN      Alamogordo, NM           L  Originally located in the Holiday I)n)n) complex
KIOA      Des Moines, IA           L  I)o)wa)
KIOI(FM)  San Francisco, CA        F  IOI = 101, 101.3 mHz
KIOT      Los Lunas, NM            E  KIOT = 'Coyote'
KIST      Santa Barbara, CA        E  KIST='Kissed', now used on Clear Channel's 'Kiss FM' in that market
KISW(FM)  Seattle, WA              S  I)ndependent S)tate of W)ashington
KITC(TV)  Nampa, ID                O  I)daho T)elevision C)ompany, now KIVI
KITZ      Silverdale, WA           L  Kitsap County, K)i)t)z)ap County, pronounced the same
KIVI(TV)  Nampa, ID                F  I)daho V)I)=Roman 6, TV channel 6
KIWA      Sheldon, IA              L  I)ow)a)
KIXI      Seattle, WA              F  IXI = Roman 9-10, Original Frequency
KIXX      Watertown, SD            E  KIXX = Kicks
KIXZ      Amarillo, TX             E  KIX='Kicks'
KJAK(FM)  Lubbock, TX              S  K)eeping J)esus A)s K)ing
KJAM      Madison, SD              O  J)oseph A). Muggley, original licensee
KJAZ(FM)  Alameda, CA              E  JAZ = Jazz (Station's format)
KJBR(FM)  Jonesboro, AR            L  J)onesb)or)o
KJBS      San Francisco, CA        O  J)ulius B)ruton and S)ons Note: now KFAX
KJCK      Junction City, KS        L  J)unction C)ity K)ansas
KJHK      Lawrence, KS             S  K)ansas J)ayh)awk)s, KU's team mascot
KJIA      Sioux Falls, SD          S  K)ing J)esus I)s A)live
KJIL      Meade, KS                S  K)ing J)esus i)s L)ord
KJIN      Houma, LA                E  KJIN = Cajun
KJIR-FM   Hannibal,MO              S  K)ing J)esus i)s r)eturning
KJIW      Helena-West Helena, AR   S  K)ing J)esus i)s W)orthy
KJJO      St. Louis Park, MN       S  K)-J)o)e Note: now KMJZ
KJLH      Los Angeles, CA          O  J)ohn L)amar H)ill, original owner
KJLH      Los Angeles, CA          S  K)indness J)oy L)ove H)appiness Note: Acronym attributed to Stevie Wonder who owned it.
KJLS      Hayes, KS                O  L)arry S)teckline
KJLY      Blue Earth, MN           S  K)ing J)esus L)oves Y)ou
KJNO      Juneau, AK               E  JNO = Juneau
KJRH(TV)  Tulsa, OK                O  J)ohn R). H)oward (Scripps-Howard)
KJSL      St. Louis, MO            S  King Jesus, S)alt and L)ight, was KXOK
KJUL(FM)  Las Vegas, NV            E  JUL='jewel'
KKAN      Phillipsburg, KS         L  K)a)n)sas
KKAR      Omaha, NE                E  KAR = car (chosen to reflect where a large number of listeners are presumably located)
KKAT      Salt Lake City, UT       E  KAT='Cat'
KKBJ      Bemidji, MN              L  B)emidj)i
KKDS      South Salt Lake, UT      E  KDS='Kids' (formerly a childrens music station)
KKFN      Denver, CO               E  FN='fan' (sports format) Note: once KIMN 950
KKGO(FM)  Los Angeles, CA          S  G)o) Country
KKJM      St. Cloud, MN            S  J)am)
KKJO      St. Josepth, MO          L  J)o)seph, MO Nite: in 1947 was KRES, for the four owners, Kaufman, Roscoe, Epstein, and Shanin
KKJZ(FM)  Long Beach, CA           S  J)azz) format
KKLF      Denison, TX              S  KLF='KLIF', simulcasts KLIF, Dallas
KKLZ(FM)  Las Vegas, NV            S  L)ed Z)epplin, was rock now classic hits
KKMR(FM)  Haltom City, TX          S  MR = 'Merge' Radio
KKMT      Whitefish, MT            L  MT='Montana'
KKRL      Carroll, IA              L  KRL='Carol'
KKSR      Sartell, MN              S  S)tar), also once known as K)is)ser) 96
KKSU      Manhattan, KS            O  K)ansas S)tate U)niversity
KKUL(FM)  Tulsa, OK                E  KUL='cool', now KJSR
KKUP(FM)  Cupertino, CA            L  KUP = Cupertino
KKXS      Shingletown, CA          E  KXS='Kicks' [Country format]
KKYA      Yankton, SD              L  Y)a)nkton
KKZN      Haltom City, TX          E  ZN=The 'Zone'
KLAC      Los Angeles, CA          L  L)os A)ngeles, C)alifornia
KLAK      Lakewood, CO             L  L)a)k)ewood
KLAK      Durant, OK               L  LAK = 'Lake', K-Lake (Texoma)
KLAN(FM)  Glasgow, MT              E  KLAN = 'clan', as in Scotland
KLAS(FM)  Mandeville, LA           S  K)eeping L)isteners A)ware in S)tyle
KLAS(TV)  Las Vegas, NV            L  L)a)s) Vegas
KLAT      Houston, TX              S  L)a) Tremenda, The Big One
KLAV      Las Vegas, NV            L  Las Vegas
KLAY      Tacoma, WA               O  Klay = Clay Huntington (owner)
KLAY-FM   Tacoma, WA               O  KLAY='Clay' Huntington, owner
KLBB      St. Paul, MN             E  KLBB='Klub' 14, refers to their lounge music/Music of Your Life format
KLBJ      Austin, TX               O  L)yndon B)aines J)ohnson, Former Owner
KLCB      Libby, MT                O  L)incoln C)ounty B)roadcasters
KLCC      Eugene, OR               O  L)ane C)ommunity C)ollege
KLCL      Lake Charles, LA         L  L)ake C)harles, L)ouisiana
KLCN      Blytheville, AR          O  Daily C)ourier-N)ews
KLCS(TV)  Los Angeles, CA          O  L)os Angeles C)ity S)chool District
KLEF      Anchorage, AK            E  KLEF='cleff', a 'G' Cleff, as in classical music
KLEI      Kailua, HI               L  L)e)i)
KLEM      LeMars, IA               L  L)e)M)ars
KLEX      Lexington, MO            L  L)e)x)ington
KLFD      Litchfield, MN           L  L_itchf)ield)
KLGA      Algona, IA               L  Al)g)ona)
KLIB      Liberal, KS              L  L)i)b)eral
KLID      Poplar Bluff, MO         O  Don L)i)d)denton
KLIF      Dallas, TX               L  Oak Cliff, former suburban city of license
KLIT      Los Angeles, CA          S  L)i)t)e Rock
KLKO      Elko, NV                 L  El)k)o)
KLLE      North Fork, CA           E  KLLE = 'Kalle', spelling alteration of Calle or Street, station name
KLLK      Willits, CA              L  L)ittle L)ak)e, name of a major street in the area
KLMR      Lamar, CO                L  L)am)ar)
KLNG      Council Bluffs, IA       E  KLNG = Calling (formerly talk format)
KLNO(FM)  Ft. Worth, TX            S  Estereo L)atin)o)
KLNV      San Diego, CA            S  L)a N)uev)a, station name
KLOL(FM)  Houston, TX              F  LOL = 101 (101.1 mHz)
KLOM      Lompoc, CA               L  L)o)m)poc
KLON      Long Beach, CA           L  L)o)n)g Beach, now KKJZ
KLOS(FM)  Los Angeles, CA          L  L)o)s) Angeles
KLOU      St. Loius, MO            L  St. L)o)u)is
KLOV      Loveland, CO             L  L)o)v)eland
KLPW      Union, MO                O  L)eslie P). W)are
KLQL(FM)  Luverne, MN              F  LQL = 101, 101.1 mHz
KLRA      Little Rock, AR          L  L)ittle R)ock, A)rkansas Note: now dark, calls used in England, AR
KLSU(FM)  Baton Rough, LA          O  L)ouisiana S)tate U)niversity
KLSX      Los Angeles, CA          S  K)las)six) Rock
KLTF      Little Falls, MN         L  L)it)tle F)alls
KLTJ(TV)  Houston, TX              S  K)eep L)ooking t)o J)esus
KLTN      Houston, TX              S  Estero L)at)in)o
KLTY      Ft. Worth, TX            E  LTY='Light'
KLTZ      Glasgow, MT              E  KLTZ = 'kilts', Scotties ball team
KLUA      Kailua, HI               L  Kail)u)a), HI
KLUC      Las Vegas, NV            E  LUC = luck
KLUF      Galveston, TX            O  George Kloeuf='KLUF'
KLVE(FM)  Los Angeles, CA          S  'K-L)ov)e)'
KLVI      Beaumont, TX             F  LVI = 56, Roman for '56'0 kHz
KLVT      Levelland, TX            L  L)ev)elland, T)exas
KLWN      Lawrence, KS             L  L)aw)ren)ce
KLXK      Minneapolis, MN          E  KLX='Classic' Hits Note: now KXXR
KLXS      Pierre, SD               E  KLXS = Classics (Oldies Format)
KLYQ      Hamilton, MT             E  KLYQ = 'click'
KLYT      Albuquerque, NM          E  LYT='Light'
KLZR      Lawrence, KS             E  LZR = Laser
KLZZ      St. Cloud, MN            E  L)oon ZZ)ZZZZZZZZ
KMA       Shenadoah, IA            O  M)a)y Seed and Nursery Company
KMAG      Ft. Smith, AR            L  M)a)g)azine Mountain, once transmitter location
KMAN      Manhattan, KS            L  M)a)n)hattan
KMAQ      Maquoketa, IA            L  M)a)q)uoketa
KMAV      Mayville, ND             L  M)a)yv)ille
KMAX(FM)  Arcadia, CA              O  M)a)x) Isoward
KMBC      Kansas City, MO          O  M)idland B)roadcating C)ompany Note: now KMBZ
KMBI      Spokane, WA              O  M)oody B)ible I)nstitute, See WMBI Chicago
KMCL      McCall, ID               L  M)cC)al)l
KMCM      Miles City, MT           L  M)iles C)ity, M)T, Note: See below
KMCM      Odessa, TX               S  M)usic C)ity M)all, location of station
KMCO      McAlester, OK            L  M)c)Alester, O)klahoma
KMCS(FM)  Seattle, WA              O  M)arketc)asters in S)eattle
KMDY      Thousand Oaks, CA        E  KMDY='Comedy', used when station was 'Comedy Radio'
KMED(TV)  Medford, OR              L  M)e)d)ford Note: now KTVL
KMEO(FM)  Flower Mound, TX         S  M)e)mo)ries
KMER      Kemmerer, WY             L  K)em)me)r)er
KMET      Los Angeles, CA          O  M)e)t)romedia, now KTWV
KMEX(TV)  Los Angeles, CA          S  First Spanish-language TV station in market M)e)x)ican
KMFB      Mendocino, CA            L  M)endocino-F)ort B)ragg
KMFR      Hondo, TX                S  M)ighty F)ine R)ock
KMGC      Dallas, TX               E  M)ag)ic) Note: now KDMX
KMGK      Glenwood, MN             E  MGK='Magic'
KMGQ(FM)  Santa Barbara, CA        E  MGQ='Magic'
KMHD      Gresham, OR              O  M)ount H)ood) Community College
KMHI      Mountian Home, ID        L  M)ountain H)ome I)daho
KMHL      Marshall, MN             L  M)arsh)al)l
KMIC      Inglewood, CA            E  MIC='microphone', Universal Microphone Company Note: now KXTA, Los Angeles
KMIR-TV   Palm Springs, CA         O  El Mir)ador Hotel
KMIT      Mitchell, SD             L  M)i)t)chell
KMJC      El Cajon, CA             S  K)ing M)aster J)esus C)hrist
KMJZ      St. Louis Park, MN       S  M)inneapolis J)azz)
KMKI      Plano, TX                E  MKI='Mickey' Mouse (Radio Disney format)
KMKR      Meeker, CO               L  M)eek)er)
KMLB      Monroe, LA               O  M)onroe L)iners B)roadcasting
KMMJ      Grand Island, NE         O  The M). M). J)ohnson Co.
KMML(FM)  Amarillo, TX             O  Started by Mel Tillis, M)-m)-mel)
KMMO      Marshall, MO             S  K)eeping M)arshall M)oving O)nward or M)arsall. M)O)
KMMR      Malta, MT                L  M)alta M)ontana R)adio
KMMS      Bozeman, MT              E  MMS = Moose
KMNR      Rolla, MO                S  MNR = 'Miner', Joe Miner, university mascot
KMNS      Sioux City, IA           S  M)usic N)ews and S)ports
KMOJ      Minneapolis, MN          S  Kim)o)j)a (means community)
KMOM      Monticello, MN           L  M)onticello and O)tsego, M)innesota Note: now off air
KMON      Great Falls, MT          L  M)o)n)tana Note: also referred to as 'C'mon Radio'
KMOO      Mineola, TX              S  K-M)o)o)
KMOX      St. Louis, MO            L  K)irkwood, M)O), X)mas, according to a local legend
KMOZ      Rolla, MO                L  M)issouri O)z)arks
KMPC      Los Angeles, CA          O  M)cMillan P)etroleum C)ompany
KMPH-TV   Visalia, CA              O  M)ike P)ete and H)arry Pappas
KMPL      Sikeston, MO             S  K)ey to M)odern P)romised L)and
KMRN      Cameron, MO              L  KMRN='Cameron'
KMRS      Morris, MN               L  M)or)ris)
KMRY      Cedar Rapids, IA         S  M)emor)y), adult standards format
KMSD      Milbank, SD              L  M)ilbank S)D)
KMSM(FM)  Butte, MT                O  M)ontana S)chool of M)ines
KMSP(TV)  Minneapolis, MN          L  M)inneapolis-S)t. P)aul
KMST      Rolla, MO                O  M)issouri S)cience and T)echnology, formerly KUMR, for the college's former name, the University of Missouri Rolla
KMSU-FM   Mankato, MN              O  M)ankato S)tate U)niversity, now Minnesota State University, Mankato
KMTI      Manti, UT                L  M)ant)i)
KMTN      Jackson, WY              S  M)ount)ain)
KMTR      Hollywood, CA            O  K). M). T)urner R)adio Note: now KLAC
KMUW      Wichita, KS              O  M)unicipal U)niversity of W)ichita (now Wichita State University)
KMXJ(FM)  Amarillo, TX             S  M)ix) 94.1
KMXK      Cold Spring, MN          E  MX='Mix'
KMZK      Billings, MT             E  MZK = 'music', formerly KMAY, KUUS, KBMY
KNAU      Flagstaff, AZ            O  N)orthern A)rizona U)niversity
KNBC(TV)  Los Angeles, CA          O  N)ational B)roadcasting C)ompany
KNBH(TV)  Los Angeles, CA          O  N)B)C-H)ollywood, later KRCA(TV), now KNBC(TV)
KNBR      San Francisco, CA        O  N)ational B)roadcasting R)adio, former owner
KNCI(FM)  Sacramento, CA           O  N)ationwide C)ommunications, I)nc.
KNCK      Concordia, KS            L  N)orth C)entral K)ansas
KNCQ      Redding, CA              L  N)orthern C)alifornia's, Q) [Q-97]
KNDY      Marysville, KS           O  An)d)y) Graur, Station Manager
KNED      McAlester, OK            S  K)eeping N)eighbors E)ntertained Daily
KNEI      Waukon, IA               L  N)orthe)ast I)owa
KNEV      Reno, NV                 L  N)e)v)ada
KNGS      Hanford, CA              L  K)in)g)s) County, CA
KNIM      Maryville, MO            L  K)ansas, N)ebraska, I)owa and M)issouri
KNIN(TV)  Boise, ID                F  NIN='Nine', TV channel 9
KNIX(FM)  Phoenix, AZ              L  Phoen)i)x), AZ
KNJO(FM)  Thousand Oaks, CA        L  NJO='Conejo' Valley (both a euphonic and a location!)
KNLD(TV)  Duluth, MN               S  N)orthl)and)
KNMC(FM)  Havre, MT                O  N)orthern M)ontana C)ollege
KNMS      Las Cruces, NM           O  N)ew M)exico S)tate University
KNMT(TV)  Walker, MN               O  N)orthern M)innesota T)elevision Note: now KCCW
KNOE      Monroe, LA               O  James A. N)o)e)
KNOM      Nome, AK                 L  N)o)m)e, AK
KNON      Dallas, TX               S  N)o)n)-commercial
KNPR      Las Vegas, NV            S  N)evada P)ublic R)adio
KNSI      St. Cloud, MN            S  N)ews S)ports I)nformation
KNST      Tucson, AZ               S  N)ews S)ports T)alk
KNTU      Denton, TX               O  N)orth T)exas State U)niverity (now University of North Texas)
KNUS      Denver, CO               E  NUS = News (CNN Radio) Note: once used by McLendon in Dallas
KNUU      Paradise, NV             E  NUU='new' (All news format)
KNWC      Sioux Falls, SD          O  N)orthw)estern C)ollege of Minneapolis
KNWD      Natchitoches, LA         S  N)orthw)estern State University D)emons, mascot is the Purple Demon
KNWS      Waterloo, IA             O  N)orthw)estern College
KNX       Los Angeles, CA          E  NX = Annex of Spring Street Arcade Annex Note: original location
KNZA      Hiawatha, KS             E  KNZA='Kanza', Indian tribe for which Kansas is named
KOA       Denver, CO               S  K)lear o)ver A)merica
KOAC      Corvallis, OR            O  O)regon A)gricultural C)ollege
KOAI      Ft. Worth, TX            S  O)a)i)sis (smooth jazz format)
KOAK      Red Oak, IA              L  Red O)a)k)
KOAL      Price, UT                E  KOAL='Coal', coal mining industry in area
KOAM      Pittsburg, KS            L  K)ansas, O)klahoma, A)rkansas, M)issouri Note: now KKOW, calls on TV-6
KOBI(TV)  Medford, OR              O  O)regon B)roadcasting, I)nc.
KOCA      Kilgore, TX              O  O)il C)apital Broadcasting A)ssocation
KOCO(TV)  Oklahoma City, OK        L  O)klahoma C)ity O)klahoma
KOCP(FM)  Camarillo, CA            S  The O)c)top)us
KOEL      Oelwein, IA              L  O)e)l)wein, IA
KOFI      Kalispell, MT            E  KOFI = coffee
KOHS      Orem, UT                 O  O)rem H)igh S)chool
KOIL      Omaha, NE                O  Mona Motor Oil) Co.
KOIT      San Francisco, CA        E  KOIT = Coit (Tower, landmark of city)
KOLD-TV   Tucson, AZ               S  KOLD = Cold Note: see KOOL, Phoenix
KOLM      Rochester, MN            L  O)l)m)stead County
KOLS      Dodge City, KS           O  L)arry S)teckline
KOLV      Oliva, MN                L  O)l)iv)ia
KOLY      Mobridge, SD             S  Owned by Coleman family, men are nicknamed 'Coley'
KOMA      Oklahoma City, Ok        L  O)klaho)m)a) City, OK
KOME      Tulsa, OK                S  K)overs O)ver M)agic E)mpire, later KCNW, KXXO, and KMOD(AM)
KOME(FM)  San Jose, CA             S  I KOME while I drive
KOND      Clovis, CA               S  Que O)n)d)a, idiomatic for What'ss happening?
KOOL      Phoenix, AZ              S  KOOL = Cool Note: see KOLD, Tucson
KOOS      Coos Bay, OR             L  KOOS Bay
KOPB(TV)  Portland, OR             O  O)regon P)ublic B)roadcasting
KOPR      Butte, MT                E  KOPR='Copper' mines
KORE      Springfield, OR          L  O)r)e)gon
KORG      Orange, CA               L  Or)ang)e County
KORL      Honolulu, HI             E  KORL = Coral
KORN      Mitchell, SD             E  Corn Palace in Mitchell
KOST(FM)  Los Angeles, CA          S  KOST='Coast' 103
KOTI(TV)  Klamath Falls, OR        O  variant of parent station KOBI
KOTN      Pine Bluff, AR           E  KOTN = Cotton, Major crop in area
KOTO      Telluride, CO            S  K)eep O)ur T)ransmitter O)n, non-commercial FM
KOTR(FM)  Cambria, CA              L  O)t)ter), sea otters in nearby Pacific Ocean
KOVA      Ojai, CA                 L  O)jai V)a)lley, later KMYX, 'K-Mix'
KOVC      Valley City, ND          S  K)all o)f V)alley C)ity
KOVO      Provo, UT                L  Pro)v)o)
KOWH      Omaha, NE                O  O)maha W)orld-H)erald, Newspaper Note: now KCRO
KOWZ      Blooming Prairie, MN     E  KOWZ='Cows'
KOXR      Oxnard, CA               L  O)x)nar)d
KOZT      Fort Bragg, CA           E  KOZT='Coast'
KPAG      Pagosa Springs, CO       L  P)a)g)osa
KPAM      Troutdale, OR            O  P)a)m)plin Broadcasting-Oregon, Inc.
KPAS      El Paso, TX              L  El P)a)s)o
KPBC      Garland, TX              O  P)ercy B). C)rawford
KPBS(FM)  San Diego, CA            S  P)ublic B)roadcasting S)an Diego
KPCA(AM)  Marked Tree, AR          L  P)oinsett C)ounty A)rkansas
KPCB      Seattle, WA              O  P)acific C)oast B)iscuit Co.  Note: now KIRO
KPCC(FM)  Pasadena, CA             O  P)asadena C)ity C)ollege
KPDX      Portland, OR             L  P)D)X) - airport symbol for Portland
KPDX(TV)  Vancouver, WA            L  PDX=Portland International Airport, across the river from Vancouver
KPEL      Lafayette, LA            S  P)e)l)ican, Pelican State
KPET      Lamesa, TX               S  P)e)t)roleum country
KPFA      Berkeley, CA             O  P)acif)ica) Foundation
KPFA      Helena, MT               O  P)eoples F)orum of the A)ir: Note now KBLL, see above
KPFX      Fargo, ND                E  FX='Fox'
KPGE      Page, AZ                 L  P)ag)e)
KPHO-TV   Phoenix, AZ              L  P)h)o)enix
KPHR      Milbank, SD              E  PHR = Power
KPHX      Phoenix, AZ              L  P)h)oenix)
KPIA      Ironton, MO              L  P)ilot Knob, I)ronton and A)rcadia, now silent
KPIG      Freedom, CA              S  The P)i)g) at 107 oink 5 FM
KPIK      Colorado Springs, CO     L  P)i)k)e's Peak
KPIR      Granbury, TX             O  P)i)r)ate Broadcasters, Inc.
KPIR      Duluth, Minnesota        E  P)i)(e)r), as in a ship's dock, Pier 99, later WAKX-FM, now KTCO
KPLT      Paris, TX                L  P)aris, L)amar (County) T)exas
KPLU      Tacoma, WA               O  P)acific L)utheran U)niversity
KPLX      Ft. Worth, TX            S  Flex your P)l)ex) (Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex)
KPMC      Bakersfield, CA          O  P)ioneer M)ercantile C)ompany
KPMO      Mendocino, CA            E  PMO='Pomo', name of the Indian tribe that originally populated this area
KPNT      St. Louis, MO            S  the P)oin)t)
KPNW      Eugene, OR               L  P)acific N)orthw)est
KPNX      Mesa, AZ                 L  P)hoen)ix)
KPOF      Denver, CO               O  P)illar o)f F)ire Ministries
KPOJ      Portland, OR             O  P)ortland O)regon J)ournal, newspaper original owner
KPOK      Bowman, ND               E  POK = Poke (Cowpoke)
KPOL      Los Angeles, CA          O  John P)oo)L)e Broadcasting Note: now KMPC
KPOO(FM)  San Francisco, CA        S  P)o)o)r People's Radio or POO, as close to profanity as owner Lorenzo Milam could get
KPOW      Powell, WY               L  P)o)w)ell
KPPC      Pasadena, CA             O  P)asadena P)resbyterian C)hurch, Former Owner
KPRC      Houston, TX              S  K)otton P)ort R)ail C)enter
KPRK      Livingston, MT           L  K)-P)ar)k), near Yellowstone Park
KPRL      Paso Robles, CA          L  P)aso R)obl)es
KPRM      Park Rapids, MN          L  P)ark R)apids, M)N
KPSN      Pasadena, CA             O  P)asadena S)tar-N)ews Note: station no longer exists
KPTL      Carson City, NV          S  P)raise t)he L)ord
KPTS      Hutchinson/Wichita, KS   O  K)ansas P)ublic T)elecommunications S)ervice
KPTV      Portland, OR             L  P)ortland T)V)
KPUB      Pueblo, CO               L  P)u)eb)lo
KPUR      Amarillo, TX             S  14K) P)u)r)e Gold
KPVI(TV)  Pocatello, ID            F  P)ocatello VI=Roman 6, TV channel 6
KPVL      Postville, IA            L  P)ostv)il)le
KPWR      Los Angeles, CA          E  PWR = Power
KPXD(TV)  Arlington, TX            S  P)ax)net-D)allas
KPXN(TV)  San Bernardino, CA       O  P)ax) N)etwork originally religious KHOF, K)ing's H)all O)f F)ortune
KPYK      Terrel, TX               E  PYK = Pick 'The pick of the dial'
KQAC      Portland, OR             S  A)ll C)lassical
KQAS      Astoria, OR              L  A)s)toria
KQDI      Great Falls, MT          E  QDI = 'cutie', formerly KUDI
KQED-TV   San Francisco, CA        S  Q)uod E)rat D)emonstrandum, Latin for 'that which was to be demonstrated, has been'
KQHR      Hood River, OR           L  H)ood R)iver
KQIC      Willmar, MN              S  Q)uick I)nc)ome
KQMB      Midvale, UT              O  Q)uarry M)ountain B)roadcasting, original owner
KQNK      Norton, KS               L  N)orton K)ansas
KQOC      Gleneden Beach, OR       L  O)regon C)oast
KQQL      Anoka, MN                E  KQQL = Kool (Kool Gold for Twin Cities)
KQRS      Golden Valley, MN        S  Q)uality R)adio S)tation
KQTY      Everett, WA              E  QTY='cutie' Note: now KWYZ, one of the Wally Nelskog stations all phonetically spelling cutie
KQV       Pittsburgh, PA           S  K)ing of the Q)uaker V)alley
KQW       San Jose, CA             S  K)ing's Q)uickening W)ord Note: KCBS-San Francisco, Charles Herrold's Pioneer Station
KQZZ-FM   Devils Lake, ND          O  Double Z) Broadcasting Inc.
KRAL      Rawlins, WY              L  R)a)wl)ins
KRAV      Tulsa, OK                O  George K)r)a)vis, now owned by Cox
KRBC      Abilene, TX              O  R)eporter B)roadcasting C)ompany, Newspaper Note: now KFQX
KRBE      Houston, TX              O  R)oland B)aker and his wife, E)dith
KRBM      Bozeman, MT              O  R)obin B). M)acNab, Note: now KMMS ('Moose')
KRBN      Red Lodge, MT            E  KRBN='Carbon' County Note: now dark
KRBR      Superior, WI             E  BR='Bear'
KRBR(TV)  Duluth, MN               O  R)obin B)r)andt Note: now KNLD
KRCA(SW)  Bolinas, CA              O  R)adio C)orporation of A)merica, now dark
KRCA-TV   Los Angeles, CA          O  R)adio C)orporation of A)merica Note: now KNBC
KRCA(TV)  Riverside, CA            L  R)iverside, C)A)
KRCC(FM)  Colorado Springs, CO     O  R)adio C)olorado C)ollege
KRCD      Inglewood, CA            S  R)ec)uerd)o meaning Memory
KRCG(TV)  Jefferson City, MO       O  R)obert C). G)oshorn, father of original owner
KRCH      St. Louis, MO            S  Ar)c)h - named after arch in downtown (Now KYKY)
KRCS      Sturgis, SD              L  R)apid C)ity-S)turgis
KRCV      West Covina, CA          S  A variant on sister station KRCD
KRDO      Colorado Springs, CO     L  K)olor)ad)o)
KRDU      Dinuba, CA               L  R)adio D)inu)ba
KRDY      San Antonio, TX          S  R)adio D)isney)
KRDY      San Antonio, TX          S  R)adio D)isney)
KREC      Brian Head, UT           S  R)e)c)reation (Southern Utah is a major tourist destination)
KREJ      Medicine Lodge, KS       S  K)ansas R)adio E)xpecting J)esus
KREP      Belleville, KS           L  R)e)p)ublic County
KRET(TV)  Richardson, TX           O  R)ichardson E)ducational T)elevision, now KUVN(TV)
KREV      Lakeville, MN            S  R)e)v)olution Radio Note: now KZNR
KREX      Grand Junction, CO       O  R)e)x) Howell
KRFE      Everett, WA              S  R)adio F)ree E)verett, now KRKO
KRFO      Owatonna, MN             L  R)adio F)rom O)watonna
KRGI      Grand Island, NE         S  R)adio G)rand I)sland
KRGO      West Valley City, UT     E  KRGO='Cargo' Note: now KMRI, was a country station during the height of CB/trucking music craze
KRGT      Indian Springs, NV       S  R)eg)gaet)on or Spanish hip hop
KRGV      Weslaco, TX              L  R)io G)rande V)alley Note: now KRGE
KRHM(FM)  Los Angeles, CA          O  R)obert H). M)iles, original owner later KKDJ now KIIS
KRII(TV)  Chisholm, MN             L  Repeater for KBJR, R)ange I)I), channel 11
KRJB      Ada, MN                  O  R)&J) B)roadcasting
KRKC      King City, CA            S  R)adio K)ing C)ity
KRKD      Los Angeles, CA          E  RKD = Arcade Spring Street Arcade Note: original location
KRKE(FM)  Denver, CO               E  RKE = Rocky
KRKH      Lubbock, TX              O  R)ochester, K)yle and H)enderson, was KSEL-FM
KRKO      Everett, WA              E  KRKO='Crocodile'
KRLA      Pasadena, CA             L  R)adio L)os A)ngeles
KRLC      Lewiston, ID             S  R)adio L)ewiston-C)larkston
KRLD      Dallas, TX               O  R)adio L)abs of D)allas
KRLV      Las Vegas, NV            S  R)adio L)as V)egas
KRLX      Northfield, MN           E  KRL-ton = 'Carleton'
KRMD      Shreveport, LA           O  R)obert M). D)ean
KRMG      Tulsa, OK                O  K)er)r-M)cG)ee Oil Company
KRML      Carmel, CA               E  KRML = Carmel
KRNA(FM)  Iowa City, IA            S  K)iss R)ob N)orton's A)**, legend
KRNO      Reno, NV                 L  R)en)o)
KRNT      Des Moines, IA           O  R)egister an)d T)ribune newspaper, original owner
KRNW      Chillicothe, MO          S  R)adio N)orthw)est (Northwest Missouri State University)
KRNY(FM)  Kearney, NE              L  K)ear)n)ey)
KROC      Rochester, MN            L  R)o)c)hester
KROD      El Paso, TX              O  Dorrence D. R)o)d)erick
KROF      Abbeville, LA            S  R)ice O)il and F)urs
KROK      DeRidder, LA             E  KROK ROK = Crocodile Rock
KROQ(FM)  Pasadena, CA             E  ROQ = Rock
KROY      Sacramento, CA           O  R)o)y)al Miller Note: now KSAC although the FM maintains the calls
KRPL      Moscow, ID               L  R)adio P)al)ouse
KRRO(FM)  Sioux Falls, SD          S  K)lassic R)ock and R)oll O)nly, KRRO=Crow
KRRV      Sherman, TX              L  R)ed R)iver V)alley Note: now KBLN
KRSC      Seattle, WA              O  R)adio S)ales C)orporation Note: now KEZX(AM)
KRSC      Claremore, OK            O  R)ogers S)tate C)ollege, now University
KRSD-TV   Rapid City, SD           L  R)apid City, S)outh D)akota
KRSL      Russell, KS              L  RSL='FAA designator for Russell'
KRSY      Albuquerque, NM          E  KRSY = Crazy
KRTH(FM)  Los Angeles, CA          E  KRTH='K-Earth'
KRTR(FM)  Kailua, HI               E  KRTR = Crater (Volcano)
KRUZ(FM)  Santa Barbara, CA        E  KRUZ='Cruise'
KRVN      Lexington, NE            S  R)ural V)oice of N)ebraska
KRWB      Roseau, MN               L  R)oseau, W)arroad, B)adger, cities in service area
KRWC      Forest Grove, OR         L  R)adio W)ashington C)ounty, now dark
KRWC      Buffalo, MN              L  R)adio W)right C)ounty
KRWF(TV)  Redwood Falls, MN        L  R)edw)ood F)alls
KRXV      Ft. Worth, TX            F  R)adio XV=Roman number for 15 (1540 kHz), now KZMP
KRYK(FM)  Chinook, MT              E  KRYK = crick
KRYS      Corpus Christi, TX       L  KRYS = Christi
KRZI      Waco, TX                 E  KRZI='Krazy'
KRZN      Englewood, CO            E  KRZN = Crusin' (Oldies Format)
KSAC      Manhattan, KS            O  K)ansas S)tate A)gricultural C)ollege
KSAJ      Abilene, KS              L  S)alina, A)bilene, J)unction City
KSAL      Salina, KS               L  S)a)l)ina
KSAM      Huntsville, TX           S  S)a)m) Houston, Texas Historical Figure
KSAN(FM)  San Franscisco, CA       L  S)a)n) Francisco
KSBL(FM)  Carpinteria, CA          S  'S)anta B)arbara's L)ite FM'
KSBW(TV)  Salinas, CA              S  S)alad B)owl of the W)orld
KSCB      Liberal, KS              O  S)eward C)ounty B)roadcasting
KSCJ      Sioux City, IA           O  S)ioux C)ity J)ournal, original licensee
KSCR      Benson, MN               L  S)wift C)ounty R)adio
KSCT(TV)  Sitka, AK                S  S)itka C)ommunity T)elevision
KSCU(FM)  Santa Clara, CA          O  S)anta C)lara U)niversity
KSCV      Springfield, MO          S  S)pringfield's C)hristian V)oice
KSD       St. Louis, MO            O  S)t. Louis Post-D)ispatch, Newspaper Note: now KTRS, calls used on FM 93.7
KSDO      San Diego, CA            L  S)an D)iego), CA
KSEB      Sleepy Eye, MN           O  S)leepy E)ye B)roadcasters
KSEI      Pocatello, ID            L  S)outhe)ast I)daho
KSEK      Pittsburg, KS            L  S)outhe)ast K)ansas
KSEL      Lubbock, TX              S  Buy and S)e)l)l (see once co-owned KBUY, Amarillo, TX), now KJTV
KSEO      Durant, OK               L  S)outhe)astern O)klahoma
KSEV      Tomball, TX              F  S)e)v)en, for 700 kHz
KSFE      Needles, CA              S  S)ante F)e) Railroad, Needles was a big railroad town
KSFI(FM)  Salt Lake City, UT       O  S)immons F)amily, I)nc.
KSFO      San Francisco, CA        L  S)an F)rancisco), CA
KSFR      San Francisco, CA        O  S)an F)rancisco R)ecords, became KSAN now KYLD
KSGB      University Park, TX      O  S)tuart G)aines B)roadcasting
KSGF      Springfield, MO          L  'SGF'=Springfield airport designation code, was KTTS
KSGL      Wichita, KS              S  K)ansas S)haring G)od's L)ove
KSGS      St. Louis Park, MN       S  S)olid G)old S)oul
KSHB(TV)  Kansas City, MO          O  S)cripps-H)oward B)roadcasting
KSHE      St. Louis, MO            S  originally featured a format targerted toward women
KSHY      Cheyenne, WY             E  SHYenne = Cheyenne
KSIL      Silver City, NM          L  S)i)l)ver city
KSIM      Sikeston, MO             S  K)eep S)ikeston i)n M)ind
KSIR      Estes Park, CO           S  New S)ound i)n the R)ockies, note: now in Ft. Morgan, CO
KSIV      St. Louis, MO            S  S)t. Louis I)nspirational V)oice
KSJN      St. Paul, MN             O  S)t. J)ohn's N)etwork (Minnesota Public Radio)
KSJO(FM)  San Jose, CA             L  S)an J)o)se, CA
KSJQ      St. Josepth, MO          L  S)t. J)oseph, MO
KSJR      Collegeville, MN         O  S)t. J)ohn's R)adio University (Founder of Minnesota Public Radio)
KSJS(FM)  San Jose, CA             O  S)an J)ose S)tate
KSJU      Collegeville, MN         O  S)t. J)ohn's U)niversity
KSKI      Hailey, ID               S  SKI Sun Valley
KSKY      Balch Springs, TX        S  K-'sky'
KSL       Salt Lake City, UT       L  S)alt L)ake City, Utah
KSLQ      St. Louis, MO            S  S)t. L)ouis Q)
KSLR      San Antonio, TX          S  S)on L)ight R)adio (Light of Jesus)
KSLU(FM)  Hammond, LA              O  S)outheastern L)ouisiana U)niversity
KSMA      Santa Maria, CA          L  S)anta M)a)ria
KSMJ      Sacramento, CA           S  S)acramento's M)aj)ic
KSMO      Salem, MO                L  S)alem, M)O)
KSMO(FM)  Kansas City, MO          L  K)ans)as M)isso)uri, postal codes for the states
KSNB      St. Louis Park, MN       S  S)ports n) B)usiness, was KCCO and KRSI
KSNF-TV16 Joplin, MO               O  K)ansas S)tate N)etwork, F)our-States (Joplin, MO), formerly KTVJ
KSNO      Aspen, CO                E  SNO = snow
KSNW(TV)  Wichita, KS              O  K)ansas S)tate N)etwork-W)ichita
KSO       Des Moines, IA           S  K)eep S)erving O)thers Note: now KGGO(AM)
KSOC      Gainesville, TX          S  S)oul o)f the C)ity, Dallas/Ft. Worth market
KSOK      Arkansas City, KS        L  Kansas (KS) and Oklahoma (OK) (city is just north of the state line)
KSOO      Sioux Falls, SD          E  SOO = Sioux
KSPA      Santa Paula, CA          L  S)anta P)a)ula, later KQIQ, 'Quick'
KSPD      Boise, ID                E  S)p)eed), all-news radio or s)p)ud) for Idaho potatos
KSPL      Kalispell, MT            L  K)alis)p)el)l
KSPN      Pasadena, CA             S  ES)P)N) Radio
KSPN      Aspen, CO                L  As)p)en)
KSQY      Deadwood, SD             E  SQY = Sky, located in high mountain area
KSRA      Salmon, ID               S  S)almon R)iver A)rea
KSRF(FM)  Santa Monica, CA         E  SRF='Surf' (beach city)
KSRM      Soldotna, AK             O  S)olid R)ock M)inistries
KSRO      Santa Rosa, CA           L  S)anta R)o)sa
KSSN(FM)  Little Rock, AR          E  KSSN = Kissin'
KSTL      St. Louis, MO            L  S)t). L)ouis
KSTP      St. Paul, MN             L  St). P)aul, Minnesota
KSTT(FM)  San Luis Obispo, CA      E  KSTT='Coast' 101.3 FM
KSTU(TV)  Salt Lake City, UT       O  S)pringfield T)elevision in U)tah, see WWLP-TV
KSTV      Stephenville, TX         L  St)ephenv)ille, TX
KSTW(TV)  Tacoma, WA               L  S)eattle-T)acoma W)ashington
KSUB      Cedar City, UT           O  S)outhern U)tah B)roadcasting Co.
KSUN      Phoenix, AZ              S  S)u)n)ny Arizona
KSUU      Cedar City, UT           O  S)outhern U)tah U)niversity
KSWK      Lakin, KS                L  S)outhw)est K)ansas
KSWK(TV)  Lakin, KS                S  S)outh W)est K)ansas
KSWO      Lawton, OK               L  S)outhw)estern O)klahoma
KSXY      Fresno, CA               E  SXY = Sexy 101.1
KTAB      Oakland, CA              O  T)enth A)venue B)aptist Church Note: now KSFO-SF
KTAC      Tacoma, WA               L  T)a)c)oma
KTAL(FM)  Texarkana, TX            L  T)exas A)rkansas L)ouisiana
KTAM      Bryan, TX                L  T)exas A) & M), adjacent to University
KTAR      Phoenix, AZ              S  K)eep T)aking the A)rizona R)epublic, Newspaper
KTBN(SW)  Salt Lake City, UT       S  T)rinity B)roadcasting N)etwork, now silent
KTBN(TV)  Fontana, CA              O  T)rinity B)roadcasting N)etwork
KTBT(FM)  Tulsa, OK                S  T)he B)eat)
KTCJ      Minneapolis, MN          S  T)win C)ities J)azz Note: now KXBR
KTCK      Dallas, TX               E  TCK = Ticket (all sports format)
KTCL      Seattle, WA              S  T)he C)harmed L)and, now KOMO
KTCO      Duluth, MN               S  K)at) C)o)untry
KTCR      Minneapolis, MN          S  T)win C)ities R)adio Note: now KXBR/KTCZ
KTCT      San Mateo, CA            E  TCT='Ticket', sports format
KTCU(FM)  Ft. Worth, TX            O  T)exas C)hristian U)niversity
KTEM      Temple, TX               L  T)e)m)ple
KTFI      Twin Falls, ID           L  T)win F)alls, I)daho
KTGS      Ada, OK                  S  T)he G)ospel S)tation
KTHE      Thermopolis, WY          L  T)h)e)rmopolis
KTHO      S. Lake Tahoe, CA        L  T)ah)o)e
KTHS      Berryville, AR           S  K)ome t)o H)ot S)prings Note: Became KAAY in Little Rock, calls used in Berryville
KTHX      Reno, NV                 S  T)h)e X)
KTIS      Minneapolis, MN          O  T)ravelers I)nsurance S)ervice
KTKU-FM   Juneau, AK               E  TKU='Taku'
KTLA(TV)  Los Angeles, CA          S  T)elevision L)os A)ngeles
KTLB      Twin Lakes, IA           O  T)win L)akes B)roadcasters
KTLO      Mountain Home, AR        S  T)win L)akes of the O)zarks
KTLQ      Tahlequah, OK            L  T)ahl)eq)uah, Oklahoma
KTMO(LP)  Amarillo, TX             E  T)elem)undo)
KTMO(LP)  Amarillo, TX             O  T)elem)undo) affiliate
KTMS      Santa Barbara, CA        O  T)homas M). S)torke, original owner
KTNN      Window Rock, AZ          O  T)he N)avajo N)ation
KTNT      Tacoma, WA               O  T)acoma N)ews T)ribune, moved to Silverdale, WA
KTNT      Eufaula, OK              S  TNT='dynamite'
KTNT      Tacoma, WA               O  T)acoma N)ews T)ribune
KTNY      Libby, MT                E  LTNY='Kootenai' River, Mountains, etc.
KTNZ      Amarillo, TX             F  TNZ='tens', 1010 kHz
KTOB      Petaluma, CA             S  T)op 40 o)f San Francisco B)ay
KTOE      Mankato, MN              L  ManK)aT)O) +E) for Mankato
KTOP      Topeka, KS               L  T)o)p)eka
KTPI(FM)  Tehachapi, CA            L  T)ehachap)i)
KTRA      Dallas, TX               S  Ext)r)a) Sports 1190, see XETRA
KTRF      Thief River Falls, MN    L  T)hief R)iver F)alls
KTRH      Houston, TX              O  T)he R)ice H)otel
KTRN      Wichita Falls, TX        O  T)imes-R)ecord N)ews(paper) Note: now KLFF
KTRV(TV)  Boise, ID                S  T)r)easure V)alley
KTSA      San Anotnio, TX          L  T)exas S)an A)ntonio
KTSB      Sioux Center, IA         O  T)ri-S)tate B)roadcasters
KTSM      El Paso, TX              O  T)ri S)tate M)usic Company
KTTL(FM)  Dodge City, KS           E  KTTL = Cattle Country
KTTN      Trenton, MO              L  T)rent)on)
KTTR      Rolla, MO                S  K)eep T)uned T)o R)olla
KTTS      Springfield, MO          S  K)eep T)alking t)o S)pringfield
KTTV(TV)  Los Angeles, CA          O  T)imes TeleV)ision (original owner, Los Angeles Times)
KTUC      Tucson, AZ               L  T)u)c)son
KTUL-TV   Tulsa                    L  T)u)l)sa
KTUM      Tatum, NM                L  T)atu)m)
KTVB(TV)  Boise, ID                S  T)elev)ision B)oise
KTVO(TV)  Kirksville, MO/Ottumwa,  L  K)irksville T)V)-O)ttumwa
KTVT(TV)  Ft. Worth, TX            S  T)elev)ision T)exas
KTWN(FM)  Texarkana, TX            L  TWN = Twin Cities of Texarkana, AR & TX
KTWU      Topeka, KS               O  T)opeka W)ashburn U)niversity
KTWV      Los Angeles, CA          S  T)he W)av)e, was KMET
KTXA(TV)  Arlington, TX            L  T)ex)as, A)rlington
KTXO      Sherman, TX              S  Lake T)ex)o)ma
KTXS(TV)  Sweetwater, TX           L  K-T)ex)as)
KTYD(FM)  Santa Barbara, CA        E  TYD=The Tide
KTYL(FM)  Tyler, TX                L  T)y)l)er, TX
KTYS      Flower Mound, TX         S  TYS='Twister'
KUAF(FM)  Fayetteville, AR         O  U)niversity of A)rkansas-F)ayetteville
KUAM      Agana, GU                L  Gu)a)m)
KUAT      Tucson, AZ               O  U)niversity of A)rizona, T)ucson
KUDO      Anchorage, AK            S  KUDOs for Anchorage
KUEL      Ft. Dodge, IA            E  KUEL = 'Cool' 92
KUGN      Eugene, OR               L  Eu)g)en)e
KUHF(FM)  Houston, TX              O  U)niversity of H)ouston F)M
KUHT(TV)  Houston, TX              O  U)niversity of H)ouston T)V
KUID      Moscow, ID               O  U)niversity of I)d)aho
KUKI      Ukiah, CA                L  U)k)i)ah
KULY      Ulysses, KS              L  U)l)y)sses
KUMD(FM)  Duluth, MN               O  U)niversity of M)innesota-D)uluth
KUMM      Morris, MN               O  U)niversity of M)innesota-M)orris
KUMR      Rolla, MO                O  U)niversity of M)issori-R)olla
KUNI(FM)  Cedar Falls, IA          O  U)niversity of N)orthern I)owa
KUNM(FM)  Albuquerque, NM          O  U)niversity of N)ew M)exico
KUNR      Reno, NV                 O  U)niversity of N)evada-R)eno
KUNV      Las Vegas, NV            O  U)niversity of N)ev)ada
KUOI      Moscow, ID               O  U)niversity o)f I)daho
KUOM      Minneapolis, MN          O  U)niversity o)f M)innesota
KUOO      Spirit Lake, IA          S  U)niversity o)f O)koboji, make believe University
KUOW      Seattle, WA              O  U)niversity o)f W)ashington
KUPD(FM)  Phoenix, AZ              E  KUPD = Cupid
KUPI      Idaho Falls, ID          S  U)nited P)ress I)nternational
KUSC(FM)  Los Angeles, CA          O  U)niversity of S)outhern C)alifornia
KUSD      Vermillion, SD           O  U)niversity of S)outh D)akota
KUSF(FM)  San Francisco, CA        O  U)niversity of S)an F)rancisco
KUSH      Cushing, OK              L  K)u)s)h)ing, Oklahoma
KUT(FM)   Austin, TX               O  U)niversity of T)exas Note: Originally on AM in 1920's
KUUY      Cheyenne, WY             E  UUY = 'Double U Y' WY
KUVN(TV)  Garland, TX              O  U)n)iv)ision
KUWS      Superior, WI             O  U)niversity of W)isconsin-S)uperior
KVAL      Eugene, OR               L  Willamette V)a)l)ley
KVAN      Vancouver, WA            L  V)a)n)couver
KVBR      Brainerd, MN             S  V)oice of B)r)ainerd
KVCK      Wolf Point, MT           O  V)ukelich, C)offey and K)rebsbach
KVEA(TV)  Corona, CA               S  'Vea' is Spanish for 'watch it' originally KBSC, K)aiser B)roadcasting S)tation C)alifornia
KVEC      San Luis Obispo, CA      O  V)alley E)lectric C)ompany, the original owners of the station. Note: KSBY-TV once used these calls.
KVEG      Henderson, NV            L  Las V)e)g)as
KVEL      Vernal, UT               L  V)e)rnal)
KVEN      Ventura, CA              L  V)e)n)tura
KVFD      Ft. Dodge, IA            L  V)oice of F)t. D)odge
KVGB      Great Bend, KS           L  V)oice of G)reat B)end or K)ansas V)oice of the G)olden B)elt
KVII(TV)  Amarillo, TX             F  VII=7, channel 7
KVIK      Decorah, IA              S  V)i)k)ing - large Norwegian heritage population
KVIL      Highland Park, TX        L  V)i)l)lage of Highland Park
KVLF      Alpine, TX               S  V)oice of the L)ast F)rontier
KVLY(FM)  Edinburg, TX             L  Rio Grande V)al)ley)
KVMA      Magnolia, AR             S  V)oice of M)agnolia A)rkansas
KVNA      Flagstaff, AZ            S  V)oice of N)orthern A)rizona
KVNI      Coeur'd Alene, ID        S  V)oice of N)orth I)daho
KVOA      Tucson, AZ               S  V)oice o)f A)rizona Note: now KIIM(AM) - formerly KCUB
KVOD      Denver, CO               S  K)lassical V)oice o)f D)enver
KVOE      Emporia, KS              S  K)ansas V)oice o)f E)mporia
KVOM      Morrilton, AR            S  V)oice o)f M)orrilton
KVON      Napa, CA                 S  V)oice o)f N)apa
KVOO      Tulsa, OK                S  V)oice o)f O)klahoma
KVOR      Colorado Spring, CO      S  V)oice o)f the R)ockies
KVOX      Moorhead, MN             S  VOX='Voice'
KVPI      Ville Platte, LA         S  K)eeping V)ille P)latte I)nformed
KVRN      Sonora, TX               E  KVRN = 'caverns' of Sonora, now KHOS
KVSC      St. Cloud, MN            S  V)oice of S)t. C)loud
KVSM      San Mateo, CA            S  V)oice of S)an M)ateo, now KTCT
KVSO      Ardmore, OK              S  V)oice of S)outhern O)klahoma
KVSV      Beloit, KS               S  V)oice of the S)olomon V)alley
KVTA      Port Hueneme, CA         L  V)ent)ura) County was formerly KACY 'Casey' as a top-40 station and KTRO 'Tiro' (Spanish for 'bullet', used sound of a pistol firing as on-air logo)
KVTT(FM)  Dallas, TX               S  K)eep V)oicing t)he T)ruth
KWAD      Wadena, MN               L  W)a)d)ena
KWAK      Stuttgart, AR            E  KWAK = Quack, Area noted for ducks
KWAR      Waverly, IA              O  W)a)r)tburg College
KWAS      Amarillo, TX             S  K)eep W)earing a) S)mile, Christian format
KWAT      Watertown, SD            L  W)a)t)ertown
KWAV      Monterey, CA             E  WAV = Wave, Coastal Location
KWAX      Eugene, OR               E  KWAK = 'Quacks', University of Oregon (Ducks)
KWAY      Waverly, IA              L  W)a)verly)
KWBG      Boone, IA                S  K)eep W)atching B)oone G)row
KWBU(FM)  Waco, TX                 O  W)aco B)aylor U)niversity
KWCH(TV)  Wichita, KS              L  W)ic)h)ita
KWCR      Ogden, UT                O  W)eber C)ollege R)adio (Weber State University)
KWDM      West Des Moines, IA      L  W)est D)es M)oines
KWED      Seguin, TX               S  K)eeps W)orking E)very Day
KWEI      Weiser, ID               L  W)e)i)ser
KWFB      Wichita Falls, TX        S  B)ob F)M
KWFT      Wichita Falls, TX        L  W)ichita F)alls, T)exas
KWGN(TV)  Denver, CO               O  W)G)N), owned by WGN's parent company
KWHP(FM)  Edmond, OK               O  W)illiam H)oward P)ayne, now KKWD
KWHR(SW)  Honolulu, HI             O  W)orld H)arvest R)adio
KWHY(TV)  Los Angeles, CA          S  'K-Why' (station was financial news first 30 years of operation)
KWIT(FM)  Sioux City, IA           O  W)estern I)owa T)ech
KWJJ      Portland, OR             O  W)ilbur J). J)erman
KWKH      Shreveport, LA           O  W). K). H)enderson
KWKY      Des Moines, IA           E  KWKY='Quickie', from top 40 era
KWLC      Decorah, IA              O  L)uther C)ollege
KWLM      Willmar, MN              L  W)il)lm)ar
KWLO      Waterloo, IA             L  W)aterl)o)o, IA
KWLW      North Salt Lake, UT      O  Named after co-owned and same frequency sister, WLW in Cincinnati
KWMT      Ft. Dodge, IA            O  Originally owned by the WMT group of Cedar Rapids
KWMT-FM   Tucson, AZ               S  The M)ount)ain
KWMU      St. Louis, MO            O  M)issouri U)niversity
KWNA      Winnemucca, NV           L  W)in)nemucca)
KWNE(FM)  Ukiah, CA                E  WNE = Wine Country of California
KWNG      Red Wing, MN             L  Red W)in)g)
KWNK      Simi Valley, CA          S  'K-Wink'
KWNO      Winona, MN               L  W)in)o)na
KWNS      Pratt, KS                S  K)ansas W)eather N)ews and S)ports
KWNS-FM   Winnsboro, TX            E  K-Wins WNS='wins'
KWOR      Worland, WY              L  W)o)r)land
KWOS      Jefferson City, MO       S  K)eep W)atching O)ur S)tate
KWRD(FM)  Arlington, TX            E  WRD = Word (religious format)
KWSC      Pullman, WA              O  W)ashington S)tate C)ollege
KWSH      Wewoka, OK               L  W)ewoka, S)eminole and H)oldenville, OK
KWSK      Pratt, KS                S  K)eep W)atching S)outhern K)ansas, now silent
KWSN      Sioux Falls, SD          S  W)eather S)ports and N)ews
KWST(FM)  Los Angeles, CA          E  WST='West' (now KPWR)
KWSU      Pullman, WA              O  W)ashington S)tate U)niversity
KWTC      Anaheim, CA              S  K)ome W)est t)o C)alifornia Note: now KWIZ
KWTO      Springfield, MO          S  K)eep w)atching t)he O)zarks
KWTV(TV)  Oklahoma City, OK        S  W)orld's T)allest V)ideo, TV tower height
KWTX-TV   Waco, TX                 L  W)aco T)ex)as
KWVE(FM)  San Clemente, CA         S  K)-W)av)e)
KWWK(FM)  Rochester, MN            S  KWWK='Quick', Quick Country
KWYO      Sheridan, WY             L  W)y)o)ming
KXAN(TV)  Austin, TX               L  Tex)a)n)
KXAS(TV)  Ft. Worth, TX            L  Tex)a)s)
KXBR      Minneapolis, MN          E  BR='Bear'
KXCI      Tucson, AZ               F  XCI = frequency (91.3) in Roman numerals
KXCV      Maryville, MO            F  XCV = frequency (90.5) in Roman numerals
KXIC      Iowa City, IA            L  I)owa C)ity
KXII(TV)  Sherman, TX              F  XII=12, channel 12
KXLI(TV)  St. Cloud, MN            F  XLI=Roman numerals for '41' Note: now KPXM
KXLU(FM)  Los Angeles, CA          O  L)oyola Marymount U)niversity
KXMS      Jpolin, MO               S  K)lassix) M)issouri S)outhern State College, classical format
KXRA      Alexandria, MN           L  Alex)andr)ia)
KXSS      St. Cloud, MN            E  KXSS = kicks Note: now Magic 1390
KXTA      Los Angeles, CA          S  Ex)t)ra) Sports 1150, see XETRA
KXUS-FM   Springfield, MO          S  U)S) 97
KXXV-TV   Waco, TX                 F  XXV=25 channel 25
KYAK      Anchorage, AK            E  KYAK = kayak
KYKC(FM)  Ada, OK                  S  K)eepin' Y)our K)inda C)ountry
KYLT      Missoula, MT             E  KYLT = kilt
KYNG      Coos Bay, OR             S  K)y)n)g) (King) of the Oregon Coast
KYNG      Dallas, TX               S  Y)oun)g) Country
KYNT      Yankton, SD              L  Y)an)kt)on
KYSM      Mankato, MN              O  S)outhern M)innesota Supply Co., part of a family owned Chevrolet automobile dealership
KYSR(FM)  Los Angeles, CA          S  S)tar) 98.7 formerly KJOI, 'K-Joy'
KYTN      Union City, TN           L  K)entucky)-T)en)nessee
KYUS(TV)  Miles City, MT           E  KYUS = 'cayuse', a wild horse
KYVE(TV)  Yakima, WA               S  Y)akima V)alley E)ducation
KYW       Philadelphia, PA         S  Y)oung W)arriors
KZEG      Manila, Phillipines      O  E)rlanger and G)allagher (business that owned the station)
KZEL(FM)  Eugene, OR               O  George Z)e)l)lner
KZEW      Dallas, TX               E  ZEW='Zoo', now KBFB
KZIB      Manila, Phillipines      O  I). B)eck Department Store
KZNA      Hill City, KS            E  KZNA='Kanza', Indian tribe for which Kansas is named
KZNN(FM)  Haltom City, TX          E  ZNN = Zone
KZRF      Manila, Phillipines      S  R)adio F)ilipinas
KZRH      Manila, Phillipines      O  R)adio H)eacock (department store)
KZRM      Manila, Phillipines      S  R)adio M)anila
KZRP      Manila, Phillipines      S  R)adio P)hilippines
KZSC      Santa Cruz, CA           O  University of California-S)anta C)ruz
KZSU(FM)  Stanford, CA             O  S)tanford U)niversity
KZZY-FM   Devils Lake, ND          O  Double Z) Broadcasting Inc.
VOA       Marathon, FL             S  V)oice o)f A)merica
VOAR      St. John's, NF           S  V)oice o)f A)tlantic R)eligion (Seventh Day Adventist Church)
VOCM      St. John's, NF           S  V)oice o)f the C)ommon M)an
WAAC      Valdosta, GA             S  A)ny and A)ll C)ountry
WAAI-FM   Hurlock, MD              O  A)pex A)ssociates I)nc., original owners
WAAL(FM)  Binghamton, NY           E  WAAL = Whale
WAAM      Ann Arbor, MI            L  A)nn A)rbor, M)I
WAAV      Wilmington, NC           E  WAAV='wave', due to coastal location
WABC-770  New York, NY             O  A)merican B)roadcasting C)ompany Note: formerly WJZ(AM)
WABC-880  New York, NY             O  A)tlantic B)roadcasting C)ompany Note: now WCBS
WABD(TV)  New York, NY             O  A)llen B). D)uMont Note: later WNEW-TV, now WNYW-TV
WABE      Atlanta, GA              O  A)tlanta B)oard of E)ducation
WABM      Birmingham, AL           L  A)labama B)irm)ingham
WABS      Arlington, VA            S  W)ashington A)rea B)ible S)tation
WABT      Birmingham, AL           S  A)labama's B)est T)elevision, later WAPI-TV, now WVTM
WABT(FM)  Dundee, IL               S  W)a)b)bit
WABT(TV)  Birmingham, AL           S  A)labama's B)est T)elevision
WABY      Albany, NY               L  A)lb)any), New York, now WAMC(AM)
WACL      Waycross, GA             S  A)tlantic C)oast L)ine Railroad (largest local employer)
WACO      Waco, TX                 L  W)a)c)o), Texas
WACT      Tuscaloosa, AL           S  A)labama C)rimson T)ide
WACY-TV   Appleton, WI             O  Owned by A)c)e Broadcasting
WADB(FM)  Belmar, NJ               O  A)damant and D)orothy B)rown, now WRAT
WADN      Concord, MA              L  W)a)ld)en, for Walden Pond
WAEB      Allentown, PA            L  A)llentown E)aston B)ethelehem
WAEO(TV)  Rhinelander, WI          O  A)lvin E)dward O)'Konski,founder, now WJFW-TV
WAER(FM)  Syracuse, NY             S  A)lpha E)psilon R)ho, broadcasting fraternity-later referred to as A)lways E)xcellent R)adio 
WAEV(FM)  Savannah, GA             E  WAEV = Wave
WAFN      Arab, AL                 S  A)rab F)un) 92.7
WAFR      Tupelo, MS               O  A)merican F)amily R)adio (flagship station)
WAGA(TV)  Atlanta, GA              L  A)tlanta, G)A)
WAGF      Dothan, AL               L  A)labama, G)eorgia and F)lorida
WAHG      New York, NY             O  A). H). G)rebe Note: evolved into WCBS-NY
WAHR(FM)  Huntsville, AL           O  A)rnold H)ornbuckle R)ecords
WAIA(FM)  Miami, FL                S  A1A, same road as US-1 Note: now WFLC
WAIC(FM)  Springfield, MA          O  A)merican I)nternational C)ollege
WAIL(FM)  Key West, FL             E  WAIL='Whale'
WAIR      Atlanta, MI              E  On the A)i)r)
WAIS      Nelsonville, OH          S  A)rea I)nformation S)tation
WAIU      Columbus, OH             O  A)merican I)nsurance U)nion Note: now WTVN
WAJC      Indianapolis, IN         O  A)rthur J)ordan C)onservatory (of Music), now WJJK
WAJR      Morgantown, WV           O  A)gnes J)ane R)eeves
WAKR      Akron, OH                L  A)k)r)on
WAKW      Cincinnati, OH           S  W)ith A) K)ing's W)itness
WAKX      Superior, Wisconsin      E  WAKX='Wax', referring to records, Later KXTP, now WGEE
WAKY      Louisville, KY           S  W)a)ck)y) Note: now WWKY, calls in Danville, KY
WALA      Mobile, AL               L  A)l)a)bama
WALL      Middletown, NY           S  A)L)L) of Orange County
WALX(FM)  Selma, AL                O  A)l)ex)ander Broadcasting
WAMC(FM)  Albany, NY               O  A)lbany M)edical C)ollege
WAMD      St. Paul, MN             S  W)here A)ll M)innesota D)ances Note: now KSTP
WAME      Miami, FL                S  W)ha)m)my in Miami Note: now WSUA
WAMH      Amherst, MA              L  A)m)h)erst
WAMH      Amherst, MA              O  A)m)herst College and H)ampshire College
WAMN      Green Valley, WV         E  AMN = amen
WAMO      Pittsburgh, PA           L  A)llegheny M)onogahela O)hio, 3 Rivers converge there
WAMR      Miami, FL                E  A)m)or) or love
WAMU      Washington, DC           O  A)m)erican U)niversity
WAMV      Amherst, VA              L  A)m)herst, V)A
WAMX      Milton, WV               S  A)lbum M)ix)
WAMZ(FM)  Louisville, KY           S  A)merica's M)uz)ic (Country format)
WANB      Waynesburg, PA           L  W)a)yn)esb)urg, Pennsylvania
WANC      Ticonderoga, NY          L  A)dirondack N)orth C)ountry
WANC(TV)  Asheville, NC            L  A)sheville N)orth C)arolina, was WISE-TV, now on a radio station in Ticonderoga, NY
WANE(TV)  Ft. Wayne, IN            L  Fort W)a)yn)e)
WANY(FM)  Albany, KY               L  A)lban)y)
WAOW      Wausau, WI               L  Sister station of W)KO)W); W)A)usau
WAPA      San Juan, PR             S  Gua)p)a) which is pronounced the same as WAPA means pretty or attractive
WAPB      Murfreesboro, TN         S  A)ll P)oints B)ulletin (was a news/talk station)
WAPE(FM)  Jacksonville, FL         S  The Big A)p)e)
WAPI      Birmingham, AL           O  A)labama P)olytechnic I)nstitute (Auburn)
WAPL-FM   Appleton, WI             L  A)p)pl)eton
WAPO      Chattanooga, TN          O  W). A). P)atterson, O)wner
WAPP(FM)  New York, NY             S  Big A)p)p)le
WAPR      Selma, AL                O  A)labama P)ublic R)adio
WAPS      Akron, OH                O  A)kron P)ublic S)chools
WAPT      Jackson, MS              O  A)merican P)ublic (Life Insurance) T)elevision
WAQI      Miami, FL                S  A)q)ui) Mambi Note: Spanish: 'Mambi is Here' Mr. Mambi is a Cuban Patriot, aqui = here
WAQY(FM)  Springfield, MA          E  W)A)CKQ)Y) 'Wacky 102'
WARA      Attleboro, MA            L  A)ttleboro R)adio A)ssociates
WARD      Pittston, PA             O  Jim W)a)r)d), owner/PD/talk show host, until his death in 1997
WARE      Ware, MA                 L  W)a)r)e), MA
WARH-FM   Grantite City, IL        S  The St. Louis Gateway A)r)ch)
WARM-FM   York, PA                 O  Station was a sister station to WARM in Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, PA
WARO      Canonsburgh, PA          S  W)e A)re R)adio O)ne (at 540 kHz), also known as 'Arrow'
WASH      Washington, DC           S  W)a)s)h)ington
WATD      Marshfield, MA           L  W)e're a)t the D)ump, where the transmitter was located
WATO      Oak Ridge, TN            S  A)t)o)m Note: Secret work was done on the atomic bomb during World War II
WATR      Waterbury, CT            L  W)a)t)er)bury, CT
WATS      Sayre, PA                L  W)averly NY, A)t)hens PA, S)ayre, PA
WATV(TV)  Newark, NJ               O  A)tlantic T)elev)ision (Now WNET)
WATW      Ashland, WI              S  A)shland T)ops W)isconsin or A)t the T)op of W)isconsin
WAUC      Wauchula, FL             L  W)a)u)c)hula
WAUK      Waukesha, WI             L  W)a)u)k)esha
WAUN      Kewaunee, WI             L  Kew)a)u)n)ee
WAUR      Aurora, IL               L  A)u)r)ora
WAUS(FM)  Berrien Springs, MI      O  A)ndrews U)niversity S)tation
WAVA(FM)  Arlington, VA            L  A)rlington, V)irginia)
WAVI      Dayton, OH               S  A)v)i)ation Note: now WDAO
WAVK(FM)  Marathon, FL             S  W)a)v)e of the K)eys
WAVL      Apollo, PA               L  A)pollo V)andergrift and L)eechburg
WAVR(FM)  Waverly, NY              L  W)av)er)ly
WAVS      Davie, FL                E  W)a)v)es)
WAVT(FM)  Pottsville, PA           O  A)V) T)idmore
WAVY-TV   Portsmouth, VA           L  Nearby ocean is wavy
WAWA      West Allis, WI           L  W)est A)llis-W)a)uwatosa
WAWA      West Allis, WI           L  W)est A)llis, W)isconsin now dark
WAWZ      Zarephath, NJ            O  A)lma W)hite Z)arephath Note: Alma White founded a college in connection with the Pillar Of Fire religious group. Zarephath is next to Bound Brook.
WAXN-TV   Charlotte, NC            E  AXN='Action' (Action 64)
WAXN(TV)  Kannapolis, NC           E  AXN=Action 64
WAXO      Kenosha, WI              E  Chosen because it could be said as a word [1962-1969]
WAXY(FM)  Ft. Lauderdale, FL       E  WAXY = Waxie
WAYL      Minneapolis, MN          E  WAYL='whale' Note: now KXXR
WAYV(FM)  Atlantic City, NJ        E  WAYV='Wave'
WAYX      Waycross, GA             L  W)a)ycross (X)
WAZL      Hazleton, PA             L  Ha)z)l)eton
WAZS      Summerville, SC          S  W)onderful A)z)aleas), home of Azalea Festival
WBAB      Atlantic City, NJ        S  W)ith B)oardwalk a)nd B)eaches Note: Calls now in Babylon, NY
WBAB(FM)  Babylon, NY              L  B)a)b)ylon, NY
WBAI(FM)  New York, NY             O  B)roadcast A)ssociates I)nc.
WBAL      Baltimore, MD            L  Bal)timore, Maryland
WBAM-FM   Montgomery, AL           S  B)a)m)a Country
WBAM(FM)  New York, NY             O  B)a)m)berger Broadcasting Note: later WOR-FM
WBAP      Ft. Worth, TX            S  W)e B)ring a) P)rogram
WBAR      Bartow, FL               L  B)a)r)tow
WBAU(FM)  Garden City, NY          O  B)roadcasting-A)delphi U)niversity
WBAW      Barnwell, SC             L  B)arnwell A)llendale W)illiston
WBAX      Wilkes-Barre, PA         S  W)e B)urn A)nthracite Ex)clusively
WBAY      Green Bay, WI            L  Green B)a)y)
WBBM      Chicago, IL              S  W)orlds B)est B)attery M)aker, originally owned by Mallory Battery Co.
WBBR      New York, NY             S  B)loomburg B)roadcasting R)adio Note: formerly WNEW
WBCB      Levittown, PA            L  B)ucks C)ounty, PA B)urlington County, NJ
WBCH      Hastings, MI             L  B)arry C)ounty H)astings
WBCK      Battle Creek, MI         L  B)attle C)reek)
WBCM      Bay City, MI             L  B)ay C)ity, M)ichigan
WBCN      Boston, MA               O  B)oston C)oncert N)etwork, now WBMX
WBCO      Bucyrus, OH              L  B)uc)yrus, O)hio
WBCT(FM)  Grand Rapids, MI         S  B)est C)ount)ry (was WJFM)
WBCU      Union, SC                O  B)roadcasting C)ompany of U)nion
WBCW      Jeanette, PA             S  W)e b)roadcast from C)entral W)estmoreland County, now WKFB 770 KHz
WBDC      Washington, DC           S  W)B) affiliate in D).C).
WBDG      Indianapolis, IN         S  B)en D)avis (High School) G)iants
WBDK      Algoma, WI               L  B)rown, D)oor and K)ewaunee counties
WBDN      Brandon, FL              L  B)rand)on)
WBDT      Dayton, OH               S  W)B) D)ayt)on
WBEC      Pittsfield, MA           O  B)erkshire E)agle C)o.  Note: 'Berkshire Eagle' newspaper
WBEE      Rochester, NY            S  Busy B)e)e)
WBEN      Buffalo, NY              O  B)uffalo E)vening N)ews(paper)
WBEV      Beaver Dam, WI           L  B)e)av)er
WBEY-FM   Crisfield, MD            E  BEY='Bay' Country
WBEZ(FM)  Chicago, IL              O  B)oard of E)ducation
WBFD      Bedford, PA              L  B)edf)ord)
WBFF      Baltimore, MD            S  B)altimore F)ourty-F)ive
WBFG(FM)  Detroit, MI              S  W)e B)roadcast F)or G)od Note: now WLLZ(FM)
WBFM      Sheboygan, WI            S  B)-93 F)M)
WBFR      Birmingham, AL           O  B)irmingham F)amily R)adio
WBGA      Brunswick, GA            L  B)runswick, G)a)
WBGE(FM)  Peoria, IL               O  B)&G) E)nterprises [B&G being the last initials of the station owners]
WBGG      Pittsburgh, PA           S  BGG='The Burgh', was WWSW
WBGN      Bowling Green, KY        L  B)owling G)reen), KY
WBGO      Newark, NJ               O  B)ob G). O)ttenhoff, one of the founders
WBGU      Bowling Green, OH        O  B)owling G)reen U)niversity
WBHB      Broadway, VA             L  B)roadway-H)arrisonb)urg
WBHJ      Tuscaloosa, AL           S  B)irmingh)am J)amz
WBHK      Birmingham, AL           S  B)irmingh)am's K)iss FM
WBHM      Birmingham, AL           L  B)irmingh)am)
WBHP      Huntsville, AL           O  W)ilton B)uster H)arvey P)ollard
WBHR      St. Cloud, MN            S  The B)ig H)ouse that's R)ed Note: formerly WVAL
WBIC      Islip, NY                L  B)ay Shore, I)slip, C)enter Moriches, later WLIX, WLUX, now WLIE
WBIO      Parsippany, NJ           F  B=13, IO=10, BIO=1310 for frequency
WBIQ      Birmingham, AL           S  B)irmingham I)Q)
WBIR      Knoxville, TN            O  John B)i)r)dwell Note: now WIMZ
WBJB (FM) Lincroft, NJ             S  B)rookdale J)ersey B)lues
WBJI      Blackduck, MN            L  B)emidj)i)
WBJZ      Berlin, WI               S  B)erlin J)az)z
WBKB(TV)  Chicago, IL              O  B)alaban & K)atz B)roadcasting Note: later WENR-TV, now WLS-TV
WBKI(TV)  Campbellsville, KY       S  The W)B) for K)entucki)ana
WBKO(TV)  Bowling Green, KY        S  B)owling G)reen K)entucky's O)wn
WBKR(FM)  Owensboro, KY            S  B)ig K)entucky R)adio
WBKW      Beckley, WV              L  BKW = Airport Code for Beckley
WBLF      Bellefonte, PA           L  Initials of owner's (Cary Simpson) wife or B)ell)ef)ont
WBLK      Buffalo, NY              E  BLK = Black, (Urban format)
WBLM      Portland, ME             S  B)l)im)pville Beat
WBLY      Springfield, OH          O  B)ob L). Y)ontz, founder
WBMA      Beaufort, NC             S  W)elcome B)eaufort M)orehead A)rea
WBMA      Birmingham, AL           L  B)irm)ingham, A)labama
WBMB      West Branch, MI          L  W)est B)ranch M)ichigan's B)est
WBMD      Baltimore, MD            L  B)altimore, M)D)
WBMG      Birmingham, AL           L  B)irm)ing)ham, now WIAT
WBMI      West Branch, MI          L  W)est B)ranch M)I)chigan
WBMS      Boston, MA               S  W)e're B)oston's M)usic S)tation, now WILD
WBMX(FM)  Oak Park, IL             S  B)lack M)usic Ex)perience Note: calls now in Boston
WBNB      St. Thomas, VI           O  B)ob 'n) B)ob (Bob Nobel and Bob Moss)
WBND-LP   South Bend, IN           L  South B)en)d)
WBNG      Binghamton, NY           L  B)in)g)hamton
WBNJ(FM)  Barnegat, NJ             L  B)arnegat, N)ew J)ersey
WBNR      Beacon, NY               L  B)eacon-N)ewburgh R)adio
WBNS      Columbus, OH             O  W)olfe B)ank N)ewspaper and S)hoes
WBNS      Columbus, OH             O  W)olfe (famuly) B)ank N)ews and S)hoes
WBNW      Concord, MA              S  B)loomberg N)etwork business news
WBNX      Bronx, NY                L  B)ron)x) Note: Now WKDM, New York
WBNZ      Benzonia, MI             L  B)eN)Z)ie County
WBOC-TV   Salisbury, MD            S  W)e're B)etween the O)cean and the C)hesapeake
WBOG      Tomah, WI                L  Refers to area's cranberry b)o)g)s
WBOQ(FM)  Gloucester, MA           E  BOQ = 'Bach', classical format
WBOS(FM)  Boston, MA               L  B)o)s)ton
WBOW      Terre Haute, IN          S  B)anks o)f W)abash River
WBPM      Kingston, NY             S  B)est P)opular M)usic
WBPR      Barrington, IL           S  B)arrington P)ublic R)adio, silent, calls now in Worcester, MA
WBPR(FM)  Worcester, MA            O  B)oston P)ublic R)adio
WBPV(FM)  Charlton, MA             O  B)ay P)ath V)ocational High School
WBQN      Barceloneta, PR          S  B)orinq)uen), the indigenous tribe name for the island of Puerto Rico
WBRC      Birmingham, AL           O  B)ell R)adio C)orporation, now WERC, calls on TV channel 6
WBRE      Wilkes-Barre, PA         O  Louis B)altimore R)adio & E)lectric Note: now on TV 28, radio is WBCR
WBRI      Indianapolis, IN         S  W)onderful B)ible R)adio for I)ndianapolis
WBRK      Pittsfield, MA           L  B)er)k)shire Mountains
WBRM      Marion, NC               S  W)onderful B)lue R)idge M)ountains
WBRU(FM)  Providence, RI           O  B)R)own U)niversity or B)r)u)ins
WBRV      Booneville, NY           L  B)lack R)iver V)alley
WBRW      Bridgewater, NJ          L  B)r)idgew)ater, later WSPW, now WWTR
WBRY      Woodbury, TN             L  W)oodb)ur)y)
WBRY      Waterbury, CT            L  W)aterb)ur)y), calls now in Woodbury, TN
WBSB      Baltimore, MD            S  B)altimore'S B)est Note: now using other calls
WBSD      Bulington, WI            O  B)urlington area S)chool D)istrict
WBSO      Wellesley Hills, MA      O  B)abson's S)tatistical O)rganization Note: now WROL-Boston
WBT       Charlotte, NC            S  W)orld's B)est T)extiles, W)atch B)uicks T)ravel, W)orld's B)lowT)orch Note: station started by Chamber of Commerce
WBTH      Williamson, WV           O  W)illiamson B)inehorne T)homas H)ogg
WBTM      Danville, VA             S  W)orld's B)est T)obacco M)arket
WBTN      Bennington, VT           L  B)enningt)on)
WBUK      Ft. Shawnee, OH          S  BUK = Buck(eye) State
WBUR-FM   Boston, MA               O  B)oston U)niversity R)adio
WBUS(FM)  Miami Beach, FL          S  Magic BUS Note: now WLVE
WBUT      Butler, PA               L  B)u)t)ler, PA (see WLER)
WBUX      Doylestown, PA           E  BUX=Bucks (Bucks County, PA), now WISP
WBVA      Bayside, VA              L  B)ayside, V)a)
WBVM      Tampa, FL                S  B)lessed V)irgin M)ary
WBVR(FM)  Bowling Green, KY        E  BVR='Beaver'
WBWA(FM)  Bayfield, WI             L  B)ayfield-W)ashburn-A)shland, coverage area, now WEGZ
WBWI-FM   West Bend, WI            L  W)est B)end W)i)isconsin
WBYN-FM   Boyertown, PA            L  B)oy)ertown)
WBZA      Springfield, MA          O  W)B)Z) Note: was repeater for WBZ, Boston
WBZE      Tallahassee, FL          E  BZE = breeze
WBZR      Tunkhannock, PA          S  B)uz)zar)d Country
WCAA(FM)  New York, NY             S  C)a)liente 105.9 Note: was WHBI and WNWK, now WXNY-FM
WCAC      Storrs, CT               O  C)onnecticut A)gricultural C)ollege
WCAE      Pittsburgh, PA           S  W)e C)an A)lways E)ntertain Note: was WTAE, now WEAE
WCAI-FM   Woods Hole, MA           L  C)ape a)nd I)slands
WCAK      Cattletsburg, KY         L  C)attletsburg-A)shland, K)entucky
WCAN      Canajoharie, NY          L  Can)ajoharie, NY
WCAU(TV)  Philadelphia, PA         S  W)here C)heer A)waits Y)ou Note: Original CBS radio station under Bill Paley's ownership, now WPHT
WCAX      Burlington, VT           S  C)ollege of A)gricultural Ex)tension Service
WCBE-FM   Columbus, OH             L  C)olumbus B)oard of E)ducation
WCBI      Columbus, MS             O  C)olumbus B)irney I)mes
WCBM      Baltimore, MD            L  C)hateau Hotel, B)altimore M)aryland
WCBN      Ann Arbor, MI            O  C)ampus B)roadcasting N)etwork, University of Michigan's student station
WCBS      New York, NY             O  C)olumbia B)roadcasting S)ystem
WCBU      Peoria, IL               O  B)radley U)niversity
WCBY      Cheboygan, MI            L  C)heB)oY)gan, MI
WCCC      Hartford, CT             S  C)olor, C)larity and C)ut, was owned by Savitt Jewelers
WCCM      Lawrence, MA             F  non-standard Roman numerial representation of frequency, 800 kHz
WCCO      Minneapolis, MN          O  W)ashburn C)rosby Milling Co)mpany
WCCR      Clarion, PA              L  C)larion C)ounty R)adio
WCCW      Traverse City, MI        S  C)herry C)apitol of the W)orld
WCDB(FM)  Albany, NY               S  C)apital D)istrict's B)est
WCDL      Carbondale, PA           L  C)arbond)al)e
WCDN      Chardon, OH              L  C)hard)on)
WCDR      Cedarville, OH           O  C)ed)ar)ville Baptist College
WCDS      Glasgow, KY              O  C)indy, Christy, D)avid, Danny and S)arah Note: daughters, sons and wife of owner
WCEH      Hawkinsville, GA         L  C)ochran E)astman and H)awkinsville
WCEM      Cambridge, MD            L  C)ambridge) M)aryland
WCEN      Mt. Pleasant, MI         L  C)E)N)tral Michigan
WCEV      Cicero, IL               S  C)hicagoland's E)thnic V)oice
WCFL      Chicago, IL              S  C)hicago F)ederation of L)abor Note: now WMVP
WCFM      Williamstown, MA         O  W)illiams C)ollege F)M)
WCFT      Tuscaloosa, AL           O  C)hapman F)amily T)elevision
WCFX(FM)  Mt. Pleasant, MI         S  F)ox)y 95 (current slogan: All Hits 95 CFX)
WCGO      Chicago Hights, IL       L  C)hicago)o) Heights
WCGQ      Columbus, GA             S  C)olumbus G)eorgia's Q)
WCGV(TV)  Milwaukee, WI            S  W)isconsin's C)hoice for G)reat V)iewing
WCGY(FM)  Lawrence, MA             O  C)urt G)owdy), now WMKK
WCHA      Chambersburg, PA         L  C)h)a)mbersburg
WCHL      Chapel Hill, NC          S  W)here C)hapel H)ill L)istens
WCHR(FM)  Trenton, NJ              S  C)h)r)istian (format) Note: now WNJO, see WTTM
WCHS      Charleston, WV           L  C)h)arles)ton
WCHV      Charlottesville, VA      L  Ch)arlottesv)ille, VA
WCIB(FM)  Falmouth, MA             S  C)ape and I)slands B)roadcasting
WCIC(FM)  Pekin, IL                S  W)e're C)entered I)n C)hrist
WCIL      Carbondale, IL           L  C)arbondale, I)l)linois
WCIN      Cincinnati, OH           L  C)i)n)cinnati, OH
WCIQ      Mt. Cheaha, AL           S  C)heaha Mt. I)Q), all Alabama PTV Affiliates have IQ in call letters
WCIR(FM)  Beckley, WV              S  C)hrist I)n R)adio
WCIU-TV   Chicago, IL              S  C)hicago I)llinois U)HF, Chicago's first UHF
WCIX(TV)  Miami, FL                F  CIX = 6
WCJT(FM)  Louisville, KY           O  C)ourier-J)ournal & T)imes Note: later WHAS-FM, off air in the early 50s
WCKL      Catskill, NY             L  C)atsk)il)l, NY
WCKR      Miami, FL                O  C)ox-K)night R)adio Note: now WIOD
WCKT(TV)  Miami, FL                O  C)ox-K)night T)elevision Note: now WSVN
WCKY      Cincinnati, OH           L  C)ovington, K)entuckY), Original City
WCLE      Clevland, TN             L  C)l)e)veland, TN
WCLG      Morgantown, WV           O  C). L)eslie G)olliday
WCLI      Corning, NY              O  C)orning L)eader Newspaper
WCLR      Skokie, IL               S  C)hicago's L)ight R)ock, now WTMX
WCLR-FM   Piqua, OH                E  CLR='clear', now WDPT
WCLV      Cleveland, OH            L  C)l)ev)eland
WCLX      Westport, NY             E  CLX='CLassic', Progressive Rock format
WCMB      Harrisburg, PA           L  C)um)b)erland County
WCMC      Wildwood, NJ             L  C)ape M)ay C)ounty
WCMF(FM)  Rochester, NY            O  C)ommunity M)usic Service
WCMH(TV)  Columbus, OH             L  CMH = 'Columbus Muncipal Hanger', airport designator Note: formerly WLWC(TV)
WCMI      Ashland, KY              S  W)here C)oal M)eets I)ron
WCMQ      Miami, FL                E  CMQ = Callsign of popular Havana station
WCMU      Mt. Pleasant, MI         O  C)entral M)ichigan U)niversity
WCMX      Leominster, MA           S  C)ountry M)usic X), Roman for 10, now religious
WCNA      Scottsboro, AL           S  W)e C)over N)orth A)labama, now WKEA-FM
WCNC-TV   Charlotte, NC            L  C)harlotte N)orth C)arolina
WCNL      Newport, NH              L  C)laremont, N)ewport/New L)ondon
WCNN      Atlanta, GA              S  C)able N)ews N)etwork
WCNW      Fairfield, OH            S  C)ountry an)d W)estern, former format
WCNY(TV)  Syracuse, NY             L  C)entral N)ew Y)ork
WCOA      Pensacola, FL            S  W)onderful C)ity o)f A)dvantages
WCOC      Meridian, MS             O  C)rystal O)il C)ompany
WCOD      Hyannis, MA              L  Cape C)o)d), MA
WCOL      Columbus, OH             L  C)o)l)umbus, OH
WCOP      Boston, MA               O  C)o)p)ley Square Broadcasting Co. Note: has had numerous call letters since
WCOR      Lebanon, TN              S  W)ilson C)ounty's O)wn R)adio
WCOS      Columbia, SC             S  C)olumbia's O)wn S)tation
WCOU      Lewiston, ME             O  Faust C)o)u)ture, also see WFAU, Augusta, ME
WCOW      Sparta, WI               L  COW - America's Dairyland
WCOZ      Boston, MA               E  COZ = 'Cozy', now WJMN
WCPA      Clearfield, PA           L  C)learfield, P)A)
WCPO      Cincinnati, OH           O  C)incinatti P)o)st Newspaper Note: now WUBE, calls used by TV-9
WCPX      Chicago, IL              O  C)hicago P)ax), formerly WCFC
WCQM      Park Falls, WI           L  C)hequamegon N)ational F)orest
WCRB(FM)  Lowell, MA               O  C)harles R)iver B)roadcasting
WCRM      Clare, MI                S  C)rossr)oads of M)ichigan, located near geographic center Note: now dark
WCRN(FM)  Tamaqua, PA              O  C)ur)ran) Communications Note: formerly WZTA, now WMGH
WCRV      Washington, NJ           S  W)arren C)ounty's R)adio V)oice, now dark
WCRW      Chicago, IL              O  C)linton R). W)hite
WCRX(FM)  Springfield, MA          O  C)harles R)iver Brdcsting eX)tension Note: formerly owned by (Ted Jones) WCRB Boston, now WAQY
WCSC      Charleston, SC           L  C)harleston, S)outh C)arolina
WCSG      Grand Rapids, MI         O  C)ollege and S)eminary of G)rand Rapids Baptist College
WCSH-TV   Portland, ME             O  C)ongress S)quare H)otel Note: once owned AM 970
WCSM      Celina-St. Marys, OH     L  C)elina-S)t. M)ary
WCSN      Chicago, IL              S  C)hicago's S)porting N)ews
WCSP      Washington, DC           O  C)-S)P)an
WCST      Berkeley Springs, WV     O  C)harles S)amuel T)rump
WCSU      Wilberforce, OH          O  C)entral S)tate U)niversity
WCSX(FM)  Detroit, MI              E  CSX = Classics
WCTC      New Brunswick, NJ        O  C)hant)ic)leer Broadcasting, original owner
WCTD      Federalsburg, MD         L  C)aroline, T)albot and D)orchester counties, now WTDK-FM
WCTH(FM)  Plantation Key, FL       E  CTH='Catch' now 'Thunder Country'
WCTN      Potomac, MD              S  C)hrist t)o t)he N)ation
WCTR-AM   Centreville, MD          L  C)ent)r)eville
WCTS      Minneapolis, MN          O  C)entral T)heological S)eminary
WCTS(FM)  Cincinnati, OH           O  C)incinnati T)imes-S)tar Note: later WKRC-FM, now WKRQ(FM)
WCTY      Norwich, CT              S  C)ount)ry)
WCUB      Manitowoc, WI            O  C)u)b) Radio, Inc.
WCUM      Bridgeport, CT           S  Radio C)u)m)bre, Spanish for Mountaintop, was WNAB
WCUP      L'Anse, MI               L  W)estern C)entral U)pper P)eninsula
WCUW      Worcester, MA            O  C)lark U)niversity W)orcester
WCVB(TV)  Boston, MA               F  CVB = C)hannel V) [Roman numeral 5] B)oston
WCVE(TV)  Richmond, VA             O  C)entral V)irginia E)ducational TV
WCVH(FM)  Flemington, NJ           S  C)ommunity V)oice of H)unterdon County
WCVN(TV)  Covington, KY            L  C)ov)in)gton
WCVO(FM)  Columbus, OH             S  C)hristian V)oice of O)hio
WCVU(FM)  Naples, FL               E  CVU = Sea View
WCVY(FM)  Coventry, RI             L  C)ov)entry) High School
WCWA      Toledo, OH               E  CWA = Seaway (St. Lawrence Seaway)
WCWC      Ripon, WI                S  W)e're C)entral W)isconsin's C)hoice
WCWM(FM)  Wiliamsburg, VA          O  C)ollege of W)illiam and M)ary
WCWP(FM)  Long Island, NY          O  C).W). P)ost University
WCXI      Detroit, MI              S  C)ountry Eleven XI = 11, 1130 kHz Note: now WWWW(AM)
WCYB-TV   Bristol, VA              L  C)ity) of B)ristol
WCZY(FM)  Mt. Pleasant, MI         S  C)oz)y)-FM
WDAC(FM)  Lancaster, PA            O  D)ean A)llen C)rawford
WDAE      Tampa, FL                S  W)onderful D)ays a)nd E)venings Note: now WUSA(AM)
WDAL      Meridian, MS             S  W)e D)o a) L)ot
WDAM(TV)  Hattiesburg, MS          O  D)avid A). M)adison
WDAN      Danville, IL             L  D)a)n)ville, IL
WDAO      Dayton, OH               L  D)a)yton O)hio
WDAQ      Danbury, CT              S  D)a)nbury 98Q)
WDAS      Philadelkpha, PA         O  D)annenbaum a)nd S)teppacher
WDAV(FM)  Davidson, NC             O  D)a)v)idson College
WDBF      Delray Beach, FL         L  D)elray B)each F)lorida
WDBO      Orlando, FL              L  D)own B)y O)rlando
WDBQ      Dubuque, IA              L  D)ub)uq)ue, IA
WDCB      Glen Ellyn, IL           O  D)uPage C)ommunity B)roadcasters
WDCD      Albany-Clifton Park, NY  O  D)ean C)rawford
WDCF      Dade City, FL            L  D)ade C)ity F)lorida
WDCG(FM)  Durham, NC               S  D)urham's C)ountry G)iant, now CHR
WDCN      Nashville, TN            L  D)avidson C)ounty-N)ashville, now WNPT
WDDZ      Pawtucket, RI            O  DZ = 'Disney' (Radio Disney)
WDEF      Chattanooga, TN          S  D)E)F), sequence, wanted WABC
WDEK      DeKalb, IL               L  D)e)K)alb, now WCPY)
WDEL      Wilmington, DE           L  Wilmington, D)e)l)aware
WDEP      Ponce, PR                S  D)e)p)ortes (Sports)
WDET(FM)  Detroit, MI              L  D)e)t)roit
WDFB      Danville, KY             S  D)oing the F)ather's B)usiness, Christian Radio
WDFH(FM)  Ossining, NY             S  W)ild D)ogs f)rom H)ell
WDFN      Detroit, MI              S  D)etroit's F)an) (was WWWW(AM) & WCXI)
WDGC      Downer's Grove, IL       L  D)owners G)rove C)ommunity
WDGG(FM)  Ashland, KY              E  DGG='Dog', 93.7 The Dawg
WDGY      Minneapolis, MN          O  D)octor G)eorge Y)oung Note: now on 630 from 1130
WDHA(FM)  Dover, NJ                O  D)rexel H)ill A)ssociates
WDHF(FM)  Chicago, IL              O  D)e Haan H)i-F)i store, now WNUA
WDHN      New Brunswick, NJ        O  D)aily H)ome N)ews, short-lived FM station, call is now on WDHN Television in Dothan, AL
WDIA      Memphis, TN              O  D)i)a)ne (first name of daughter of original owner) Note: also attributed to W)e did) i)t a)gain when the owners were able to get two stations (first in Jackson, MS) on the air after WWII
WDIO(TV)  Duluth, MN               F  D)uluth channel 1)0) IO=10
WDIQ      Dozier, AL               S  D)ozier I)Q)
WDIV-TV   Detroit, MI              F  D)etroit IV = 4 (Channel 4)
WDIY-FM   Bethlehem, PA            S  D)o I)t Y)ourself
WDIZ(FM)  Orlando, FL              E  DIZ = 'Dis'ney World
WDJC      Birmingham, AL           S  W)itnessing D)aily for J)esus C)hrist OR D).J). C)rawford, owner
WDJF      Westport, CT             O  D)onald J). F)lamm, now WEBE
WDJK-FM   Xenia, OH                S  D)J) 95, now WZLR
WDJM-FM   Framingham, MA           O  D. Justin McCarthy, former President of Framingham State College
WDJS      Mount Olive, NC          L  W)ayne D)uplin J)ohnston S)ampson (Counties)
WDJZ      Bridgeport, CT           O  Started by D)aniel J). Fernicola
WDKB      DeKalb, IL               L  D)eK)alb)
WDKX(FM)  Rochester, NY            S  D)ouglas K)ing Malcolm X)
WDLC      Port Jervis, NY          S  W)e D)eliver L)arger C)overage
WDLP      Fenwick, MI              O  D)aniel L)ee P)ettengill
WDLP      Panama City, FL          O  D)orothea L)indstrom P)erry [owner's wife]
WDLP-LP   Miami, FL                O  W)illiam D)e L)a P)ena
WDLY      Sevierville, TN          S  D)ol)lywood) Resort, now WSEV-FM
WDMJ      Marquette, MI            O  M)ining J)ournal
WDMP      Dodgeville, WI           L  D)odgeville-M)ineral P)oint
WDNC      Durham, NC               L  D)urham, N)orth C)arolina
WDNH(FM)  Honesdale, PA            L  D)elaware an)d H)udson Canal
WDNL(FM)  Danville, IL             L  D)an)vil)le, IL
WDNT      Dayton, TN               L  D)ayton), T)ennessee
WDOD      Chattanooga, TN          S  D)ynamo o)f D)ixie
WDOL      Athens, GA               E  DOL='doll', the 'Dixie Doll'
WDOR      Sturgeon Bay, WI         L  D)o)or) County
WDOV      Dover, DE                L  D)o)v)er, DE
WDOW      Dowagiac, MI             L  D)O)W)agiac, MI
WDRC      Hartford, CT             O  D)oolittle R)adio C)ompany
WDRE      Hempstead, NY            E  DRE='dare, as in daring music, now WZAA
WDRK      Greenville, OH           L  D)ar)k)e County, note: now defunct
WDRM(FM)  Decatur, AL              L  D)ecatur R)adio M)arket
WDRV      Chicago, IL              S  The D)r)iv)e, reference to Lake Shore Drive
WDSD-FM   Dover, DE                L  D)over-S)myrna, D)elaware
WDSM      Duluth, Minnesota        L  D)uluth-S)uperior + M)utual, Your Duluth-Superior Mutual station, before ABC affiliation
WDST(FM)  Woodstock, NY            L  W)ood)s)t)ock
WDSU(TV)  New Orleans, LA          O  D)e Soto Hotel/New Orleans S)tates (newspaper)/Joseph R. U)halt Note: was on AM 1280
WDSY(FM)  Pittsburgh, PA           E  DSY = Daisy (former slogan)
WDTH      Duluth, MN               L  D)ulut)h) Note: now KUMD
WDTL      Cleveland, MS            L  DTL='Delta' (Mississippi Delta)
WDTN(TV)  Dayton, OH               L  D)ayt)on)
WDTV(TV)  Pittsburgh, PA           O  D)uMont T)V) Note: now KDKA-TV
WDTW(FM)  Detroit, MI              L  'DTW'=Detroit airport designation code
WDTZ-LP   Delhi Township, OH       S  W)e're D)elhi T)ownship's Z)98
WDUL      Duluth, MN               L  D)u)l)uth, previously WGEE, KXTP, and WAKX-AM at 970 kHz, neither the WDUL-FM of the 1940s nor the WDUL-AM of today are in any way connected or related to KDUL-TV, the low-power UPN TV affiliate that operated briefly in 2000-2001
WDUL(FM)  Duluth, Minnesota        L  D)u)l)uth, Minnesota, dark as is is former TV companion
WDUN      Gainesville, GA          O  D)u)n)lap Family
WDUQ(FM)  Pittsburgh, PA           O  D)u)q)uesne University
WDUX      Waupaca, WI              O  Once owned by the owners of W)D)U)Z, Green Bay
WDUZ      Green Bay, WI            S  Founded in the 40s and borrowed the detergent slogan 'D)u)z) does it all'
WDVE      Pittsburgh, PA           E  DVE='dove', was airing ABC's Love format
WDVR(FM)  Philadelphia, PA         S  D)elaware V)alley R)adio
WDWS      Champaign, IL            O  D)avid W). S)tevick
WDXB      Jasper, AL               S  D)ix)ie 102.5
WDXE      Lawrenceburg, TN         O  D)ix)ie) Network, Former Owner
WDXI      Jackson, TN              O  D)ix)i)e Network, Former Owner
WDXN      Clarksville, TN          O  D)ix)ie N)etwork, Former Owner
WEAF      New York, NY             S  W)ater E)arth A)ir and F)ire Note: now WFAN
WEAG      Starke, FL               S  E)a)g)le Country
WEAN      Providence, RI           S  W)e E)nterain a) N)ation
WEAS      Savannah, GA             S  E)mory and A)gnes S)cott, two universities in original city of license, Decatur, GA
WEAU      Eau Claire, WI           L  E)A)U) Claire
WEAW      Evanston, IL             O  E)dward A). W)heeler Note: now WPRZ
WEBB      Baltimore, MD            S  W)e E)njoy B)eing B)lack, now WVIE/1370
WEBC      Duluth, MN               O  E)dwina & B)arbara C)linton
WEBE(FM)  Bridgeport, CT           S  WEBE = WeeBee
WEBO      Owego, NY                O  E)rdman B)roadcasting of O)wego
WEBQ      Harrisburg, IL           S  W)e E)ntertain B)eyond Q)uestion
WEBR      Buffalo, NY              S  W)e E)xtend B)uffalo's R)egards
WECL      Elk Mound, WI            S  E)au C)laire L)ite
WEDC      Chicago, IL              O  E)mil D)enemark C)adillac
WEDH(TV)  Hartford, CT             S  E)d)ucational H)artford
WEDR-FM   Miami, FL                O  E). D). R)ivers, same person WGOV/Valdosta, GA named for
WEEF      Highland Park, IL        O  E)ly E). F)ink
WEEF      Highland Park, IL        S  Your E)thnic E)ntertainment F)requency
WEEI      Boston, MA               O  E)dison E)lectic I)lluminating
WEEP      Pittsburgh, PA           S  'WEEP' for Joy
WEEX      Easton, PA               O  E)aston E)x)press, Newspaper
WEFM(FM)  Chicago, IL              O  E)dwin F). M)cDonald Note: now WUSN, former Zenith Corp. president
WEGE      Westerville, OH          S  E)ag)le)
WEGG      Rose Hill, NC            L  EGG=Town is in center of NC's vast poultry growing/processing area
WEGL(FM)  Starview, PA             E  EGL='eagle', was WRHY
WEGX(FM)  Philadelphia, PA         E  EGX = 'Eagle'
WEHH      Elmira, NY               L) E)lmira H)eights H)orseheads
WEHT(TV)  Evansville, IN           L  E)vansville-H)enderson, KY T)V
WEIB      Northampton, MA          O  Cutting E)dge I)ncorporated B)roadcasting
WEIO      Eau Claire, WI           S  'E-I-E-I-O' from 'Old McDonald Had A Farm...'
WEIR      Weirton, WV              L  W)e)i)r)ton
WEIU(FM)  Charleston, IL           O  E)astern I)llinois U)niversity
WEJL      Scranton, PA             O  E)dward J). L)ynett
WEKH(FM)  Hazard, KY               O  E)astern K)entucky University-H)azard
WEKU(FM)  Richmond, KY             O  E)astern K)entucky U)niversity
WELA      Elizabeth, NJ            L  E)l)iza)beth Note: now WJDM
WELC      Welch, WV                L  W)e)l)ch
WELI      New Haven, CT            S  Eli) Yale University or Eli) Whitney
WELM      Elmira, NY               L  E)l)m)ira
WELO      Tupelo, MI               L  Tupe)l)o), MS
WELS      Kinston, NC              O  E). L)inwood S)cott
WELV      Ellenville, NY           L  E)l)lenv)ille
WELY      Ely, MN                  L  E)l)y)
WEMC      Berrien Spings, MI       O  E)manuel M)issionary C)ollege Note: now WKZO
WEMD-AM   Easton, MD               L  E)aston, M)aryland)
WEMM      Huntington, WV           O  Dr. E). M). M)ortenson
WEMP      New York, NY             S  E)m)p)ire State [Building]
WEMP      Milwaukee, WI            L  E)m)p)ire Building
WEMR      Tunkhannock, PA          L  E)ndless M)ountains R)adio
WEMU      Ypsilanti, MI            O  E)astern M)ichigan U)niversity
WENE      Endicott, NY             O  E)mpire N)e)wspapers Note: now WMRV
WENG      Englewood, FL            L  E)n)g)lewood
WENR      Chicago, IL              O  E). N). R)oland Electric Co. Note: merged with WLS
WENS(TV)  Pittsburgh, PA           S  W)e're E)ntertainment N)ews S)ports, now WQEX-TV
WENY      Elmira, NY               L  E)lmira, N)Y)
WEOA      Evansville, IN           S  E)vansville O)n the A)ir, old call letters have been revised
WEOS      Geneva, NY               S  E)cho o)f the S)eneca
WEOW(FM)  Key West, FL             E  WEOW='Wow'
WEPG      South Pittsburg, TN      O  E)aton P)ugh G)ovan
WEQX(FM)  Manchester, VT           L  Mt. E)q)uinox)
WERE      Cleveland, OH            E  WERE...We're Cleveland
WERI      Westerly, RI             L  WE)sterly, R)hode I)sland
WERS(FM)  Boston, MA               O  E)mer)s)on College or E)merson R)adio S)ervices
WERT      Van Vert, OH             L  Van W)e)r)t)
WERV      Aurora, IL               L  RV='River', Fox River nearby
WERZ      Exeter/Portsmouth, NH    E  WE R = 'we are Z-107'
WESH(TV)  Daytona Beach, FL        O  W)right E)s)ch), original licensee
WESL      East St. Louis, IL       L  E)ast S)t. L)ouis, now WQQX
WESM-FM   Princess Anne, MD        L  E)astern S)hore of M)aryland
WESO      Southbridge, MA          L  WE)bester-SO)outhbridge
WEST      Easton, PA               L  E)as)t)on, PA
WESU(FM)  Middletown, CT           O  W)e)s)leyan U)niversity
WESX      Salem, MA                L  E)s)sex) County
WETA      Washington, DC           O  W)ashington E)ducational T)elevision A)ssociation
WETB      Johnson City, TN         O  E)ast T)ennessee B)roadcasting
WETK(TV)  Burlington, VT           S  E)ducational T)elevision
WETN(FM)  Wheaton, IL              O  W)he)at)on) College
WETO(TV)  Greeneville, TN          S  E)ast T)ennessee's O)wn, now WEMT
WETP      Sneedville, TN           S  E)ast T)ennessee P)ublic TV, was WSJK
WETS(FM)  Johnson City, TN         O  E)ast T)ennessee S)tate University
WETT      Ocean City, MD           L  Atlantic Ocean is wet
WEUC      Ponce, PR                O  E)ducacion U)niversidad C)atolica
WEUP      Huntsville, AL           O  W)e) U)p) (allegedly when this daytimer signed on each morning, the first broadcast was 'We up...are you?')
WEVC-FM   Evansville, IN           O  E)v)ansville C)ollege, now WUEV
WEVD      New York, NY             O  E)ugene V). D)ebs Memorial Radio Fund
WEVE      Eveleth, MN              L  E)v)e)leth
WEVS      Holland, MI              O  E)dward V)erS)ears
WEVU(TV)  Ft. Meyers, FL           E  WEVU=We View
WEW       St. Louis, MO            S  W)e E)nlighten the W)orld
WEWB(TV)  Schenectady, NY          O  E)astern? W)arner B)rothers
WEWN(SW)  Birmingham, AL           O  E)ternal W)ord N)etwork
WEWS(TV)  Cleveland, OH            O  E)dward W)illis S)cripps (Scripps-Howard)
WEXL      Royal Oak, MI            S  W)e E)x)cel)l
WEZF(FM)  Burlington, VT           S  E)Z) F)avorites
WEZK(FM)  Knoxville, TN            S  EZ) Listening, K)noxville
WEZO      Rochester, NY            S  E)Z) Listening
WEZV      Allentown, PA            S  E)Z) Listening for the V)alley
WEZX(FM)  Scranton, PA             E  EZ=easy Note: once easy listening, now classic rock
WFAA      Dallas, TX               S  W)orking F)or A)ll A)like Note: now KLIF, calls in use by TV was KLDD and KRQX
WFAN      New York, NY             S  Sports F)a)n)
WFAS      White Plains, NY         O  F)rank A). S)eitz
WFAT(FM)  Portage, MI              O  Winking reference to owner's girth ;)
WFAT-TV   Johnstown, PA            S  FAT, we'll grow on you
WFAU      Augusta, ME              O  F)a)u)st Couture, also see WCOU, Lewiston, ME
WFAW      Fort Atkinson, WI        L  F)ort A)tkinson, W)isconsin
WFBC      Knoxville, TN            O  F)irst B)aptist C)hurch Note: When licensed to Knoxville, TN
WFBG      Altoona, PA              O  W)illiam F). G)able Co.
WFBL      Syracuse, NY             S  F)irst B)roadcast L)icense or W)e F)eature B)etter L)istening Note: now WDCW, calls now on 1050 in Baldwinsville, NY
WFBR      Baltimore, MD            S  F)irst B)altimore R)egiment, now WJZ-AM
WFBS      Berwick, PA              O  F)ennessy B)roadcasting S)tations
WFCC      Chatham, MA              L  F)rom C)ape C)od
WFCJ      Dayton, OH               S  W)itnessing F)or C)hrist J)esus
WFCJ(FM)  Miamisburg, OH           S  W)itnessing f)or C)hrist J)esus
WFCR(FM)  Amherst, MA              S  F)ive C)ollege R)adio Note: once F)our College Radio
WFCV      Ft. Wayne, IN            S  F)t. Wayne C)hristian V)oice
WFDD      Winston-Salem, NC        S  W)ake F)orest D)emon D)eacons
WFDF      Flint, MI                O  F)rank D). F)allain
WFDL      Fond du Lac, WI          L  F)ond d)u L)ac
WFDU-FM   Teaneck, NJ              O  F)arleigh D)ickenson U)niversity
WFEC      Miami Springs, FL        O  F)lorida E)ast C)oast Broadcasting Note: now WCMQ
WFFG      Marathon, FL             S  W)orld's F)inest F)ishing G)round
WFFT(TV)  Fort Wayne, IN           F  F)ifty F)ive T)elevision
WFGE(FM)  Murray, KY               E  FGE='Froggie', Froggy 103.7
WFGL      Fitchburg, MA            L  F)itchburg), G)ardner and L)eominster, was WFGM
WFGL      Fitchburg, MA            L  F)itchburg), G)ardner and L)eominster, was WFGM
WFGL      Fitchburg, MA            L  F)itchburg), G)ardner and L)eominster, was WFGM
WFGM(FM)  Fairmont, WV             S  F)airmont's G)ood M)usic
WFGY(FM)  Altoona, PA              S  F)rog)gy)
WFHB(FM)  Bloomington, IN          S  F)ire H)ouse B)roadcasting, housed in the old fire house headquarters on 4th Street
WFHC-FM   Henderson, TN            O  F)reed H)ardeman C)ollege (now University)
WFHN(FM)  Fairhaven, MA            L  F)airh)aven)
WFIA      Lousiville, KY           S  F)aith I)n A)merica
WFID      Rio Piedras, PR          S  High F)i)d)elity
WFIF      Milford, CT              F  F)i)f)teen Hundred on the Dial
WFIG      Sumter, SC               S  W)orld F)amous I)ris G)ardens
WFIL      Philadelphia, PA         E  FIL='Phil'adelphia
WFIN      Findley, OH              L  F)i)n)dley
WFIQ      Florence, AL             S  F)lorence I)Q)
WFIT(FM)  Melbourne, FL            O  F)lorida I)nstitute of T)echnology
WFIU(FM)  Bloomington, IN          O  F)M I)ndiana U)niversity
WFIW      Hopkinsville, KY         S  W)hitest F)lour i)n the W)orld (Acme Mills)
WFKN      Franklin, KY             L  F)rank)lin)
WFKS      Daytona Beach, FL        S  F)lorida's K)is)s
WFKY      Frankfort, KY            L  F)rankfort, K)Y)
WFKZ(FM)  Plantation Key, FL       O  F)rank K)uliz)ky, original owner
WFLA      Tampa, FL                L  W)estern F)l)orida)
WFLC(FM)  Miami, FL                S  F)l)orida's C)oast
WFLD(TV)  Chicago, IL              O  F)iel)d) Communications, original owner
WFLI      Lookout Mountain, TN     E  FLI='Fly', owner William Benns was a pilot, named his station, and disc jockeys (Tommy Jett, Johnny Eagle) after birds, planes)
WFLS      Fredericksburg, VA       O  F)ree-L)ance S)tar (Newspaper)
WFLW      Monticello, KY           S  W)here F)amilies L)isten W)isely
WFLY      Albany, NY               O  Frank Lord York, original owner
WFLY(FM)  Albany, NY               O  F)rank L)ord Y)ork
WFMD      Frederick, MD            L  F)rederick, MD)
WFME      New York, NY             S  W)here F)aith M)eans E)verything, 1560 was historically WQXR and W2XR
WFMF(FM)  Chicago, IL              S  F)rom M)arshall F)ields department store, now WILV
WFMJ      Youngstown, OH           O  W)illiam F). M)aag, J)unior
WFMN(FM)  Alpine, NJ               O  Commercial license for pioneering FM, W2XMN
WFMO      Fairmont, NC             L  F)airm)o)nt
WFMR      Milwaukee, WI            S  F)M) R)adio-first FM in the city
WFMS      Indianapolis, IN         O  W)illiams F)M) S)ervice [original owner - Martin Williams]
WFMU(FM)  East Orange, NJ          S  F)M) U)psala College, license transferred to Auricle Communications, a group of former staffers
WFNC      Fayetteville, NC         L  F)ayetteville, N)C)
WFNP(FM)  New Paltz, NY            L  F)rom N)ew P)altz
WFNX(FM)  Boston, MA               E  FNX = Phoenix, Boston weekly publication
WFNY      Racine, WI               O  Jerome F)een)ey), now WEZY
WFOL      Fairfield, OH            O  Walter F. F)o)l)lmer Note: now WCNW
WFOR      Hattiesburg, MS          L  F)o)r)rest County, MS
WFOX      Norwalk, CT              S  The F)o)x)
WFOY      St. Augustine, FL        S  F)ountain o)f Y)outh
WFPB(FM)  Falmouth, MA             O  F)almouth P)ublic B)roadcasting
WFPG      Atlantic City, NJ        S  W)orld's F)amous P)layground Note: now on FM, once was WPG at 1100 kHz
WFPL(FM)  Louisville, KY           O  F)ree P)ublic L)ibrary
WFQR-FM   Harwichport, MA          E  WFQR='Frank' FM, also see WFRQ
WFRO      Freemont, OH             L  F)r)eemont, O)hio
WFRQ-FM   Mashpee, MA              E  FRQ='Frank' FM, also see WFQR
WFRS(FM)  Smithtown, NY            O  F)amily R)adio S)mithtown
WFRV-TV   Green Bay, WI            L  F)ox R)iver V)alley
WFSB(TV)  Hartford, CT             O  F)ranklin S) B)eebe-former publisher of Washington Post (Post-Newsweek)
WFSU(FM)  Tallahassee, FL          O  F)lorida S)tate U)niversity
WFTC      Kinston, NC              S  W)orld's F)inest T)obacco C)enter
WFTC(TV)  Minneapolis, MN          S  W)e're F)ox T)win C)ities
WFTE(TV)  Salem, IN                F  channel F)ifT)y-E)ight
WFTL      Ft. Lauderdale, FL       L  F)t). L)auderdale
WFTM      Maysville, KY            S  W)orld's F)inest T)obacco M)arket
WFTQ      Worcester, MA            F  F)ourt)een Q), 1440 kHz
WFTS-TV   Tampa, FL                S  F)amily T)elevison S)tation
WFTW      Ft. Walton Beach, FL     L  F)t). W)alton Beach
WFTY(TV)  Washington, DC           F  F)if)ty) Note: now WBDC
WFUL      Fulton, KY               L  F)u)l)ton, KY. Note: now WKZT
WFUN      Ashtabula, OH            S  F)u)n)
WFUR      Grand Rapids, MI         O  F)u)r)niture City Broadcasting
WFUV(FM)  Bronx, NY                O  F)ordham U)niversity's V)oice
WFVA      Fredericksburg, VA       L  F)redericksburg V)A)
WFXB      St. Louis, MO            S  the F)ox)
WFXF(FM)  Chillicothe, IL          S  94.3 The F)ox)
WFXW      Geneva, IL               L  F)ox) River is nearby
WFYC      Alma, MI                 S  W)orking F)or Y)our C)ommunity
WFYI(TV)  Indianapolis, IN         S  F)or Y)our I)nformation
WFYR      Chicago, IL              E  FYR='fire' (Great Chicago Fire) Note: now WWBZ, calls now on in Elmwood, IL
WGAL      Lancaster, PA            S  W)onderful G)arden's a)t L)ancaster
WGAN      Portland, ME             O  Guy G)a)n)nett Broadcasting
WGAR      Cleveland, OH            O  G). A). R)ichards Note: now WNKR
WGAT      Gate City, VA            L  G)a)t)e City
WGAW      Gardner, MA              L  G)a)rdner
WGAY(FM)  Washington, DC           O  Connie B. G)a)y), acquired station with those call letters
WGBA-TV   Green Bay, WI            L  G)reen B)ay-A)ppleton formerly WLRE-TV for founder Lyle R. Evans
WGBB      Freeport, NY             S  W)here G)reat B)roadcasting B)egins
WGBC-TV   Meridian, MS             O  G)lobal B)roadcasting C)ompany, original owner
WGBF      Evansville, IN           O  G). B). F)inke Furniture Co.
WGBH(FM)  Boston, MA               L  Transmitter on G)reat B)lue H)ill
WGBI      Scranton, PA             S  G)od B)less the I)rish
WGBS      New York, NY             O  G)imbel B)rothers S)tore Note: evolved into WINS
WGBX-TV   Boston, MA               O  Extension of W)G)B)H
WGBY-TV   Springfield, MA          O  Part of f the W)G)B)H Educational Foundation
WGCA-FM   Quincy,IL                S  W)e're G)od's C)hristian a)lternative
WGCB      Red Lion, PA             S  G)od C)hrist and the B)ible
WGCH      Greenwich, CT            L  G)reenwic)h), CT
WGCI      Chicago, IL              O  G)lobetrotter C)ommunications I)nc.
WGCL-TV   Atlanta, GA              S  W)e're G)eorgia's C)l)ear TV, formerly WGNX(TV) until 4 July 2000
WGCM(FM)  Gulfport, MS             L  G)ulf C)oast of M)ississippi
WGCU      Fort Myers. FL           O  Florida G)ulf C)oast U)niversity
WGDR      Plainfield, VT           O  G)oddard C)ollege R)adio, originally WGOD
WGEE      Green Bay, WI            L  'GEE'=long G for G)reen Bay
WGEM      Quincy, IL               S  G)e)m) City
WGEO(SW)  Schenectady, NY          O  G)eneral E)lectric O)verseas Note: later VOA, now silent
WGER      Bay City, MI             O  GER)ity Broadcasting
WGFA      Watseka, IL              S  W)orld's G)reatest F)arming A)rea
WGFM      Cheboygan, MI            S  G)old F)M), calls once used in Schnectady, NY
WGFW      Black Mountain, NC       O  G)raham, W)illiam F)ranklin (Billy Graham)
WGGA      Gainesville, GA          L  G)ainesville, G)eorgia)
WGGB(TV)  Springfield, MA          O  G)uy G)annett B)roadcasting Note: formerly WHYN-TV
WGGG      Gainesville, FL          S  W)atch G)reater G)ainesville G)row
WGGH      Marion, IL               O  G)eorge G). H)arold
WGGR      Greenwood, IN            S  G)reater G)reenwood R)adio, now WTLC
WGH       Newport News, VA         S  W)orld's G)reatest H)arbor
WGHF(FM)  Brookfield, CT           O  W)illiam G)eorge H)enry F)inch, now WRKI(FM)
WGHJ(FM)  Lawrence, MA             O  G)eorge H). J)asper, later WCGY, now WMKK
WGHP      Detroit, MI              O  G)eorge H). P)helps Note: now WXYT
WGHP-TV   High Point, NC           L  W)inston-Salem, G)reensboro, H)igh P)oint
WGHQ      Kingston, NY             S  G)eneral H)eadq)uarters, popular term after WWII
WGHT      Pompton Lakes, NJ        S  G)old H)it)s
WGIV      Charlotte, NC            S  G)I) Veterans, now silent
WGKA      Atlanta, GA              O  G)lenk)a)ren Associates
WGKS      Lexington, KY            E  KS='kiss'
WGL       Ft. Wayne, IN            S  W)orld's G)reatest L)oudspeaker-Magnavox or W)ith G)od's L)ove
WGLF(FM)  Tallahassee, FL          L  G)ul)f) of Mexico
WGLR      Lancaster, WI            S  G)rant County-L)ancaster R)adio
WGLT(FM)  Normal, IL               S  G)ladly We L)earn and T)each [Illinois State University motto, from Chaucer]
WGLV(TV)  Easton, PA               S  G)reater L)ehigh V)alley (Station now dark)
WGLY(FM)  Goulds, FL               S  W)here G)od L)oves Y)ou Note: now WRTO
WGME      Portland, ME             O  Guy G)annette of M)aine), former owner
WGMS      Bethesda, MD             S  W)ashington's G)ood M)usic S)tation
WGN       Chicago, IL              S  W)orld's G)reatest N)ewspaper
WGNB(FM)  Chicago, IL              O  W)G)N)
WGNC      Gastonia, NC             L  G)astonia, N)C)
WGNG      Pawtucket, RI            S  G)old 'n) G)reat, was WPAW, now WDDZ
WGNO(TV)  New Orleans, LA          S  W)e've G)ot N)ew O)rleans
WGNS      Murfreesboro, TN         S  G)ood N)eighbor S)tation
WGNU      Granite City, IL         S  What's G)n)u), GNU = NEW
WGNX(TV)  Atlanta, GA              O  W)G)N), Note: owned by WGN's parent company
WGNY      Newburgh, NY             L  G)oshen N)ew Y)ork, original location
WGNZ-AM   Fairborn, OH             S  G)ood N)ewz) 1110
WGOG      Walhalla, SC             S  W)alhalla, G)arden o)f the G)ods
WGOP      Albany, GA               S  W)onderful G)od o)f P)ower Note: now WYJZ
WGOV      Valdosta, GA             O  G)o)v)ernor E.D. Rivers
WGOW      Chattanooga, TN          S  G)O) Radio
WGPA      Bethelehem, PA           O  G)lobe P)ublishing A)ssociation
WGPC      Albany, Ga               S  W)orld's G)reatest P)ecan C)entre
WGPL      Portsmouth, VA           S  G)osp)el)
WGPR      Detroit, MI              S  W)here G)od's P)ower R)adiates
WGR       Buffalo, NY              O  G)eorge R)and
WGRB      Chicago                  S  G)ospel R)adio B)lessed, was WGCI, those calls remain on FM
WGRD      Grand Rapids, MI         L  G)r)and) Rapids
WGRP      Greenville, PA           L  G)r)eenville, P)ennsylvania
WGRR(FM)  Cincinnati, OH           S  G)r)eat Oldies
WGRV      Greeneville, TN          L  G)r)eenev)ille
WGRY      Grayling, MI             L  G)R)aY)ling, MI
WGRZ(TV)  Buffalo, NY              F  Z resembles 2, TV channel, also see WGR
WGS       Bethel Park, PA          S  W)orld's G)reatest S)tation, part 15 low power AM
WGSA      Ephrata, PA              S  G)arden S)pot of A)merica
WGSB      Geneva, IL               L  G)eneva, S)t. Charles and B)atavia Note: now WFXW
WGSB      Mebane, NC               S  G)reat S)peckled B)ird, southern gospel format
WGSK      South Kent, CT           L  W)arren, W)ashington, W)ingdale W)ebatuck G)aylorsville S)herman S)outh K)ent
WGSM      Huntington LI, NY        S  W)orld's G)reatest S)uburban M)arket. now WNYH
WGST      Atlanta, GA              O  G)eorgia S)chool of T)echnology
WGTB      Washington, DC           O  G)eorget)own University B)rodcasting, now WCSP
WGTC      Greenville, NC           S  W)orld's G)reatest T)obacco C)enter
WGTC(FM)  Mayhew, MS               S  G)olden T)riangle C)ommunications
WGTD      Kenosha, WI              O  G)ateway T)echnical D)istrict
WGTE(FM)  Toledo, OH               O  G)reater T)oledo E)ducational Television Foundation
WGTM      Wilson, NC               S  W)orld's G)reatest T)obacco M)arket
WGTO      Cypress Gardens, FL      S  G)ulf T)o O)cean, 50 kW at 540 kHz
WGTS(FM)  Takoma Park, MD          S  G)ateway t)o S)ervice
WGTZ(FM)  Eaton, OH                O  G)reat T)rails Broadcasting
WGUC(FM)  Cincinnati, OH           O  U)niversity of C)incinnati
WGUN      Atlanta, GA              S  The Big GUN in Dixie, was once WEAS in Decatur, GA
WGVO      Greenville, OH           L  G)reenv)ille, O)hio
WGY       Schenectady, NY          O  G)eneral Electric, SchenectadY)
WHA       Madison, WI              S  W)isconsin, H)eartland of A)merica
WHAD      Delafield, WI            O  W)H)A)-D)elafield Note: WHA, Madison, WI
WHAD      Delafield, WI            S  WHA-D)elafield
WHAG      Hagerstown, MD           L  H)a)g)erstown
WHAI      Greenfield, MA           O  John H)a)i)gis
WHAJ(FM)  Bluefield, WV            O  H)ugh a)nd J)im Shott
WHAK      Rogers City, MI          O  H)arvey A). K)lann
WHAM      Rochester, NY            E  Chosen by owner George Eastman because they sounded nice
WHAR      Clarksburg, WV           L  Har)rison County, WV
WHAS      Louisville, KY           S  W)e H)ave a) S)ignal
WHAV      Haverhill, MA            L  H)a)v)erhill, MA
WHB       Kansas City, MO          S  W)orld's H)appiest B)roadcaster
WHBF      Rock Island, IL          S  W)here H)istoric B)lackhawk F)ought
WHBG 1400 Harrisburg, PA           L  H)arrisb)urg), now WNNK-AM
WHBI      Newark, NJ               O  H)oyt B)rothers I)ncorporated Later WNWK
WHBM      Park Falls, WI           O  H)arold B). M)cCarty
WHBQ      Memphis, TN              S  W)e h)ave B)etter Q)uartets
WHBS      Holiday, FL              O  H)oliday B)roadcasting S)ystem
WHCB(FM)  Bristol, TN              S  H)eralding C)hrist's B)lessings
WHCM      Palatine, IL             O  W)illiam H)arper C)om)munity College
WHCN(FM)  Hartford, CT             O  H)artford C)oncert N)etwork
WHCT-TV   Hartford, CT             O  H)artford C)BS T)elevision, now WUVN, calls now on an LPTV
WHCU      Ithaca, NY               L  H)ome of C)ornell U)niversity
WHCY-FM   Blairstown, NJ           S  H)ot C)ountry)
WHDF      Huntsville, AL           L  H)untsville, D)ecatur and F)lorence
WHDG      Rhinelander, WI          S  H)od)ag) Country (a Hodag is a mythical creature that supposedly lives in Rhinelander)
WHEB      Portsmouth, NH           O  carries the initials, H.E.B., of the original owner
WHEC      Rochester, NY            O  H)ickson E)lectric C)o Note:(now used on TV channel 10), now WWWG
WHED      Washington, NC           S  W)e H)elp E)nterprise D)evelop
WHEN      Syracuse, NY             E  Easily remembered, single syllable word
WHER      Memphis, TN              S  Sam Phillip's station for 'HER', all female airstaff, see WHIM, Providence, RI, now WOWW
WHEZ      Portage, MI              S  W)h)ere the music is always E)Z)
WHFH      Flossmoor, IL            O  H)omewood-F)lossmoor H)igh school
WHFM(FM)  Rochester, NY            O  W)H)AM F)M)
WHFR-FM   Dearborn, MI             O  H)enry F)ord Community College R)adio
WHFR(FM)  Dearborn, MI             O  H)enry F)ord College R)adio
WHFS(FM)  Annapolis, MD            S  H)igh F)idelity S)tereo
WHFV(TV)  Fredericksburg, VA       S  H)istoric F)redericksburg V)irginia, now dark
WHGR      Houghton Lake, MI        L  H)oughton Lake, G)rayling, R)oscommon
WHHH      Warren, OH               O  H)elen H)art H)ulbert, publisher of co-owned newspaper, now WRBP
WHHH(FM)  Indianapolis, IN         S  H)oosier H)ot H)its, slogan not currently used
WHHQ      Elizabethton, TN         S  H)ail H)oly Q)ueen, now dark
WHIM      Providence, RI           S  Once a station for 'HIM', countering female-targetting stations, see WHER, Memphis, TN
WHIO      Dayton, OH               L  Oh)i)o
WHIQ      Huntsville, AL           S  H)untsville, I)Q)
WHIS      Bluefield, WV            O  H)ugh I). S)hott
WHIZ      Zanesville, OH           L  W)e're H)ere I)n Z)anesville
WHJB      Greensburg, PA           O  H). J). B)rennan, Former Owner
WHJC      Matewan, WV              S  W)e H)erald J)esus C)hrist
WHK       Cleveland, OH            O  H). K). Carpenter (VP & GM)
WHKO-FM   Dayton, OH               O  FM sister of W)H)IO), slogan is K99.1 FM
WHKP      Hendersonville, NC       S  W)here the H)eavens K)iss the P)eaks
WHKW(FM)  Louisville, KY           E  The Hawk
WHKY      Hickory, NC              L  H)ick)ory)
WHLA      La Crosse, WI            O  W)H)A)-La Crosse Note: WHA, Madison, WI
WHLB      Virginia, MN             O  H)ead of the L)akes B)roadcasting Co.
WHLI      Hempstead LI, NY         L  H)empstead L)ong I)sland
WHLM      Bloomsburg, PA           O  Harry) L). M)agee
WHLO      Akron, OH                E  HLO = 'Hello' Radio
WHLS      Port Huron, MI           O  H)armon L). S)tevens
WHLT-TV   Hattiesburg, MS          S  H)attiesburg-L)aurel T)elevision
WHLW      Lakewood, NJ             L  H)owell-L)akew)ood, NJ
WHMB      Indianapolis, IN         S  H)eralding the M)essiah's B)lessings
WHMH(FM)  Sauk Rapids, MN          O  H)erbert M)atthew H)oppe
WHMI-FM   Howell, MI               S  H)it M)usic and I)nformation
WHMP      Northampton, MA          L  H)am)p)shire County
WHMS(FM)  Champaign, IL            O  H)elen M). S)tevick Note: original owner's wife
WHN       New York, NY             L  H)otel N)avarro, first studio location (now WEVD)
WHNC      Henderson, NC            L  H)enderson, N)C)
WHNF(FM)  New York, NY             O  W)H)N F)M Note: later WMGM and WHN-FM
WHNK      Parkersburg, WV          S  H)an)k) 1450
WHNS      Greenville, SC           O  H)arry n) S)tella, original owner Harry Pappas and wife Stella
WHNT      Huntsville, AL           L  H)un)t)sville
WHO       Des Moines, IA           S  Who is it? or W)ith H)ands O)nly (allegedly, due to slogan associated with owner, Palmer Chiropractic School)
WHOD      Homestead, PA            L  H)o)mestead), now WAMO, Pittsburgh
WHOI(TV)  Peoria, IL               L  H)eart o)f I)llinois
WHOK      Lancaster, OH            L  H)o)ck)ing County
WHOM      Jersey City, NJ          O  H)arry O') M)ealia
WHON      Centerville, IN          S  H)eart o)f N)ation
WHOP      Hopkinsville, KY         L  H)o)p)kinsville, KY
WHP       Harrisburg, PA           L  H)arrisburg, P)A
WHPA      Honesdale, PA            L  H)onesdale, P)A), now WDNH
WHPA(FM)  Hollidaysburg, PA        L  H)ollidaysburg, P)A), now WMAJ-FM
WHQR-FM   Wilmington, NC           S  W)ilmington's H)igh Q)uality R)adio (classical-music public radio)
WHRB(FM)  Cambridge, MA            O  H)arvard R)adio B)roadcasting
WHRD      Huntington, WV           E  HRD = 'herd' (Thundering Herd, Marshall University team)
WHRF      Riverhead, NY            S  WHRF = 'Wharf' Radio
WHRI(SW)  Noblesville, IN          O  W)orld H)arvest R)adio I)nternational
WHRK(FM)  Memphis, TN              O  H)arold R). K)relstein, Plough Bcstg Executive
WHRM      Wausau, WI               L  R)ib M)ountain
WHRM      Wausau, WI               L  R)ib M)ountain, transmitter location
WHRW(FM)  Binghamton, NY           O  H)arpur College R)adio W)orkshop
WHRY      Hurley, WI               L  H)ur)ley)
WHSA      Brule, WI                L  H)ayward, S)uperior, A)shland
WHSM      Hayward, WI              L  H)ayward-S)pooner-M)inong
WHSS      Hamilton, OH             O  H)amilton S)chool S)ystem
WHTG      Eatontown, NJ            O  H)arold and T)heo G)ade
WHTH      Heath, OH                L  H)eat)h)
WHTM-TV   Harrisburg, PA           O  H)arrisburg T)imes-M)irror (former owners)
WHTZ      Newark, NJ               E  HTZ = Hits (known as Z100)
WHUB      Cookeville, TN           S  The H)u)b) of the Upper Cumberland, the Hub City
WHUD(FM)  Peekskill, NY            L  H)u)d)son Valley
WHUN      Huntingdon, PA           L  H)u)n)tingdon
WHUR      Washington, DC           O  H)oward U)niversity R)adio
WHUS      Storrs, CT               S  UConn H)u)s)kies
WHVK(FM)  Tullahoma, TN            S  H)untsv)ille K)ountry
WHVL(TV)  State College, PA        L  H)appy V)all)ey
WHVR      Hanover, PA              L  H)anov)er)
WHVY(FM)  Springfield, MA          S  H)eav)y) for AOR Note: now WMAS-FM again
WHWC      Menomonie, WI            L  W)H)A-W)est C)entral Wisconsin Note: WHA, Madison, WI
WHWH      Princeton, NJ            O  H)erbert W)indsor H)obler, founder
WHYL      Carlisle, PA             L  H)arrisburg, Y)ork and L)ancaster
WHYN      Springfield, MA          L  H)olY)oke-N)orthampton Note: original cities of license Holyoke-Northampton
WHYY      Philadelphia, PA         S  W)idening H)orizons for Y)ou and Y)ours
WHZN      Hazleton, PA             L  H)az)leton) note: now WKZN
WIAT      Birmingham, AL           S  I)t's A)bout T)ime, was WBMG
WIBA      Madison, WI              O  W)i)sconsin-B)a)dger Broadcasting, former owner
WIBC      Indianapolis, IN         O  I)ndiana B)roadcasting C)ompany
WIBF-FM   Philadelphia, PA         O  W)illiam I)rwin and B)enjamin F)ox, now WPPZ
WIBG      Philadelphia, PA         S  I) B)elieve in G)od Note: once owned by St. Paul's Church, now WZZD
WIBH      Anna, IL                 S  I)'ll b)e h)appy
WIBI(FM)  Carlinville, IL          O  I)llinois B)ible I)nstitute at Blackburn College
WIBU      Poynette, WI             S  W)ind i)s b)eing u)sed, was wind-powered, now WDLS
WIBW      Topeka, KS               S) W)here I)nvestment B)rings W)ealth
WICC      Bridgeport, CT           S  I)ndustrial C)enter of C)onneticut
WICE      Providence, RI           L  ICE = 'Ice' for broadcast of hockey games
WICH      Norwich, CT              L  Norw)i)c)h)
WICN      Worcester, MA            S  I)nter-c)olligate N)etwork
WICO      Salisbury, MD            L  W)i)c)o)mico County, MD
WICR      Indianapolis, IN         O  I)ndiana C)entral University R)adio [now the University of Indianapolis]
WICZ      Binghamton, NY           O  Guziew)i)c)z)
WIDB      Carbondale. IL           S  W)e i)n d)a b)asement, studios in Basement of Dormitory Wright-III, 1972-1986 at SIU
WIDR      Kalamazoo, MI            O  W)estern I)nter-D)ormitory R)adio, Western Michigan University's student station
WIEL      Elizabethtown, KY        L  E)l)izabethtown
WIFR      Freeport, IL             L  W)isconsin-I)llinois-F)reeport-R)ockford
WIGL      Superior, WI             E  WIGL='97 Wiggle', cutesy nickname for an early 60's top 40 station, dark merged with WAKX
WIGM      Medford, WI              O  I)rma and G)eorge M)eyer
WIHM      Taylorville, IL          S  I)mmaculate H)eart of M)ary
WIHS      Middletown, CT           S  W)e're i)n H)is S)ervice, Religious
WIIL      Kenosha, WI              L  WI)sconsin and IL)linois, postal abbreviations for the two bordering states
WIIT(FM)  Chicago, IL              O  I)llinois I)nstitute of T)echnology
WIKB      Iron River, MI           L  I)ron Mountain K)ingsford B)reitung Township, original location of license
WIKE      Newport,                 VT S
WIL       St. Louis, MO            S  W)atch i)t L)ead
WILI      Willimantic, CT          L  W)i)l)li)mantic, CT
WILK      Wilkes-Barre, PA         L  W)i)l)k)es-Barre
WILL      Urbana, IL               L  University of I)l)l)inois
WILM      Wilmington, DE           L  W)i)l)m)ington, DE
WIMA      Lima, OH                 L  Li)m)a)
WIMN      Stillwater, MN           L  W)i)sconsin-M)in)nesota Note: now WEZU
WINC      Winchester, VA           L  W)i)n)c)hester
WIND      Chicago, IL              L  Gary, I)n)d)ana, original city of license
WING      Dayton, OH               S  Airplane WING, birthplace of aviation
WINK-TV   Fort Myers, FL           S  CBS affiliate featuring the CBS Eye logo, eyes wink
WINS      New York, NY             O  I)nternational N)ews S)ervice, Hearst Wire Service
WINV      Inverness, FL            L  I)n)v)erness
WINX      Rockville, MD            E  WINX = winks
WIOD      Miami, FL                S  W)onderful I)sle of D)reams
WIOI      Brunswick, GA            F  IOI = 101, 100.7 mHz
WION      Ionia, MI                L  I)o)n)ia
WIOO      Carlisle, PA             F  I00=100, at 1000 on the dial (shown as 100 on many radios)
WIOQ(FM)  Philadelphia, PA         F  IOQ = 102, 102.1 mHz
WIOS      Tawas City, MI           L  I)O)S)co County
WIOV      Ephrata, PA              F  IOV=105 on the dial
WIOV(FM)  Ephrata, PA              F  IOV='one oh 5', Roman numeral V=5
WIP       Philadelphia, PA         L  W)ireless i)n P)hiladelphia Note: calls may have been random
WIRE      Indianapolis, IN         O  I)ndianapolis R)adio E)nterprise, now WXNT
WIRN      Buhl, MN                 S  I)ron R)an)ge
WIRO      Ironton, OH              L  I)r)o)nton
WIRQ      Irondequoit, NY          L  I)r)ondeq)oit
WIRR      Virginia-Hibbing, MN     S  I)ron R)ange R)adio
WIRT(TV)  Hibbing, MN              S  I)ron R)ange T)elevision
WIS       Columbia, SC             S  W)onderful I)odine S)tate Note: now WVOC, used on TV-10
WISC-TV   Madison, WI              L  W)i)s)c)onsin
WISM      Madison, WI              L  W)i)s)consin M)adison, now WTDA, calls used in Altoona, WI
WISN      Milwaukee, WI            O  The W)i)s)consin N)ews
WISP      Doylestown, PA           S  I)nspired by the S)p)irit (logo at site: '24-Hour All-Catholic Radio')
WISU      Terre Haute, IN          O  I)ndiana S)tate U)niversity
WITF      Harrisburg, PA           S  W)here I)t's T)op F)light
WITI(TV)  Milwaukee, WI            O  I)ndependent T)elevision I)nc. (original owner)
WITM      Elizabethton, TN         L  I)n t)hese M)ountains, now dark
WITO      Ironton, OH              L  I)ront)o)n
WITR      Rochester, NY            O  I)nstitute T)echnology of R)ochester
WITS      Boston, MA               S  W)e're I)nformation, T)alk & S)ports, now WMEX
WIUM(FM)  Macomb, IL               O  W)estern I)llinois U)niversity's M)acomb station
WIUS(FM)  Macomb, IL               O  W)estern I)llinois U)niversity's s)tudent station
WIUW(FM)  Warsaw, IL               O  W)estern I)llinois U)niversity's W)arsaw station
WIVB(TV)  Buffalo, NY              S  W)e're 4 [IV] B)uffalo, formerly WBEN-TV
WIVK      Knoxville, TN            S  I)ndependent V)oice of K)noxville
WIVS      Superior, WI             L  W)I) (Wisconsin), V)illage of S)uperior, was on 850 in Crystal Lake, IL
WIWB-TV   Suring, WI               S  W)i)sconsin's W)B) Network
WIWS      Beckley, WV              O  I)ra W). S)outhern
WIXT(TV)  Syracuse, NY             F  IX = Roman numeral 9 T)elevision
WIXV(FM)  Savannah, GA             F  IXV = 95 (frequency is 95.5 mHz)
WIXY      E. Longmeadow, MA        E  WIXY = Wixie Note: was WTYM, now WAQY-AM
WIXZ      McKeesport, PA           O  Owned by WIZY in Cleveland, now dark
WIYC      St. Thomas, VI           S  I)t's Y)our C)ountry Note: now WVPI
WIZD      Rudolph, WI              E  WIZD='Wizard'
WIZF(FM)  Erlanger, KY             E  The W)I)Z) F)M
WJAB      Huntsville, AL           S  J)azz A)nd B)lues
WJAC      Johnstown, PA            O  J)ohnstown A)utomotive C)ompany
WJAD      Bainbridge, GA           O  J)ohn A). D)owdy (owner's son) Note: calls moved to Albany, GA
WJAG      Norfolk, NE              S  W)ith J)oy a)nd G)ladness
WJAR      Providence, RI           S  J)ohn A)rthur R)eilly, stations first engineer
WJAS      Pittsburgh, PA           S  W)orld's J)olliest A)erial S)tation
WJAX      Jacksonville, FL         E  JAX = Jacks(onville)
WJBE      Knoxville, TN            O  J)ames B)rown E)nterprises
WJBK      Detroit, MI              S  J)esus, B)e K)ind Note: now WCZY(AM) (calls on TV channel 2)
WJBO      Baton Rouge, LA          O  J)enson B)roadcast O)rganization
WJBW(FM)  Jupiter, FL              S  J)uke B)ox 99.5
WJCF(FM)  Westover, WV             O  C)raig F)rankenstein Note: now WMCG(FM)
WJCL(FM)  Savannah, GA             O  J). C). L)ewis
WJCR(SW)  Upton, KY                S  W)here J)esus C)hrist R)eigns
WJCW      Johnson City, TN         O  J)ames C). W)ilson, thought to have been funded by his wife, Josephine, a Massengill Pharmaceuticals heiress; hence, the vernacular Where Josephine’s Cash Went
WJDA      Quincy, MA               O  J)ames D). A)sher
WJDM      Elizabeth, NJ            O  J)ohn, D)ominick and M)ike
WJDQ      Meridian, MS             S  W)e J)ust D)on't Q)uit
WJDX      Jackson, MS              S  J)ackson D)istant X) - Transmitter (as in the old ham 'DX' lingo)
WJEL      Indianapolis, IN         O  J). E)verett L)ight Career Center
WJER      Dover/New Phila, OH      O  J)erry E). R)eeves
WJER      Dover-New Philadelphia,  O  J)eramiah E). R)eeves (father of Agnes J. R. Greer)
WJET      Erie, PA                 S  J)e)t), on AM and FM
WJFK      Manassas, VA             S  J)ohn F)itzgerald K)ennedy
WJFL      Vicksburg, MS            S  W)in J)ust f)or L)istening
WJFM      Grand Rapids, MI         O  J)ohn F)etzer
WJFW-TV   Rhinelander, WI          O  J)asper F). W)illiams, owner of the TV station who was killed in a plane crash a couple of years ago
WJGS(FM)  Houghton Lake, MI        O  J)acob and G)arnett S)parks (now WUPS)
WJHL-TV   Johnson City, TN         O  J)ohnson City, H)aynes L)ancaster
WJHP      Jacksonville, FL         O  J)ohn H). P)erry Note: once WVOJ and WQIk, now WJGR
WJHR      Flemington, NJ           S  J)ersey's H)ometown R)adio
WJIB      Cambridge, MA            S  JIB=ship part
WJIE(FM)  Louisville, KY           S  W)here J)esus i)s E)xalted
WJIL      Jacksonville, IL         S  W)here J)acksonville i)s L)istening
WJIT      New York, NY             E  JIT = Spanish, 'Hit', now WZRC
WJIW      Greenville, MS           S  W)here J)esus i)s W)orthy
WJJD      Chicago, IL              O  J). J). D)avies, now WYLL
WJJG      Elmhurst, IL             O  J)oseph J). G)entile, Inc.
WJJH      Ashland, WI              O  J)erry J)ames H)ackman, original owner, now owned by Heartland Communications
WJJZ      Philadelphia, PA         S  J)az)z), calls previously used in Mt. Holly, NJ
WJKC      St. Croix, VI            O  J)onathan K)eys C)ohen
WJKL      Elgin, IL                O  Rick J)ak)l)e
WJKY      Jamestown, KY            L  J)amestown, K)Y)
WJLA-TV   Washington, DC           O  J)oseph L). A)lbritton
WJLB      Detroit, MI              O  J)ohn L). B)ooth Broadcasting Co.  Note: now WQBH(AM), calls on FM
WJLK      Asbury Park, NJ          O  J). L)yle K)inmouth, publisher of the Asbury Park Press
WJLS(FM)  Beckley, WV              O  J)oe L). S)mith
WJMJ(FM)  Hartford, CT             S  J)esus, M)ary and J)oseph
WJML      Petoskey, MI             O  J)ohn, M)ichael, and L)inda Harrington Note: children of original owner (now WKLZ)
WJMN      Boston, MA               E  JMN = 'Jammin'
WJMN-TV   Escanaba, MI             O  J)ane M)orton N)orton of the station's ownership family
WJNC      Jacksonville, NC         L  J)acksonville, N)C)
WJNY      Watertown, NY            L  J)efferson County, N)ew Y)ork
WJOE      Port St. Joe, FL         L  Port St. J)o)e)
WJOI(FM)  Detroit, MI              E  JOI = Joy, once in Pittsburgh at 93.7 mHz
WJOK      Gaithersburg, MD         E  JOK='joke', had all-comedy format, now WMET.
WJOL      Joliet, IL               L  J)o)l)iet
WJON      St. Cloud, MN            O  See WWJO
WJOX      Birmingham, AL           E  JOX='Jocks, sports-talk format
WJPA      Washington, PA           S  W)ashington-J)efferson (College), P)a)
WJPC      Chicago, IL              O  J)ohnson P)ublishing C)ompany
WJPD      Ishpeming, MI            O  Dr. J)ames P). D)eegan (Senior) owner
WJPF      Herrin, IL               L  W)illiamson J)ackson P)erry F)rankin (counties)
WJPG      Green Bay, WI            O  J)ohannas (owner) P)ress-G)azette (newspaper) Note: now WNFL
WJR       Detroit, MI              O  J)ewett R)adio & Phonograph Co.
WJRD      Tuscaloosa, AL           O  J)ames R). D)oss, Jr.
WJRH      Easton, PA               S  J)ames R)enwick H)ogg, honors long-time member of the college's Board of Trustees
WJRO      Glen Burnie, MD          S  W)here J)esus R)ings O)ut
WJRS(FM)  Jamestown, KY            L  J)amestown and R)ussell S)prings
WJRT      Flint, MI                O  Original licensee W)J)R) Detroit
WJRZ(FM)  Manahawkin, NJ           E  JRZ = Jersey
WJSM      Martinsburg, PA          S  J)esu S)alvador M)undo Note: Latin: Jesus, Savior of the World
WJSN      Jackson, KY              L  J)acks)on)
WJSO      Jonesborough, TN         L  J)ones)bo)rough, now WKTP
WJSU      Anniston, AL             O  J)acksonville S)tate U)niversity, original licensee
WJSV      Mt. Verson Hills, VA     O  J). S). V)ance (see WTFF) Note: now WTOP-DC
WJTL      Lancaster, PA            S  J)oy T)o the L)ord
WJTO      Bath, ME                 S  W)here J)ets T)ake O)ff, Brunswick Naval Air station is nearby
WJTT      Red Bank, TN             E  JTT='Jet', see WFLI, same owner
WJTV      Jackson, MS              S  J)ackson T)elev)ision
WJTW      Joliet, IL               L  J)oliet), IL
WJUB      Plymouth, WI             O  J)u)b)ilation Ministries
WJUN      Mifflinton, PA           L  J)u)n)iata County
WJUX      Monticello, NY           E  'Jukebox'
WJVL      Janesville, WI           L  J)anesv)il)le
WJVS(FM)  Cincinnati, OH           O  Great Oaks J)oint V)ocational S)chool
WJW       Cleveland, OH            O  J)ohn W)eimer Note: Originally in Mansfield, then Akron, now used on TV
WJWL      Georgetown, DE           S  W)onderful, J)ust W)onderful L)istening
WJXN      Jackson, MS              L  JXN = Jackson
WJXR(FM)  Maclenny, FL             S  J)ax)onville R)adio
WJYI      Milwaukee, WI            E  JYI='joy', Joy 1340
WJYL(FM)  Louisville, KY           S  J)oy) of L)ouisville
WJYM      Bowling Green, OH        E  JYM = Jim (owned by Jimmy Swaggart)
WJZ       Newark, NJ               L  J)erZ)ey Note: now WABC, calls on TV-13 Baltimore
WJZB(TV)  Worcester, MA TV         S  J)ohn Z). B)uckley, employee of WJZB, now
WJZM      Clarksville, TN          O  J). Z). M)iller
WJZZ(FM)  Detroit, MI              S  J)az)z) Format
WKAD-FM   Canton, PA               O  W)atts, (K)elly and A)lan Pruse and D)ave Casselbury, original owners, now WHGL
WKAT      Miami Beach, FL          O  Frank L. Kat)zentine
WKAY(TV)  Kannapolis, NC           O  Kay Faw, wife of founder, Rev. Garland Faw
WKBD(TV)  Detroit, MI              O  K)aiser B)roadcasting-D)etroit Note: now owned by Paramount
WKBG(TV)  Cambridge, MA            O  K)aiser B)roadcasting-G)lobe Note: publishers of Boston Globe, was WTAO-TV and WXHR-TV, now WLVI(TV)
WKBK      Keene, NH                O  see WKBR, Manchester, NH - K)eene
WKBR      Manchester, NH           O  K)ilgore B)arkley R)ust, original owners
WKBW      Buffalo, NY              S  W)ell K)nown B)ible W)itness Note: Put on air by Evangelist Clinton Churchill, now WWKB, calls on TV 7
WKCI      New Haven, CT            O  K)opps C)ommunications I)ncorporated
WKCK-FM   Chesapeake, VA           S  K)ic)k)
WKCR      New York, NY             S  K)ing's C)rown R)adio (Columbia Univ logo)
WKDZ      Cadiz, KY                E  KDZ = Cadiz
WKEE(FM)  Huntington, WV           E  KEE = key
WKEF-TV   Dayton, OH               S  K)athryn E). F)lynn, secretary (and now wife) of original owner
WKEN      Dover, DE                L  K)e)n)t County, Delaware, now using other calls
WKER      Pompton Lakes, NJ        O  K)e)r)r [Bob Kerr] Radio Corporation Note: Now WGHT
WKEZ(FM)  Tavernier, FL            E  KEZ='Keys' EZ listening in the K)eys
WKFD      Wickford, RI             L  W)ick)f)ord)
WKFR(FM)  Kalamazoo, MI            S  K)eener F)ourteen R)adio, tribute to WKFR(AM) of Battle Creek
WKHS      Worton, MD               O  K)ent County H)igh S)chool
WKHJ-FM	  Mountain Like Park, MD   S  W KHJ) reference to the LA station. 
WKIN      Kingsport, TN            L  K)i)n)gsport, now WGOC
WKIO(FM)  Urbana, IL               S  K)eep I)t O)n
WKIP      Poughkeepsie, NY         L  PoughKIP)sie (some liberties with spelling)
WKIS(FM)  Boca Raton, FL           S  K)i)s)s
WKIZ      Key West, FL             L  KIZ = Keys
WKJC      Tawas City, MI           O  J)ohn C)arroll
WKJF      Cadillac, MI             O  J)ohn F)etzer
WKJG-TV   Ft. Wayne, IN            O  W)illaim K)unkel, president of the Ft. Wayne J)ournal-G)azette
WKJG-TV   Ft. Wayne, IN            O  W)illaim K)unkel, president of the Ft. Wayne J)ournal-G)azette
WKKD      Aurora, IL               L  W)ill, K)ane, K)endall and D)uPage counties
WKLB      Manchester, KY           O  L)arry and L)inda B)arker
WKLB(FM)  Waltham, MA              E  KLB = Country 'Club', once used on 105.7 in Framingham, MA
WKLD      Cleveland, AL            L  K)level)and), AL
WKLE(TV)  Lexington, KY            L  K)ET L)e)xington
WKLK      Cloquet, MN              E  KLK='Cloquet'
WKLN      Cullman, AL              L  K)ul)man), now WKUL
WKLO      Louisville, KY           L  K)Y-L)o)uisville Note: now WDJX, calls in Danville, KY
WKLS(FM)  Atlanta, GA              O  K)ennedy, L)atham & S)wan
WKMC      Roaring Spring, PA       O  W)alter K)ramp - M)orrison's C)ove, Location
WKMG(TV)  Orlando, FL              O  K)atherine M)eyer G)raham [Washington Post-owned] was WCPX
WKMI      Kalamazoo, MI            L  K)alamazoo, MI)
WKMT      Kings Mountain, NC       L  K)ings M)ount)ain
WKMU(TV)  Murray, KY               L  K)ET M)u)rray
WKMX      Enterprise, AL           E  MX='Mix'
WKNB      New Britain, CT          L  K)ensington-N)ew B)ritain, now WRYM
WKNT      Kent, OH                 L  K)en)t)
WKNW      Sault Ste. Marie, MI     S  'KNOW-AM'
WKNY      Kingston, NY             L  K)ingston, N)ew Y)ork
WKOJ(FM)  Middletown, NY           S  K) from previous calls (WKGL), O)range J)ams
WKON(TV)  Owenton, KY              L  K)ET O)wen)ton
WKOR      Starkville, MS           S  K)ing o)f R)ock
WKOT      Kingston, NY             S  K)ingston, O)ur T)own, now dark
WKOW      Madison, WI              S  K)O)W) = Cow
WKPB      Knoxville, TN            O  K)noxville P)ublishing B)oard, short lived early FM
WKPC-TV   Louisville, KY           S  K)entuckiana P)eople's C)hoice
WKPD(TV)  Paducah, KY              L  K)ET P)ad)ucah
WKPE-FM   South Yarmouth, MA       L  K)ap)e) Cod (Kod?)
WKPI(TV)  Pikeville, KY            O  K)ET P)i)keville, Kentucky Educational Television
WKPR      Kalamazoo, MI            O  W)illiam K)uip)er)
WKPT      Kingsport, TN            L  K)ingsp)ort), TN
WKQX(FM)  Chicago, IL              E  Chosen by then-owner NBC because it sounded experimental
WKRB(FM)  Brooklyn, NY             O  K)ingsborough College R)adio-B)rooklyn
WKRC      Cincinnati, OH           O  K)odel R)adio C)ompany
WKSE      Buffalo, NY              E  KSE = Kiss
WKSO(TV)  Somerset, KY             L  K)ET S)o)merset
WKSS      Hartford-Meriden, CT     S  K)is)s)
WKSU(FM)  Kent, OH                 O  K)ent S)tate U)niversity
WKSW-FM   Urbana, OH               E  KS='Kiss' Country 101.7
WKTI(FM)  Milwaukee, WI            S  I)-94, interstate runs through the city
WKTL(FM)  Struthers, OH            S  W)e're the K)ey t)o L)earning
WKTN      Kenton, OH               L  K)ent)on)
WKUE(FM)  Elizabethtown, KY        O  W)estern K)entucky U)niversity-E)lizabethtown
WKUL      Cullman, AL              L  K)u)l)lman
WKUZ-FM   Wabash, IN               S  Your Indiana K)u)z)in
WKWF      Key West, FL             L  K)ey W)est F)lorida
WKYC      Cleveland, OH            S  Originally K)Y)W; slogan at the time of call change was 'K)Y) in C)leveland'
WKYU      Bowling Green, KY        O  W)estern K)entucky U)niversity
WKZN      Kenosha, WI              L  W)aukegan K)enosha Z)ion N)ewport [1969-1982]
WKZO      Kalamazoo, MI            L  K)alamaz)o)o, Michigan
WKZT      Fulton, KY               O  K)enneth Z). T)urner.
WKZT(TV)  Elizabethtown, KY        L  K)ET Eliz)abetht)own
WKZW      Sandersville, MS         S  K)Z) 94.3
WLAC      Nashville, TN            O  L)ife a)and C)asualty Insurance Co.
WLAD      Danbury, CT              O  L)ee a)nd D)aniel, hatmakers in Danbury in 1948
WLAN      Lancaster, PA            L  L)a)n)caster, PA
WLAP      Lexington, KY            S  W)e L)ove a)ll P)eople Note: once religious format
WLAQ      Rome, GA                 S  W)e L)augh A)t Q)uarles, competitor was co-owned by Happy Quarles
WLAT      Manchester, CT           S  L)a)t)ino Radio
WLAV      Grand Rapids, MI         O  L)eonard A). V)erslius
WLAX-TV   La Crosse, WI            L  L)a), X stands for Crosse
WLBB      Carrollton, GA           S  W)e L)ove B)utter B)eans Note: Judge Tisinger, the original owner was a big fan of butter beans
WLBJ      Bowling Green, KY        O  L).B). Jenkins, now silent
WLBL      Auburndale, WI           S  W)isconsin, L)and of B)eautiful L)akes
WLBN      Lebanon, KY              L  L)eb)an)on
WLBT(TV)  Jackson, MS              O  L)amar (Life Insurance) B)roadcast T)elevison
WLCA      Godfrey, IL              O  L)ewis and C)lark Community College
WLCR      Torrrington, CT (dark)   L  L)itchfield C)ounty R)adio, now silent
WLCV(CC)  Louisville, KY           S  L)ouisville C)ampus V)oice
WLDB      Atlantic City, NJ        O  L)eroy & D)orothy B)remmer Note: was WUSS, now WGYM
WLDS      Jacksonville, IL         S  L)incoln D)ouglas S)tation
WLDY      Hollywood, FL            S  The L)ad)y) Note: now WLQY
WLEM      Emporium, PA             S  L)and of the E)endless M)ountain
WLER(FM)  Butler, PA               L  Butl)e)r). PA, FM sister of WBUT
WLEV(FM)  Easton, PA               L  L)e)high V)alley
WLFB(TV)  Bluefield, WV            O  L)iving F)aith Ministries, B)luefield
WLFG(TV)  Grundy, VA               O  L)iving F)aith Ministries, G)rundy
WLGC(FM)  Greenup, KY              S  W)e L)ove G)reenup C)ounty
WLHS      West Chester, OH         O  L)akota H)igh S)chool
WLIB      New York, NY             L  L)i)b)erty Bank Building, original location
WLIE      Islip, NY                L  L)ong I)sland E)xpressway, was WLUX
WLIF(FM)  Baltimore, MD            S  playing the "Beautiful Music of L)i)f)e, now WZFT
WLIM      Patchogue, NY            S  L)ong I)sland
WLIP      Kenosha, WI              O  William L)i)p)man, the founder and 40 years-plus owner
WLIQ      Quincy, IL               S  W)e're L)i)ght, as in 'lite rock'
WLIR(FM)  Garden City, NY          S  L)ong I)sland R)adio Note: now WDRE(FM)
WLIS      Old Saybrook, NY         L  L)ong I)sland S)ound
WLIT(FM)  Chicago, IL              E  LIT = Lite
WLIX      Islip, NY                L  L)ong I)sland X)-roads, later WLUX, now WLIE
WLJN      Traverse City, MI        S  L)ord J)esus' N)ame
WLJS      Jacksonville, AL         O  J)acksonville S)tate University
WLKF      Lakeland, FL             L  L)ak)eland F)lorida
WLKI(FM)  Angola, IN               O  L)ak)e Cities Broadcasting, I)nc. (also refers to 101 lakes in and around area)
WLKK(FM)  Wethersfield, NY         E  LKK='Lake', Buffalo market on Lake Erie
WLKM      Three Rivers, MI         S  W)el)k)om)e
WLKW      Providence, RI           S  L)=Roman 50, K)W); was 50 Kw at 990 kHz
WLKY-TV   Louisville, KY           L  L)ouisville, K)Y)
WLLH      Lawrence, MA             L  L)owell L)awerence H)averhill, MA
WLLI      Joliet, IL               L  Read sideways, looks like 'WILL' for Will County, IL
WLLK(FM)  Burnside, KY             E  LLK='Lake', Lake 93.9
WLLV      Louisville, KY           S  L)ov)e
WLLZ(FM)  Detroit, MI              E  WLLZ = Wheels
WLMI      Kane, PA                 O  L)aurel M)edia I)ncorporated
WLML(FM)  Lake Park, FL            S  W)here L)egendary M)usic L)ives
WLMU      Syracuse, NY             O  L)eM)oyne College
WLNA      Peekskill, NY            S  L)ocal N)ews A)uthority
WLNC      Laurinburg, NC           L  L)aurinburg, N)C)
WLNE      New Bedford, MA          S  W)e L)ove N)ew E)ngland
WLNH      Laconia, NH              L  L)aconia, N)H)
WLNY-TV   Riverhead, NY            S  W)e L)ove N)ew Y)ork
WLOB      Portland, ME             S  L)o)b)ster State
WLOC      Munfordville, KY         S  W)e L)ove O)ur C)aves
WLOD      Pompano Beach, FL        S  W)onderfull L)and o)f D)reams Note: now WWNN
WLOE      Eden, NC                 S  L)and O)f E)den
WLOF      Orlando, FL              S  W)e L)ove O)rlando F)lorida Note: now WOMX
WLOH      Lancaster, OH            L  L)ancaster, O)h)io
WLOL      Minneapolis, MN          L  L)and o)f L)akes Note: now KSJN
WLOM      Chattanooga, TN          L  L)o)okout M)ountain, now WSKZ
WLOS      Asheville, NC            S  W)onderful L)and o)f S)ky
WLOU      Louisville, KY           L  L)o)u)isville, KY
WLOV-TV   Tupelo, MS               O  L)o)v)e Communications
WLOX      Biloxi, MS               L  Bil)o)x)i
WLPL      Baltimore, MD            S  L)and of P)leasant L)iving Note: now using other calls
WLQY      Hollywood, FL            E  LQY = Lucky 13
WLRE      Elloree, SC              E  LRE=Elloree
WLRH(FM)  Huntsville, AL           O  L)ibrary R)adio H)untsville
WLRN(CC)  Bethlehem, PA            S  L)ehigh R)adio N)etwork
WLRN(FM)  Miami, FL                E  L)eaRN), Note: school board station
WLRS(FM)  Louisville, KY           O  L)ouisville R)adio S)chool
WLS       Chicago, IL              S  W)orlds L)argest S)tore (once owned by Sears)
WLSD      Big Stone Gap, VA        S  W)here L)ove S)ounds D)ifferent, gospel/religious
WLSH      Lansford, PA             L  L)ansford S)ummit H)ill
WLSR      Lima, OH                 S  L)ima's S)oft R)ock
WLTF(FM)  Cleveland, OH            S  L)it)e F)M
WLTL      LaGrange, IL             O  L)yons T)ownship High School
WLTN      Littleton, NH            L  L)ittlet)on)
WLUC-TV   Marquette, WI            O  Former sister station of WLUK, Green Bay
WLUK-TV   Green Bay, WI            S  L)u)ck)y 11
WLUM      West Allis, WI           S  W)e L)ove You) M)ilwaukee
WLUP      Chicago, IL              E  The L)u)p) Loop-Central Part of Chicago
WLVE(FM)  Miami Beach, FL          S  L)ov)e)
WLVI(TV)  Cambridge, MA            F  LVI = Roman numeral 56
WLVJ      Royal Palm Beach, FL     L  L)ov)e J)esus
WLVL      Lockport, NY             S  Lively) Voice) of L)ockport
WLVP(FM)  Franklin, NJ             O  L)ouis V)ander P)latte Now: WSUS (FM)
WLVR-FM   Bethlehem, PA            S  L)ehigh V)alley R)adio
WLVT(TV)  Allentown, PA            L  L)ehigh V)alley T)elev)ision
WLW       Cincinnati, OH           S  W)orld's L)owest W)ages
WLWA(TV)  Atlanta, GA              O  Was Crosley/W)L)W) A)tlanta, now WXIA
WLWC(TV)  Columbus, OH             O  WLW C)olumbus, now WCMH(TV)
WLWD(TV)  Dayton, OH               O  WLW D)ayton
WLWI(TV)  Indianapolis, IN         O  WLW I)ndianapolis
WLWL      New York, NY             S  W)e L)isten and W)e L)earn (no longer in use)
WLWT(TV)  Cincinnati, OH           O  WLW T)elevision
WLXG      Lexington, KY            S  L)ex)ington G)old Note: changed from oldies to sports
WLXR      La Crosse, WI            S  L)a Crosse R)adio, X='Crosse'
WLYC      Williamsport, PA         L  L)y)c)oming County
WLYF(FM)  Miami, FL                E  LYF = Life
WLYH-TV   Lancaster-Labanon, PA    L  L)ancaster/L)ebanon-Y)ork-H)arrisburg; dual city ID
WLYH(TV)  Lancaster, PA            L  L)ebanon Y)ork H)arrisburg, originally licensed to Lebanon
WLYH(TV)  Lancaster, PA            L  L)ancaster Y)ork H)arrisburg
WLYN      Lynn, MA                 L  L)y)n)n
WLYT      Cleveland, OH            S  W)e L)ove Y)ou T)ruely Note: now using other calls
WLYT(FM)  Charlotte, NC            E  'LYT'=Lite
WLZR(FM)  Milwaukee, WI            E  LZR = Laser (CD's)
WLZZ(FM)  Bryant, OH               S  WLZZ = wheels (WLLZ was already taken)
WMAD      Sun Prairie, WI          L  M)a)d)ison, suburban Madison
WMAF      Madison, FL              L  M)a)dison, F)lorida
WMAG(FM)  High Point, NC           S  M)a)g)ic
WMAJ      State College, PA        S  M)a)j)or in college (home of Penn State)
WMAJ-FM   Hollidaysburg, PA        S  M)a)j)ic 104.9
WMAL      Washington, DC           O  Dr. M). A). L)eese, optician
WMAM      Marinette, WI            L  M)arinette a)nd M)enominee
WMAQ      Chicago, IL              O  W)illiam) A). Q)uinn, publisher of Chicago Daily News, now WSCR
WMAQ-TV   Chicago, IL              S  W)e M)ay A)sk Q)uestions (from the TV's 50th anniversary)
WMAR(TV)  Barltimore, MD           L  M)a)r)yland
WMAS      Springfield, MA          O  M)offat, A)lbert S).  Note: FCC issued call WHEU, Moffat appealed and WMAS was granted in 1932
WMAX      Grand Rapids, MI         S  M)a)x)imum News, Weather and Sports
WMAZ      Macon, GA                S  W)atch M)ercer A)ttain Z)enith Note: Mercer University
WMBA      Ambridge, PA             O  M)iners B)roadcasting-A)mbridge
WMBD      Peoria, IL               S  W)orld's M)ost B)eautiful D)rive [Grandview Drive, original location of station]
WMBF      Miami Beach, FL          L  M)iami B)each, F)L Note: now WQAM
WMBH      Joplin, MO               S  W)here M)emories B)ring H)appiness
WMBI      Chicago, IL              O  M)oody B)ible I)nstitute
WMBL      Morehead City, NC        S  W)here M)orehead Beaufort L)istens
WMBM      Miami Beach, FL          S  W)here M)inistry B)lesses M)any
WMBN      Petoskey, MI             L  M)ichigan's B)eautiful N)orth
WMBR(FM)  Cambridge, MA            L  W)alker M)emorial B)asement R)adio, studio located in the basement of that MIT building, formerly known as WTBS(FM)
WMBT      Shenandoah, PA           O  W)olf M)urray B)rennan T)oole, now dark
WMC       Memphis, TN              O  M)emphis C)ommercial-Appeal, Newspaper
WMCA      New York, NY             O  Hotel M)c)A)lpin
WMCB      Martinsville, IN         O  M)organ C)ounty B)roadcasters
WMCH      Church Hill, TN          O  Harry M)organ, C)hurch H)ill
WMCN      St. Paul, MN             O  M)acalester C)ollege
WMCR      Kalamazoo, MI            O  W)estern M)ichigan C)ollege R)adio, now WMUK
WMCR      Oneida, NY               L  M)adison C)ounty R)adio Note: 1600KHz, was WONG: 'The Wong station on the Right side of your dial'
WMCS      Milwaukee, WI            S  M)ilwaukee's C)ommunity S)tation
WMCU(FM)  Miami, FL                O  M)iami C)hristian U)niversity
WMCW      Harvard, IL              S  M)ilk C)apital of the W)orld, town slogan
WMDC      Mayville, WI             L  M)ayville and D)odge C)ounty
WMDN(TV)  Meridian, MS             L  M)erid)ian)
WMDO      Wheaton, MD              E  M)und)o) = World (Spanish)
WMDT-TV   Salisbury, MD            S  M)aryland) T)elevision
WMEL      Melbourne, FL            L  M)e)l)bourne
WMER      Celina, OH               L  M)e)r)cer County
WMEV      Marion, VA               S  W)onderful M)ountain E)mpire of V)irginia, now WUKZ
WMFD      Mansfield, OH            L  M)ansf)ield)
WMFL      Monticello, FL           L  M)onticello F)L)
WMFM(FM)  Milwaukee, WI            O  M)ilwaukee Journal F)M)
WMFO(FM)  Medford, MA              L  M)edf)o)rd
WMFR      High Point, NC           S  W)e M)ake F)urniture R)ight
WMGA      Moultrie, GA             S  W)atching M)oultrie G)row A)griculturally
WMGE(FM)  Ft. Lauderdale, FL       S  MGE='Mega' 103.5 (rhythmic oldies), was WSHE(FM)
WMGG(FM)  Columbus, OH             S  MGG = Magic
WMGK      Philadelphia, PA         E  MGK = 'Magic'
WMGM(FM)  New York, NY             O  M)etro-G)oldwyn-M)ayer, calls now in Linwood, NJ
WMGN      Madison, WI              S  M)ag)ic N)inety-eight
WMGR      Bainbridge, GA           O  M)arvin G)riffin R)adio, former GA governor
WMGW      Meadville, PA            O  M)arry G)ean W)inslow
WMGZ      Montgomery, AL           S  M)ontg)omery's Z)103 Note: now using other calls
WMHB      Waterville, ME           L  M)ayfower H)ill B)roadcasting, Colby College sits atop that hill
WMHC(FM)  South Hadley, MA         O  M)ount H)olyoke C)ollege
WMHT(FM)  Schenectady, NY          L  M)ohawk-H)udson T)elevision
WMHW(FM)  Mt. Pleasant, MI         S  W)e're M)oore H)all W)ireless (or Elmer Fudd version: W)e're M)oore H)all W)adio)(WMHW is Central Michigan University's student-run radio station)
WMID      Atlantic City, NJ        O  M)i)d) Atlantic Broadcasting Co.
WMIL      Milwaukee, WI            L  M)i)l)waukee
WMIN      Hudson, WI               L  Refers to adjacent M)i)n)nesota
WMIT(FM)  Black Mountain, NC       L  Mount M)i)t)chell Note: transmitter site on highest peak East of the Mississippi
WMJC      Smithtown, NY            E  MJC = Magic
WMJI      Cleveland, OH            E  MJI = Magic
WMJJ      Birmingham, AL           E  MJJ='Magic'
WMJT(TV)  Milwaukee, WI            O  M)ilwaukee J)ournal T)V Note: now WTMJ-TV
WMJX      Boston, MA               E  MJX = 'magic'
WMKK(FM)  Lawrence, MA             S  MKK='Mike FM'
WMKV      Reading, OH              L  M)aple K)noll V)illage retirement community, studio location
WMLM      Saint Louis, MI          S  W)e're the M)iddle of L)ower M)ichigan, in geographical center of Michigan's Lower Peninsula
WMLP      Milton, PA               L  M)ilton-L)ewisburg P)A
WMML      Mobile, AL               O  M)-M)el) Tillis, now WLVV
WMMM      Westport, CT             S  W)estport's M)odern M)inute M)an Note: Reference to Minuteman Statue in area
WMMN      Fairmont, WV             O  M)ansfield M). N)eely, later Senator
WMMR      Philadelphia, PA         O  M)etrom)edia R)adio
WMMS      Bath, ME                 S  W)here M)ost of M)aine is S)erved, big signal at 730 Note: now WJTO
WMMS(FM)  Cleveland, OH            O  M)etrom)edia S)tereo
WMNB      North Adams, MA          S  M)usic for the N)orthern B)erkshires
WMNC      Morganton, NC            L  M)organton, N)C)
WMNF-FM   Tampa, FL                S  M)ember-Sponsored N)on-Commercial F)M
WMNI      Columbus, OH             O  W)illiam R. M)n)i)ch, founder
WMNN      Minneapolis, MN          O  M)innesota N)ews N)etworks
WMNN      Mineapolis, MN           S  M)innesota N)ews N)etwork
WMNR      Monroe, CT               L  M)on)r)oe
WMOC      Chattanooga, TN          L  M)o)c)casin Bend, Chattanooga landmark
WMOG      Brunswick, GA            S  W)onderful M)arshes o)f G)lynn [County]
WMOH      Hamilton, OH             L  M)iddletown-O)xford-H)amilton
WMOR      Morehead, KY             L  M)o)r)ehead, KY
WMOT      Murfreesboro, TN         L  M)iddle o)f T)ennessee, MTSU near state geographic center
WMOU      Berlin, NH               L  In the White M)o)u)ntains
WMOW      Crandon, WI              L  Sister station of W)AO)W); M)etonga Lake
WMPS      Memphis, TN              O  M)emphis P)ress-S)cimitar, Newspaper Note: now WODZ, formerly WRVR(AM)
WMPT      South Williamsport, PA   L  W)ill M)ont P)A T)own, AM silent, FM now WZXR-FM
WMPT(TV)  Annapolis, MD            O  M)aryland P)ublic T)elevision
WMQC      Westover, WV             S  W)e're M)organtown's Q)uality C)hoice
WMQT      Marquette, MI            E  MQT='Marquette'
WMRD      Middletown, CT           L  M)iddletown R)ad)io
WMRE      Charles Town, WV         S  M)emor)ie)s 1550
WMRH      Waupun, WI               L  Refers to nearby Horicon M)ar)sh)
WMRN      Marion, OH               L  M)ar)ion), OH
WMRO      Aurora, IL               O  M)artin R). O)'Brien, now used in Gallatin, TN
WMRV      Endicott, NY             O  M)er)v) Griffin
WMRZ      South Miami, FL          E  MRZ = Memories
WMSE      Milwaukee, WI            O  M)ilwaukee S)chool of E)ngineering
WMSL      Decatur, AL              O  M)utual S)avings L)ife Insurance Note: now WAVD
WMSN-TV   Madison, WI              L  M)adis)on)
WMSP-FM   Harrisburg, PA           O  M)arket S)quare P)resbyterian C)hurch
WMSR      Manchester, TN           L  M)anches)ter), TN
WMST      Mt. Sterling, KY         L  M)t. S)t)erling
WMT       Cedar Rapids, IA         O  W)aterloo M)orning T)ribune
WMTA      Central City, KY         O  M)essenger T)imes A)rgus, newspaper (original owner) Note: 45th anniversary on 11 January 2000
WMTC      Vanceleve, KY            S  W)in M)en t)o C)hrist
WMTG      Dearborn, MI             S  M)ot)own G)old
WMTH      Park Ridge, IL           O  M)aine T)ownship H)igh School
WMTN      Morristown, TN           L  M)orrist)own)
WMTR      Morristown, NJ           L  M)orrist)own R)adio
WMTS      Murfreesboro, TN         O  M)iddle T)ennessee S)tate (call letters were donated by 810 WMTS, now WAPB)
WMTU      Houghton, MI             O  M)ichigan T)echnological U)niversity
WMTV(TV)  Madison, WI              S  M)adison T)V)
WMTW(FM)  Poland Springs, ME       L  M)t). W)ashington - transmitter location, now WHOM, TV station retains the calls
WMUA(FM)  Amherst, MA              O  M)assachusetts U)niversity - A)mherst
WMUB      Oxford, OH               O  M)iami U)niversity B)roadcasting
WMUF      Paris, TN                O  M)u)f)fin, name of owner's dog
WMUH-FM   Allentown, PA            L  M)u)h)lenberg College
WMUK(FM)  Kalamazoo, MI            O  W)estern M)ichigan U)niversity-K)alamazoo
WMUL      Huntington, WV           O  M)arshall U)niversity
WMUS      Muskegon, MI             L  M)u)s)kegon
WMUU      Greenville, SC           O  W)orld's M)ost U)nusual U)niversity Note: Bob Jones University
WMVS(TV)  Milwaukee, WI            O  M)ilwaukee V)ocational S)chool, original name of the licensee, which is now known as Milwaukee Area Technical College
WMVY(FM)  Tisbury, MA              L  M)artha's V)iney)ard
WMXJ(FM)  Pompano Beach, FL        E  MXJ = Magic
WMXQ      Birmingham, AL           E  MXQ='Mix', now WYSF
WMXS      Montgomery, AL           E  MX='Mix'
WMYR      Ft. Myers, FL            L  Ft. M)y)er)s
WMYX(FM)  Milwaukee, WI            E  MYX = mix
WNAB      Bridgeport, CT           S  We're N)uts a)bout B)ridgeport, now WCUM
WNAH      Nashville, TN            L  Na)sh)ville, TN OR W)ith N)ews A)bout H)eaven
WNAK      Nanticoke, PA            L  N)a)ticok)e, now WZFM
WNAM      Neenah, WI               L  N)eenah a)nd M)enasha
WNAN-FM   Nantucket. MA            L  N)a)n)tucket
WNAO(TV)  Raleigh, NC              O  N)ews a)nd O)bserver (newspaper) Note: now WRDC, channel 28
WNAR      Murfreesboro, TN         S  W)e N)eed A) R)adio! Note: now WMTS (was used when the station was on the cable system, as a promotional tool to get support for student radio at Middle Tennessee State University)
WNAS(FM)  New Albany, IN           O  N)ew A)lbany High S)chool
WNAT      Philadelphia, PA         S  W)e N)ever a)re T)ired Note: station no longer exists
WNAV      Annapolis, MD            L  N)a)v)al Academy in Annapolis
WNAW      North Adams, MA          L  N)orth A)dams
WNAX      Yankton, SD              S  N)orth A)merican Ex)periment Note: Slogan used in 1922 by the Federal Radio Apparatus Company, the Yankton-based transmitter manufacturer (original licensee)
WNBC      New Britain, CT          L  N)ew B)ritain, C)t Note: now used on channel 4 in New York City
WNBC(TV)  New York, NY             O  N)ational B)roadcasting C)ompany (once also on AM 660)
WNBF      Binghamton, NY           S  W)ins N)ew B)inghamton F)riends
WNBH      New Bedford, MA          L  N)ew B)edford H)otel
WNBI      Park Falls, WI           O  N)orthland B)roadcasting, I)nc., former owner
WNBK(TV)  Cleveland, OH            O  N)B)C K)leveland (they couldn't use WNBC)
WNBM(FM)  Bronxville, NY           S) W)e are N)ew York's B)est M)ix of R&B
WNBP      Newburyport, MA          L  N)ewb)uryport)
WNBQ(TV)  Chicago, IL              O  N)B)C, sister to WMAQ), call now WMAQ-TV
WNBT(TV)  New York, NY             O  N)B)C T)elevision (later WRCA-TV, now WNBC)
WNBW(TV)  Washington, DC           O  N)B)C W)ashington Note: now WRC-TV
WNBY      Newberry, MI             L  N)ewB)errY), MI
WNCB      Duluth, MN               O  N)orth C)entral Christian B)roadcasting
WNCF(TV)  Montgomery, AL           S  W)here N)ews C)ome F)irst
WNCI(FM)  Columbus, OH             O  N)ationwide C)ommunications, I)nc.
WNCK-FM   Nantucket, MA            L  N)antuc)k)et
WNCN(FM)  New York, NY             O  N)ew York C)oncert N)etwork
WNCO      Ashland, Ohio            L  N)orth C)entral O)hio.
WNCR-FM   Cleveland, OH            O  N)ationwide C)ommunications R)adio, now WGAR-FM
WNCY(FM)  Green Bay, WI            S  N)ew C)ountrY
WNDB      Daytona Beach, FL        L  D)aytona B)each
WNDE      Indianapolis, IN         E  NDE = Indy
WNDR      Syracuse, NY             S  Your W)on)d)er) Station at 1260 on the dial
WNDT(TV)  Newark, NJ               S  N)ew D)imensions in T)elevision, now WNET(TV)
WNDU      South Bend, IN           O  N)otre D)ame U)niversity
WNDY-TV   Marion, IN               E  NDY='Indy' (Indianspolis)
WNEB      Worcester, MA            O  N)ew E)ngland B)roadcasting
WNEC      Henniker, NH             O  N)ew E)ngland C)ollege
WNEK      Springfield, MA          O  W)estern N)ew E)ngland K)(c)ollege
WNEM      Flint, MI                O  N)orthe)astern M)ichigan Corp., original owner
WNEP(TV)  Scranton, PA             L  N)orthe)ast P)ennsylvania
WNET(TV)  Newark, NJ               O  N)ational E)ducational T)elevision
WNEU(CC)  Boston, MA               O  N)orthE)astern U)niversity Note: student carrier current station at 560 kHz from 1961 to 1968, now WRBB at 104.9
WNEW      New York, NY             L  N)e)w) York Note: now WBBR
WNFA-FM   Port Huron, MI           S  W)onderful N)ews F)or A)ll
WNFL      Green Bay, WI            S  N)ational F)ootball L)eague
WNGC(FM)  Athens, GA               S  N)orth G)eorgia C)ountry
WNHC      New Haven, CT            L  N)ew Haven, C)onnecticut
WNHS      Newcomerstown, OH        O  N)ewcomerstown H)igh S)chool (LPFM)
WNHV      White River Jct, VT      L  N)ew H)ampshire-V)ermont
WNHW      Nags Head, NC            S  N)ags H)ead W)adio [sic], now WZPR
WNIB(FM)  Chicago, IL              O  N)orthern I)llinois B)roadcasting
WNIC      Detroit, MI              E  NIC = Nice
WNIJ(FM)  DeKalb, IL               S  N)orthern I)llinois University's j)azz station
WNIN-TV   Evansville, IN           F  Channel N)i)n)e
WNIU(FM)  Rockford, IL             O  N)orthern I)llinois U)niversity
WNJO      Trenton, NJ              S  N)ew J)ersey's O)ldies Note: was WCHR
WNJR      Newark, NJ               L  N)ew J)ersey R)adio
WNJU(TV)  Linden, NJ               L  N)ew J)resey U)HF
WNKU      Highland Heights, OH     O  N)orthern K)entucky U)niversity
WNLC      New London, CT           L  N)ew L)ondon C)onneticut
WNLK      Norwalk, CT              L  N)orwal)k), CT
WNMT      Nashwauk, MN             S  N)orthern M)innesota's T)alk Radio
WNMU      Marquette, MI            O  N)orthern M)ichigan U)niversity
WNNC      Newton, NC               L  N)ewton, N)C)
WNND(FM)  Chicago, IL              E  WNND='Windy'
WNNE-TV   White River Jct, VT      L  N)orthern N)ew E)ngland
WNNJ      Newton, NJ               L  N)ewton N)ew J)ersey
WNNK      Harrisburg, PA           E  WNNK = Wink
WNNO      Wisconsin Dells, WI      F  N)ine N)ine O)h, Former Frequency
WNNY      New York, NY             S  N)oticias N)ueva Y)ork, was WBNX, WKDM
WNOE      New Orleans, LA          O  James A. Noe)
WNOG      Naples, FL               L  N)aples O)n the G)ulf
WNOP      Newport, KY              L  N)ewp)o)rt
WNOR      Norfolk, VA              L  Nor)folk, VA
WNOU      Indianapolis, IN         E  NOU='now' - Radio Now, now WIBC
WNOV      Milwaukee, WI            S  W)isconsin's N)egroes' O)wn V)oice
WNOW      York, PA                 O  N)aomi O). W)illiams, wife of the owner HJ Williams
WNOX      Knoxville, TN            L  Kn)o)x)ville, TN Note: now WIVK(AM)
WNPB      Morgantown, WV           O  W)est Virginia N)orthern P)ublic B)roadcasting or in jest, W)e N)eed P)ledge B)reaks
WNPE      Watertown, NY            O  N)orth Country P)ublic E)ducation
WNPI      Watertown, NY            S  N)orth Country P)ublic I)nformation
WNPL(TV)  Naples, FL               L  N)ap)l)es, now WXCW
WNPR      Norwich, CT              S  N)orwich P)ublic R)adio
WNPT      Northport, AL            L  N)orthp)ort)
WNPT(TV)  Nashville, TN            O  N)ashville P)ublic T)elevison
WNPV      Lansdale, PA             S  N)orth P)enn V)alley
WNQM      Nashville, TN            S  N)ashville Q)uality M)inistries
WNRB      Boston, MA               O  N)ational R)religious B)roadcasters, onetime owner, formerly WMEX, WITS, WMRE
WNRE      Circleville, OH          O  N)elson R). E)mbrey, founder, note: now defunct
WNRI      Woonsocket, RI           L  N)orthern R)hode I)sland
WNSB      Norfolk, VA              O  N)orfolk S)tate University B)roadcasting
WNSH      Beverly, MA              L  N)orth S)h)ore
WNSH(FM)  Newark, NJ               S  N)as)h)ville, country format for New York/New Jersey, formerly WFME
WNSI      Jacksonville, AL         S  N)ews, S)ports and I)nformation
WNSR      Brentwood, TN            S  N)ashville's S)ports R)adio
WNSR      Lynn, MA                 S  N)orth S)hore R)adio Note: now WLYN
WNST      Milton, WV               O  N)aseeb S). T)weel Note: Now WZZW
WNTA(TV)  Newark, NJ               O  N)ational T)elefilm A)ssociates (Now: WNET)
WNTH(FM)  Winnetka, IL             O  N)ew T)rier H)igh School
WNTI(FM)  Hackettstown, NJ         F  NTI = Ninty-One mHz
WNTK      New London, NH           S  N)ews T)alk) Radio
WNTM      Mobile, AL               S  News)-T)alk M)obile, was WKRG
WNTN      Newton, MA               L  N)ewt)on)
WNTP      Philadelphia, PA         S  N)ews T)alk P)hiladelphia, was WZZD and WIBG
WNTQ(FM)  Syracuse, NY             F  Ninety T)hree Q)uality
WNTR      Silver Spring, MD        S  N)ews-T)alk R)adio
WNTS      Indianapolis, IN         S  N)ews T)alk S)ports, now Hispanic was WGEE
WNUA      Chicago, IL              S  NU='new' N)u) A)ge
WNUR      Evanston, IL             O  N)orthwestern U)niversity R)adio
WNVA      Norton, VA               L  N)orton, V)irginia)
WNVE      Rochester, NY            S  The N)erv)e)
WNVR      Naugatuck, CT            L  N)augatuck V)alley R)adio
WNVT      Parkersburg, WV          S  V)alley's N)ews T)alk
WNVY      Pensacola, FL            S  N)av)y), a big part of Pensacola's past and present
WNWC      Madison, WI              O  N)orth W)estern C)ollege
WNWC      Madison, WI              O  N)orthw)estern C)ollege
WNWK(FM)  Newark, NJ               L  N)ew)ark), was WHBI, later WCAA, now WXNY-FM
WNWN(FM)  Coldwater, MI            E  Revised form of WANG, calls from 1972-77 Note: was WTVB-FM from 1952-1972
WNWO(TV)  Toledo, OH               L  N)orthw)est O)hio, formerly WDHO
WNWS      South Miami, FL          S  N)ew)s)-Talk Note: now WMRZ
WNYC      New York, NY             L  N)ew Y)ork C)ity
WNYE(FM)  New York, NY             O  N)Y) Department of E)ducation
WNYG      Babylon, NY              S  N)ew Y)ork G)ospel
WNYH      Huntington, NY           L  N)ew Y)ork H)untington, was WGSM
WNYT(TV)  Albany, NY               S  W)atch (or W)e're?) N)ew Y)ork T)elevision
WNYU(FM)  New York, NY             O  N)ew Y)ork U)niversity
WNYW(SW)  New York, NY             O  Radio N)ew Y)ork W)orldwide Note: now WYFR
WOAI      San Antonio, TX          S  W)orld O)f A)griculture I)nformation
WOAK(FM)  La Grange, GA            O  O)a)k)side Christian School
WOAY      Oak Hill, WV             L  was to be WOAK (Oak Hill), handwritten FCC application was misread
WOBL      Oberlin, OH              L  O)b)erl)in
WOBM(FM)  Toms River, NJ           L  O)cean B)urlington M)onmouth
WOBN      Westerville, OH          O  O)tterb)ein) College
WOBO      Batavia, OH              L  B)atavia O)H
WOBR      Wanchese, NC             S  W)onderful O)uter B)anks R)adio (on coast)
WOC       Davenport, IA            S  W)orld o)f Chiropractic, Palmer School
WOCA      Ocala, FL                L  O)c)ala)
WOCB      West Yarmouth, MA        L  O)sterville, C)ape Cod, B)arnstable
WOCG      Huntsville, AL           O  O)akwood C)olleg)e
WOCN      Miami, FL                E  OCN = Ocean
WOCN-FM   Orleans, MA              S  O)c)ean) 104
WOCO      Oconto, WI               L  O)c)o)nto
WOCQ(FM)  Berlin/Ocean City, MD    L  O)cean C)ity
WODE(FM)  Easton, PA               E  ODE=O)ld)ie)s
WODL      Birmingham, AL           E  ODL='Oldies'
WODS(FM)  Boston, MA               S  O))d)ies) 103
WOFL(TV)  Orlando, FL              L  O)rlando F)l)orida
WOFX      Cincinnati, OH           S  The F)ox)
WOGB      Kaukauna, WI             L  O)shkosh-G)reen B)ay
WOGL(FM)  Philadelphia, PA         S  O)ld G)ol)d
WOIO(TV)  Cleveland, OH            L  O)hi)o)
WOIR      Homestead, FL            E  OIR = HEAR in Spanish
WOKY      Milwaukee, WI            E  Mil-w)o)k)y
WOLA      Barranquitas, PR         S  O)l)a) means wave
WOLC(FM)  Princess Anne, MD        S  W)atch, O)ur L)ord C)ometh, non-profit Christian station
WOLD(LP)  Woodbridge, NJ           S  O)l)d)ies
WOLF      Syracuse, NY             S  Memorable name and image for 'WOLF'
WOLG(FM)  Carlinville, IL          S  O)ur L)ady of G)uadalupe
WOLM      Lake Mary, FL            L  L)ake M)ary
WOLS      Florence, SC             O  O). L)ee S)tone
WOMC      Detroit, MI              L  W)ayne O)akland & M)acomb Counties
WOMI      Owensboro, KY            O  O)wensboro M)essenger I)Inquirer, newspaper
WOMN      Hamden, CT               S  W)om)an), now WQUN [was targeting women]
WOMR-FM   Provincetown, MA         S  O)uter M)ost R)adio
WOMT      Manitowoc, WI            S  O)ver M)anitowoc T)heatre (site of original studios)
WOND      Pleasantville, NJ        S  W)o)n)d)erful Music
WONE      Dayton, OH               O  Group O)n)e) Broadcasting, see WTUE
WOOD      Grand Rapids, MI         L  Wood, used in furniture making
WOPA      Oak Park, IL             L  O)ark P)ark A)rms Hotel
WOPI      Bristol, TN/VA           S  W)atch O)ur P)opularity I)ncrease
WOR       New York, NY             S  W)orld o)f R)adio
WORC      Worcester, MA            L  Worc)ester, MA
WORD(FM)  Pittsburgh, PA           S  Word of God (religious format)
WORG      Orangeburg, SC           S  W)atching O)rangeburg's R)apid G)rowth Note: now on FM in Elloree, SC
WORK      York, PA                 L  Yo)r)k), later WZIX and WOYK
WORL      Christmas, FL            L  O)r)l)ando, in Orlando metro, calls once in Boston
WOSH      Oshkosh, WI              L  Oshkosh, WI
WOSU      Columbus, OH             O  O)hio S)tate U)niversity
WOTV(TV)  Grand Rapids, MI         O  Modification of WOOD-TV after WOOD AM-FM sold TV station in early seventies and kept rights to WOOD call sign Note: now, current owner LIN Broadcasting is re-using WOOD-TV sign on Channel 8 and shifted WOTV sign to the former WUHQ(TV) Channel 41 Battle Creek, MI, which it is LMAing
WOTX      Lunenburg, VT            S  The O)ut)law
WOUB      Athens, OH               O  W)e're O)hio U)niversity B)roadcasting
WOUC      Cambridge, OH            O  O)hio U)niversity-C)ambridge
WOW       Omaha, NE                O  W)oodmen o)f the W)orld Insurance Co.
WOWK(TV)  Huntington, WV           L  O)hio W)est Virginia K)entucky
WOWO      Ft. Wayne, IN            S  Ft. W)ayne o)ffers W)onderful O)pportunities
WOYK      York, PA                 S  Baltimore Radio Show bought the station in the 80's, tried to return to the original call letters. They were not available, so this was the next best thing.
WPAB      Ponce, PR                O  P)orto Rican A)merican B)roadcasting Co. (Note arcane spelling of Puerto Rico)
WPAD      Paducah, KY              L  P)a)d)ucah, Kentucky
WPAM      Pottsville, PA           L  P)ottsville A)mplitude M)odulation
WPAT      Paterson, NJ             L  Pat)erson, NJ
WPAW      Pawtucket, RI            L  P)a)w)tucket, later WXTR, WGNG, WICE, WDDZ
WPBC      Bangor, ME               O  P)enobscot B)roadcasting C)ompany
WPBG(FM)  Peoria, IL               S  P)eoria's B)ig) Oldies
WPBN(TV)  Traverse City, MI        O  P)aul B)unyan Network)
WPBR      Palm Beach, FL           L  P)alm B)each R)adio
WPCD(FM)  Champaign, IL            O  P)arkland C)ollege D)istrict
WPCF(FM)  Panama City, FL          L  P)anama C)ity F)lorida
WPCH(FM)  Atlanta, GA              E  PCH = Peach
WPCK      Kaukauna, WI             S  Green Bay P)ac)k)ers
WPCN      Mount Pocono, PA         L  P)oc)on)o Mountains
WPCS(FM)  Pensacola, FL            O  P)ensacola C)hristian S)chool
WPCT      Putnam, CT               L  P)utnam, C)T)
WPDH(FM)  Poughkeepsie, NY         L  P)oughkeepsie D)utchess County H)udson Valley
WPDR      Portage, WI              O  P)ortage D)aily R)egister, newspaper
WPDR      Portage, WI              O  P)ortage D)aily R)egister
WPEN      Philadelphia, PA         O  William Pen)n Broadcasting
WPEO      Peoria, IL               L  P)e)o)ria, IL
WPFB      Middletown, OH           O  P)aul F). B)radon
WPFL(FM)  Winter Park, FL          L  W)inter P)ark F)L)
WPFM      Providence, RI           S  P)rovidence F)M), now WBRU
WPFP      Park Falls, WI           L  P)ark F)alls P)hillips
WPFR(FM)  Terre Haute, IN          O  P)aul F)ord R)adio
WPFW      Washington, DC           O  P)acifica F)oundation W)ashington
WPG       Atlantic City, NJ        S  W)orld's P)layg)round Note: merged with WNEW(AM)-1130
WPGB(FM)  Pittsburgh, PA           L  P)ittsb)urg)h
WPGC(FM)  Morningside, MD          L  P)rince G)eorges C)ounty, MD
WPGH-TV   Pittsburgh, PA           L  P)ittsburg)h)
WPGR      Monroeville, PA          S  W)e're P)ittsbugh G)ospel R)adio
WPGU(FM)  Urbana, IL               L  P)arade G)round U)nit Note: where some post WW-II hammers set up a lot of their equipment, now a dormitory for U of I students
WPHB      Philipsburg, PA          L  P)h)ilipsburg)
WPHG      Atmore, AL               S  W)e P)roclaim H)is G)lory
WPHM      Port Huron, MI           L  P)ort H)uron, M)ichigan
WPHR(FM)  Cleveland, OH            E  PHR = 'Power' FM
WPHT      Philadelphia, PA         S  W)e're P)hiladelphia's T)alk S)tation Note: was WPTS (briefly) and WCAU
WPIT      Pittsburgh, PA           L  P)i)t)tsburgh, Pennsylvania
WPIX(TV)  New York, NY             E  PIX = Picture, Daily News-NY's Picture Newspaper
WPJB(FM)  Providence, RI           O  P)rovidence-J)ournal B)ulletin
WPJK      Orangeburg, SC           S  W)e P)roclaim J)esus K)ing
WPKE      Pikeville, KY            L  P)ik)e)ville
WPKN(FM)  Bridgeport, CT           S  P)urple K)night N)etwork Note: originally the campus station for the University of Bridgeport (Purple Knights)
WPLA      Plant City, FL           L  P)l)a)nt City Note: now WFNS
WPLB      Lakeview, MI             O  P)aul L)ewis B)roadcasting
WPLG(TV)  Miami, FL                O  P)hilip L)eslie G)raham [Washington Post-owned]
WPLJ      New York, NY             S  W)hite P)ort & L)emon J)uice, R&B song
WPLM      Plymouth, MA             L  P)l)ym)outh or W)e P)lay L)ovely M)usic
WPLN-FM   Nashville, TN            O  P)ublic L)ibrary of N)ashville
WPLR(FM)  New Haven, CT            S  P)opul)ar) 99, Note: now AOR
WPLW      Carnegie, PA             S  W)e P)reach the L)iving W)ord, now WZUM once again
WPLY      Plymouth, IL             L  P)l)y)mouth, WI
WPLY      Philadelphia, PA         S  W)e P)l)ay)
WPMT      York, PA                 S  P)ennsylvania M)ovie T)ime, when it switched from CBS to independent in the early 1980's it showed mostly movies
WPNA      Oak Park, IL             O  P)olish N)ational A)lliance
WPNC      Plymouth, NC             L  P)lymouth, N)C)
WPNE-TV   Green Bay, WI            S  P)ublic N)ews and E)ducation
WPNF      Brevard, NC              L  P)isgah N)ational F)orest
WPNH      Plymouth, NH             L  P)lymouth, N)H)
WPOE      Greenfield, MA           L  P)o)e)t's Seat Tower, local landmark, now WGAM
WPOM      Riviera Beach, FL        E  POM = 'Palm' trees
WPON      Pontiac, MI              L  Pontiac, MI
WPOP      Hartford, CT             S  P)o)p)ular Music, Now All News
WPOR      Portland, ME             L  P)o)r)tland
WPOW(FM)  Miami, FL                S  P)o)w)er 96
WPPA      Pottsville, PA           L  P)ottsville P)A)
WPPJ(CC)  Pittsburgh, PA           S  P)oint P)ark (College) J)ournalism
WPPN      Des Plaines, IL          S  P)asion) or passion
WPQR(FM)  Uniontown, PA            S  W)estern P)ennsylvania Q)uality R)adio
WPRB(FM)  Princeton, NJ            O  P)rinceton R)adio B)roadcasting
WPRE      Prairie du Chien, WI     E  PRE='Prairie'
WPRI(TV)  Providence, RI           L  P)rovidence, R)hode I)sland
WPRK(FM)  Winter Park, FL          L  W)inter P)ar)k)
WPRM      San Juan, PR             O  P)uerto R)ico M)usic, name of the SCA background Music Service that once owned the Station
WPRO      Providence, RI           L  Pro)vidence, Rhode Island
WPRR      Altoona, PA              S  P)ennsylvania R)ailr)oad Note: Altoona: Major railroad center
WPRW      Manassas, VA             L  P)r)ince W)illiam County
WPRY      Perry, FL                L  P)err)y)
WPRZ      Evanston, IL             E  PRZ = Praise (Religious Format)
WPSC-FM   Wayne, NJ                O  W)illiam P)aterson S)tate C)ollege
WPSE      Erie, PA                 O  P)enn S)tate, E)rie
WPSL      Port St. Lucie, FL       L  P)ort S)t. L)ucie
WPSL      Monroeville, PA          O  P)unchy S)ylves L)eib, owner's daughter, later WRUA
WPST(FM)  Trenton, NJ              S  P)as)sport) Radio
WPTB      Statesboro, GA           S  W)onderful P)lace t)o B)e
WPTF      Raleigh, NC              S  W)e P)rotect T)he F)amily, slogan of owner: Durham Life Insurance Company
WPTN      Cookeville, TN           L  P)ut)n)am County
WPTR      Albany, NY               O  P)at)r)oon Broadcasting Co.
WPTT      McKeesport, PA           L  P)it)t)sburg, was channel 22, now AM 1360
WPTZ(TV)  Plattsburg, NY           E  PTZ = Plattsburg
WPUT      Brewster, NY             L  P)u)t)nam County
WPVI(TV)  Philadelphia, PA         F  P)hilly VI=6 (TV channel 6)
WPVL      Platteville, WI          L  P)lattev)il)le
WPVQ      Greenfield, MA           L  P)ioneer V)alley
WPXC-FM   Hyannis, MA              E  PXC='Pixy'
WPXH      Gadsden, AL              S  P)ax) TV Network
WPXI(TV)  Pittsburgh, PA           F  P)ittsburgh XI=11 (TV channel 11)
WPXN(TV)  New York, NY             O  P)ax)on N)et
WPXT      Portland, ME             S  P)ortland Fox) T)elevision, now affiliated with WB
WPZA      Ann Arbor, MI            O  P)iz)za) (Domino's Pizza) Note: now WTKA
WPZM      Athens, AL               E  PZM='Possum'
WQAM      Miami, FL                S  W)e Q)uit a)t M)idnight, a long time ago
WQBA      Miami, FL                E  QBA = Cuba, Spanish format
WQBC      Vicksburg, MS            S  W)e Q)uote B)ettter C)otton
WQBS      San Juan, PR             O  Q)uality B)roadcasting S)ystem
WQBU      Garden City, NY          S  Q)ue B)u)ena or It's Great
WQCC      La Crosse, WI            S  C)oulee C)ountry
WQCR(FM)  Burlington, VT           S  Q)ueen C)ity R)ock Note: now WOKO
WQCY      Quincy, IL               L  Q)uinc)y), IL
WQDR      Raleigh, NC              S  Q)uad)r)aphonic, from early 1970's when FM quad technology debuted
WQDY      Calais, ME               L  Q)uod)dy) Bay, located to the south of the city
WQEC-TV   Quincy, IL               S  Q)uincy E)ducational C)hannel
WQED-FM   Pittsburgh, PA           S  Q)uod E)rat D)emonstrandum, Latin for 'that which was to be demonstrated, has been'
WQEW      New York, NY             E  QEW = NEW (as close as they could get to WNEW) Note: formerly WQXR(AM), now WFME
WQFM      Milwaukee, WI            S  Allegedly Q)uiet F)or M)ilwaukee (now WJZI)
WQII      San Juan, PR             S  1)1)-Q, station name under its original AC format
WQIN      Lykens, PA               O  Q)ui)nn) Note: now dark
WQLR(FM)  Kalamazoo, MI            S  Cl)ear) 106.5 FM (when it was MOR; now hot AC with slogan 'Q-Lite 106.5')
WQLV      Millersburg, PA          S  L)ov)e 99 FM
WQNF(FM)  Valley Station, KY       O  Co-owned with W)Q)M)F
WQOW      Eau Claire, WI           L  Sister station of W)KO)W); Q = Eau Claire
WQPM      Princeton, MN            S  Q)uick P)ower M)agnet Note: now KCLI
WQQQ      Easton, PA               F  QQQ = 99.9 mHz, now in Sharton, CT (103.3 mHz)
WQQQ(FM)  Sharon, CT               S  Q)-103 FM
WQRA      Warrenton, VA            S  W)arrenton's Q)uality R)a)dio Note: now WUPP
WQRC(FM)  Hyannis, MA              S  Q)uality R)adio C)ape
WQSR-FM   Sarasota, FL             S  Q)uality S)tereo R)ock, calls now in Baltimore
WQSV      Ashland City, TN         L  W)onderful Q)uaint S)ycamore V)alley
WQTE      Adrian, MI               E  QTE = Cutie
WQVR      Rochester, NY            S  The R)iver)
WQXI      Atlanta, GA              S  QXI = 'Quixie' in Dixie
WQXQ(FM)  New York, NY             O  FM sister to WQXR (call now WQXR)
WQXR(FM)  Newark, NJ               E  W2XR, derived from original experimental calls
WQYT(FM)  Binghamton, NY           E  QYT = Quiet as in 'Your Quiet Island' Note: now WHWK(FM)
WRAC      Racine, WI               L  R)a)c)ine, WI
WRAL-FM   Raleigh, NC              L  R)a)l)eigh, NC
WRAN      Dover, NJ                L  R)an)dolph Township Note: now dark
WRAS(FM)  Atlanta, GA              O  R)adio a)t S)tate (Georgia State University)
WRBA      Homestead, FL            O  R)edlands B)roadcasting Note: now WOIR
WRBB(FM)  Boston, MA               S  R)adio B)ack B)ay Note: evolved from carrier current WNEU
WRBC      Jackson, MS              O  R)ebel B)roadcasting C)ompany (now WKXI)
WRBD      Pompano Beach, FL        S  R)adio B)roward) or R)ockin' B)ig D)addy
WRBH(FM)  New Orleans, LA          O  R)adio for the B)lind and H)andicapped
WRBQ      Tampa, FL                O  R)alph B)eaver (Chief Engineer)
WRBR(FM)  South Bend, IN           S  W)here R)iver B)end R)ocks
WRBS      Baltimore, MD            S  R)eligious B)roadcasting S)ervice
WRC       Washington, DC           O  R)adio C)orporation of America Note: now WWRC
WRCA      New York, NY             O  R)adio C)orporation of A)merica Note: now WFAN (formerly WNBC (again), WRCA, WNBC and WEAF), calls used in Waltham, MA
WRCB      Chattanooga, TN          O  R)ust C)raft B)roadcasting
WRCG      Columbus, GA             S  W)onderful R)adio C)olumbus G)eorgia
WRCH      New Britain, CT          S  R)ic)h) Music Note: became WRCQ
WRCH(FM)  New Britain, CT          O  R)adio C)orporation of H)artford, original owner
WRCK      Chicago, IL              S  The R)oc)k), now WLS-FM
WRCN(FM)  Riverhead, NY            O  R)iverhead C)on)temporary
WRCO      Richland Center, WI      L  R)ichland C)o)unty
WRCR      Spring Valley, NY        L  R)ockland C)ounty R)adio
WRCT(FM)  Pittsburgh, PA           O  R)adio C)arnegie T)ech
WRCU      Hamilton, NY             O  R)adio C)olgate U)niversity
WRCV-TV   Philadelphia, PA         O  R)C)A V)ictor (based across the river in Camden), now KYW-TV
WRCX-TV   Dayton, OH               O  R)oss C)ommunications Ex)cellent
WRDB      Reedsburg, WI            L  R)eed)sb)urg
WRDI      Egg Harbor City, NJ      O  James R)od)eo I)nc.
WRDL(FM)  Ashland, OH              O  Ashland University R)adio D)epartment L)abratory
WRDU(FM)  Raleigh, NC              L  R)D)U)-Airport Symbol for Raleigh-Durham
WRDW      Augusta, GA              S  W)here R)adio d)oes W)ander
WRDZ      LaGrange, IL             O  R)adio D)isney
WREC      Memphis, TN              O  W)ooten R)adio and E)lectric C)ompany
WREF      Ridgefield, CT           L  R)idge)f)ield, also R)adio E)ight F)ifty
WREK(FM)  Atlanta, GA              E  REK='wreck' Ramblin' wreck from Georgia Tech
WREL      Lexington, VA            S  R)obert E). L)ee (Burried at Washington & Lee Univ)
WREN      Lawrence, KS             L) Law)r)e)n)ce
WREN      Topeka, KS               O  Jenny W)r)e)n) Flour Company, now KKHK, Kansas City
WREO      Ashtabula, OH            O  R)adio E)nterprises of O)hio Note: now WFUN
WRET(TV)  Charlotte, NC            O  R)obert E)dward T)urner Note: now WCNC
WREV-FM   Cambridge, MN            S  R)e)v)olution Radio Note: now KZNT
WREX      Rockford, IL             O  Named for son of original owner L.E. Caster, Rex N. Caster, who was killed in action during World War II.
WRFC      Athens, GA               S  W)e're R)adio's F)irst C)hoice
WRFL(FM)  Lexington, KY            S  R)adio F)ree L)exington
WRFM      Hialeah, FL              S  R)adio F)am)iliar
WRFT      Indianapolis, IN         O  R)adio F)ranklin T)ownship Schools
WRFW      River Falls, WI          L  R)iver F)alls W)I
WRFY      Reading, PA              S  W)onderful R)adio f)or Y)ou
WRGA      Rome, GA                 L  R)ome G)eorgia)
WRGB(TV)  Schenectady, NY          S  W). R). G.) B)aker, GE engineer, head of the NTSC
WRGP-FM   Homestead, FL            S  R)adio G)olden P)anther, Florida International University's mascot
WRGP(TV)  Chattanooga, TN          O) R)amon G). P)atterson, now WRCB(TV)
WRGS      Rogersville, TN          L  R)og)ers)ville
WRGT-TV   Dayton, OH               S  R)eal G)ood T)elevision or W)rig)ht) before your eyes, Dayton is home of the Wright Brothers
WRHC      Coral Gables, FL         S  R)adio H)avana C)uba
WRHN      Rhinelander, WI          L  R)h)in)elander
WRHO-FM   Oneonta, NY              S  Was W)arrior R)adio H)artwick O)neonta, now R)adio H)artwick O)neonta
WRHU(FM)  Hempstead, NY            O  R)adio H)ofstra U)niversity
WRHY(FM)  Starview, PA             S  R)adio H)arrisburg-Y)ork
WRIB      Providence, RI           O  R)I) B)roadcasting
WRIF(FM)  Detroit, MI              S  RIF=The 'riff'
WRIP      Windham, NY              S  RIP='Rip' van Winkle (lived in Greene County)
WRIV      Riverhead, NY            L  R)i)v)erhead (Long Island)
WRIZ      Coral Gables, FL         S  RIZ = Rise to the Right Side of Your Dial Note: now WRHC
WRJC      Mauston, WI              L  R)adio J)uneau C)ounty
WRJL      Eva, AL                  S  W)e R)ejoice in J)esus our L)ord
WRJN      Racine, WI               O  R)acine J)ournal N)ews
WRJN      Racine, WI               O  R)acine J)ournal N)ews
WRJO      Eagle River, WI          O  R)oger and Mary J)o) Utnehmer, ex wife
WRKC(FM)  Wilkes-Barre, PA         O  R)adio K)ing's C)ollege
WRKL      New City, NY             L  R)ock)l)and County
WRKO      Boston, MA               O  RKO)-General Broadcasting
WRKR      Racine, WI               L  R)acine-K)enosha-R)ock counties
WRKR(FM)  Portage, MI              S  The Classic R)ock)er) Note: now classic-leaning AOR
WRKT      Erie, PA                 S  R)ock)et) Note: now using other calls
WRKU      Forestville, WI          O  R)oger and K)aren U)tnehmer
WRKY      Hollidaysburg, PA        S  R)ock)y) 104.9
WRKY(FM)  Steubenville, OH         E  RKY = Rocky
WRLL      Berwyn, IL               E  RLL='real' Real Oldies 1690
WRLU      Algoma, WI               O  R)oger L). U)tnehmer
WRM       Urbana, IL               S  W)e R)each M)illions Note: now WILL
WRMR      Cleveland, OH            S  R)em)ember) (MOYL-type format)
WRMT      Rocky Mount, NC          L  R)ocky M)ount)
WRNG      Atlanta, GA              S  R)in)g) named for Atlanta highway permimiter known as the 'ring' (now WCNN)
WRNJ      Hackettstown, NJ         S  R)adio N)ew J)ersey
WRNL      Richmond, VA             O  R)ichmond N)ews-L)eader, Newspaper
WRNN(TV)  Kingston, NY             S  R)egional N)ews N)etwork Note: formerly WTZA(TV)
WRNO(FM)  New Orleans, LA          S  R)ock of N)ew O)rleans
WRNW(FM)  Mount Kisco, NY          S  W)onderful R)adio N)orthern W)estchester Notes: now: WYNY, RNW-107.1 is where Howard Stern got his start. COL was moved to Briarcliff Manor
WROA      Gulfport, MS             S  W)onderful R)ivera o)f A)merica
WROC      Rochester, NY            L  R)o)c)hester Note: now WPXY(AM) (calls on TV channel 8)
WROK      Rockford, IL             L  R)o)ck)ford, IL
WROL      Boston, MA               S  relationship to WORL, longtime previous set of calls
WROS      Scottsboro, AL           O  R)o)s)e Kirby
WROS      Scottsboro, AL           S  Wild R)o)s)e of Scottsboro, now WZCT
WROZ-FM   Lancaster, PA            E  ROZ='rose', was WGAL-FM
WRPI(FM)  Troy, NY                 O  R)ensselaer P)olytechnic I)nstitute
WRPN      Ripon, WI                L  R)ip)on), was WCWC
WRQC      Cleveland, OH            E  RQC = Rock Note: now using other calls
WRQN(FM)  Westbrook, ME            S  R)ockq)in)' 101
WRRD      Jackson, WI              E  WRRD='word', Milwaukee's Word
WRRF      Washington, NC           S  W)e R)adiate R)eal F)riendship
WRR(FM)   Dallas, TX               S  W)here R)adio R)adiates
WRRH      Franklin Lakes, NJ       O  R)amapo R)egional H)igh, now silent, calls used in Puerto Rico
WRRM      Cincinnati, OH           E  WRRM = warm
WRRN-FM   Warren, OH               L  W)ar)r)en)
WRRO      Warren, OH               L  W)ar)r)en, O)hio, now WRBP formerly WHHH
WRRS      Cullman, AL              O  R)eality R)adio S)tation
WRSA(FM)  Decatur, AL              L  R)eds)tone A)rsenal
WRSC      State College, PA        L  R)adio S)tate C)ollege
WRSD      Homestead, FL            L  R)adio S)outh D)ade Note: now WOIR
WRSL      Corbin, KY               O  W).G. Morgan, R)ay Doss, S). C. Bybee and L)anier Burchett
WRST(FM)  Oshkosh, WI              S  R)adio S)tation of the T)itans, school couldn't get WSUO for Wisconsin State University-Oshkosh and wanted consecutive call letters)
WRSU      New Brunswick, NJ        O  R)utgers, S)tate U)niversity
WRTA      Altoona, PA              S  R)adio T)alk-A)ltoona
WRTL      Rantoul, IL              L  R)ant)oul), IL Note: became WUFI, now WJCI
WRTO      Chicago, IL              E  R)it)mo) or beat
WRTO(FM)  Goulds, FL               S  Radio R)it)mo), Spanish-Radio Rhythm
WRTP      Chapel Hill, NC          L  R)esearch T)riangle P)ark
WRTT      Huntsville, AL           S  R)ocket), Huntsville is known as Rocket City
WRTV(TV)  Asbury Park, NJ          O  W)alter R)eade T)V, went dark in 1954
WRTV(TV)  Indianapolis, IN         S  W)e ar)e T)V), years before the Toys `R' Us concept
WRUA      Monroeville, PA          O  Bur)u)a) Communications, Greensburgh dentist, later WXVX
WRUC(FM)  Schenectady, NY          O  R)adio of U)nion C)ollege
WRUF      Gainesville, FL          O  R)adio: U)niversity of F)lorida
WRUR      Rochester, NY            O  R)adio U)niversity of R)ochester
WRUS      Russellville, KY         L  R)u)s)sellville
WRVA      Richmond, VA             L  R)ichmond V)irginia)
WRVB      Madisom, WI              S  W)isconsin's R)adio V)oice of the B)ible, now WNWC
WRVC(FM)  Cattletsburg, WV         S  R)iv)er C)ities
WRVE      Schenectady, NY          S  The R)iv)e)r
WRVL      Lynchburg, VA            S  R)adio V)oice of L)iberty University
WRVO      Oswego, NY               S  R)adio V)oice of O)swego
WRVR      Aurora, IL               S  The R)iv)er), reference to Fox River
WRVR(FM)  New York, NY             O  R)iv)er)side Church Note: now WLTW(FM)
WRVV      Harrisburg, PA           S  RVV-'the RiVer', the 2 V's on their logo form a wave
WRXO      Roxboro, NC              L  R)ox)boro)
WRZE-FM   Hyannis, MA              E  RZE='Rose'
WSAC      Ft. Knox, KY             S  W)e S)erve A)rmor C)enter
WSAI      Cincinnati, OH           S  W)e're S)ick a)nd I)rritated
WSAR      Fall River, MA           S  W)e S)how A)dvertising R)esults
WSAU      Wausau, WI               L  Waus)a)u), WI
WSAV-TV   Savannah, GA             L  S)a)v)annah Note: calls once on 630 kHz
WSAW-TV   Wausau, WI               L  W)aus)a)u, W)isconsin, formerly WSAU
WSAY      Rochester, NY            E  Wha' S)a)y)?  Note: now WXXI-AM
WSB       Atlanta, GA              S  W)elcome S)outh, B)rother
WSBC      Chicago, IL              O  W)orld S)torage B)attery C)ompany
WSBE(TV)  Providence, RI           O  S)tate B)oard of E)ducation Note: now owned by Rhode Island Public Telecommunciations Association
WSBF      St. Louis, MO            O  S)tix, B)aer and F)uller department store, statiom existed in the mid-1920's
WSBF(FM)  Clemson, SC              S  S)tudent B)roadcast F)acilities
WSBF(FM)  South Bend, IN           O  S)outh B)end T)ribune F)M
WSBG(FM)  Stroudsburg, PA          L  S)troudsb)urg)
WSBK(TV)  Boston, MA               O  SBK = Storer Broadcasting NYSE Abbreviation
WSBR      Superior, WI             O  S)uperior B)r)oadcasting Co, call letters now Boca Raton, FL
WSBR      Boca Raton, FL           L  B)oca R)aton
WSBS      Great Barrington, MA     S  S)outhern B)erkshire's radio S)tation
WSBT      South Bend, IN           O  S)outh B)end T)ribune (newspaper)
WSBW      Sister Bay, WI           L  S)ister B)ay, W)I
WSBY-FM   Salisbury, MD            L  S)alisb)ury)
WSCB(FM)  Springfield, MA          O  S)pringfield C)ollege B)rdcsting
WSCD      Duluth. MN               O  St. S)cholastica C)ollege-D)uluth
WSCR      Chicago, IL              S  The S)c)or)e [sports talk]
WSDM-FM   Chicago, IL              S  S)mack D)ab in M)iddle of FM dial at 97.9 Note: WLUP-FM
WSDR      Sterling, IL             L  S)terling D)ixon R)ock Falls, IL
WSDS      Ypsilanti, MI            S  W)e S)erve D)etroit's S)uburbs
WSEO(FM)  Nelsonville, OH          L  S)outh E)ast O)hio
WSEV      Sevierville, TN          L  S)e)v)ierville
WSFA(TV)  Montgomery, AL           S  W)ith the S)outh's F)inest A)irport, the radio predecessor was located at what is now Gunter Air Force Station
WSFL      Springfield, MA          L  S)pringf)iel)d Note: became WJKO 1953
WSFT      Baltimore, MD            S  S)of)t)
WSFX      Wilmington, NC           S  S)uper F)ox)
WSGN      Birmingham, AL           S  S)outh's G)reatest N)ewspaper (B'ham News) Note: now WZZK(AM), now in Gadsden
WSGW      Saginaw, MI              L  S)aG)inaW), MI
WSHB(SW)  Columbia, SC             O  H)erald B)roadcasting
WSHE(FM)  Orlando, FL              S  S)h)e)'s Only Rock and Roll, formerly in Ft. Lauderdale
WSHG(FM)  Ridgeland, SC            E  SHG = Shag, for the popular SC/NC dance
WSHH      Pittsburgh, PA           E  SSH = Wish
WSHM      Springfield MA)          L  S)pringfield-H)olyoke, M)assachusetts
WSHU      Fairfield, CT            O  S)acred H)eart U)niversity
WSIA(FM)  Staten Island, NY        L  S)taten I)sland A)rea
WSIE(FM)  Edwardsville, IL         O  S)outhern I)llinois University-E)dwardsville
WSIU      Carbondale, IL           O  S)outhern I)llinois U)niversity
WSIU(FM)  Carbondale, IL           O  S)outhern I)llinois U)niversity [at Carbondale]
WSIV      Pekin, IL                S  W)e S)erve the I)llinois [River] V)alley, now WGLO
WSIX      Nashville, TN            O  S)i)x) Thirty-Eight Tire Co., Former Owner
WSJK      Sneedville, TN           L  S)needville, J)ohnson City and K)noxville, now WETP
WSJM      St. Joseph, MI           L  S)t. J)oseph, M)ichigan
WSJO(FM)  Egg Harbor City, NJ      S  S)outh J)ersey's O)wn
WSJS      Winston-Salem, NC        O  W)inston-S)alem J)ournal S)entinel
WSJV(TV)  Elkhart, IN              L  S)t. J)oseph V)alley
WSKG(FM)  Binghamton, NY           L  S)tanley K)iehl G)amble Note: named in memory of well-known local clergyman
WSKI      Montpelier/Barre, VT     L  Winoos)k)i River or 'SKI-ing'
WSKY      Asheville, NC            S  The Big S)k)y)
WSKZ      Chattanooga, TN          S  S)tereo, K)Z), looked good on bumper sticker
WSLB      Ogdensburg, NY           O  S)t. L)awrence B)roadcasting Co.
WSLI      Jackson, MS              O  S)tandard L)ife I)nsurance Co.
WSLM      Salem, IN                L  S)al)em)
WSLR      Akron, OH                E  WSLR = Whistler Radio
WSLS      Roanoke, VA              O  S)henadoah L)ife S)tation Note: now WSLC
WSLV      Ardmore, TN              L  S)tate L)ine V)oice (Borders Alabama)
WSM       Nashville, TN            S  W)e S)hield M)illions, slogan of owner: National Life and Accident Insurance Company
WSMB      New Orleans, LA          O  S)aenger Amusement-M)aison B)lanche
WSMD      Mechanicsville, MD       L  S)outhern M)aryland)
WSMK      Dayton, OH               O  S)tanley M). K)rohn Note: now WING
WSMM      Sault Ste. Marie, MI     L  S)ault Ste. M)arie, M)ichigan Note: now WYSS
WSMN      Nashua, NH               L  S)alem, M)anchester and N)ashua
WSMV      Nashville, TN            S  W)e S)hield M)illions, V added for V)ision
WSNC-FM   Winston-Salem, NC        S  W)inston-S)alem, N)orth Carolina
WSNG      Torrington, CT           S  S)in)g)
WSNI(FM)  Philadelphia, PA         E  SNI = Sunny
WSNJ      Bridgeton, NJ            L  S)outh N)ew J)ersey
WSNO      Barre, VT                E  SNO='snow'
WSNW      Seneca, SC               L  S)eneca an)d W)alhalla
WSNY(FM)  Columbus, OH             S  S)un)ny), once in Boston and Schenactady, NY
WSOC      Charlotte, NC            S  S)ounds o)f C)harlotte
WSOM      Salem, OH                S  W)onderful S)ound o)f M)usic
WSON      Henderson, KY            L  Henders)o)n)
WSOO      Sault Ste. Marie, MI     L  SOO = Sault
WSOU(FM)  South Orange, NJ         L  S)o)u)th Orange
WSOY      Decatur, IL              L  S)o)y)beans, the primary crop of the area
WSPA      Spartanburg, SC          L  S)p)a)rtanburg, South Carolina
WSPB      Sarasota, FL             L  S)arasota, P)almetto and B)radenton
WSPC      Albermarle, NC           S  W)e S)erve P)feiffer C)ollege, owned by an alum of the university
WSPD      Toledo, OH               O  S)p)eed)y Oil Company
WSPK      Poughkeepsie, NY         S  S)tereo P)oughk)eepsie
WSPR      Springfield, MA          O  S)p)ringfield R)epublican, local newspaper
WSPT      Stevens Point, WI        L  S)tevens P)oint)
WSPW      Bridgewater, NJ          S  S)P)orts
WSPW      Bridgewater, NJ          S  S)p)orts, was WBRW, now WWTR
WSPY      Sandwich, IL             L  S)andwich, P)lano and Y)orkville
WSPZ      Northport, AL            E  SPZ='Sports'
WSRF      Ft. Lauderdale, FL       E  S)ur)f)
WSRS(FM)  Worcester, MA            S  W)orcester's S)tereo R)adio S)tation
WSRW      Hillsboro, OH            O  S)erena R)ose W)inslow, founded David Winslow.
WSSC      Sumter, SC               S  W)e S)erve S)umter C)ounty
WSSH(FM)  Lawrence, MA             E  WSSH = Wish, calls now in Vermont
WSSQ(FM)  Sterling, IL             O  S)eith S)erafin Q)uality
WSSS-FM   Charlotte, NC            S  S)uper S)ounds of the S)eventies
WSSU      Superior, WI             O  S)uperior S)tate U)niversity Note: now KUWS
WSTC      Stamford, CT             S  S)tamford T)own C)hannel, S)tamford T)own C)enter, S)t)amford C)T
WSTM(FM)  St. Matthews, KY         L  S)t). M)atthews Note: now WRKA
WSTM(TV)  Syracuse, NY             O  S)yracuse T)imes-M)irror
WSTU      Stuart, FL               L  S)t)u)art
WSTV      Steubenville, OH         L  St)eubenv)ille, OH
WSUA      Miami, FL                S  S)u)a)ve-Spanish, Radio Smooth
WSUA(CC)  Albany, NY               O  S)tate U)niversity at A)lbany
WSUA(CC)  Albany, NY               O  S)tate U)niversity at A)lbany
WSUB      Groton, CT               L  S)u)b)marines based in Groton-New London
WSUE      Sault Ste. Marie, MI     L  SUE = Sault
WSUF-FM   Noyack, NY               L  S)u)f)folk County, NY
WSUI      Iowa City, IA            O  S)tate U)niversity of I)owa
WSUN      St. Petersburg, FL       S  W)hy S)tay U)p N)orth?
WSUS(FM)  Franklin, NJ             L  S)u)s)sex county
WSUX      Seaford, DE              L  S)u)ssex) county"
WSVA      Harrisonburg, VA         L  S)henandoah Valley of V)irginia)
WSVH-FM   Savannah, GA             L  S)av)annah)
WSVN(TV)  Miami, FL                F  SVN = 7
WSVP      West Warwick, RI         S  S)ea V)oice of the P)eople, was WWRI, now WLKW
WSWB (TV) Scranton, PA             L  S)cranton/W)ilkes-B)arre
WSWP(TV)  Beckley, WV              O  S)outhern W)est Virginia P)ublic TV
WSWT(FM)  Peoria, IL               E  SWT = Sweet
WSWW      Plattville, WI           S  W)e S)erve W)estern W)isconsin
WSYB      Rutland, VT              S  W)e S)erve Y)ou B)est
WSYR      Syracuse, NY             L  S)y)r)acuse
WSYX(TV)  Columbus, OH             F  SYX = 'six', channel 6 TV Note: formerly WTVN-TV
WTAB      Tabor City, NC           L  T)a)b)or City
WTAG      Worcester, MA            O  W)orcester T)elegram a)nd G)azette
WTAJ(TV)  Altoona, PA              S  T)elevision A)ltoona-J)ohnstown
WTAL      Tallahassee, FL          L  T)a)l)lahassee OR T)al))k radio
WTAM      Cleveland, OH            S  W)here t)he A)rtists M)eet Note: Currently- W)e're Cleveland's T)alk A)M)
WTAQ      La Grange, IL            S  W)estern T)owns A)long the Q)uincy RR
WTAS      Crete, IL                O  T)ony A). S)antucci, now WYCA
WTAW      College Station, TX      S  W)atch T)exas A)ggies W)in, Texas A&M
WTAZ(FM)  Morton, IL               L  T)a)z)ewell county, Illinois
WTBC      Tuscaloosa, AL           O  T)uscaloosa B)roadcasting C)ompany
WTBS(FM)  Cambridge, MA            O  T)ech B)roadcasting S)ervice, MIT, now WMBR
WTBU(CC)  Boston, MA               S  T)erriers (of) B)oston U)niversity, Howard Stern, John Gambling III, Pete Salant and others started at WTBU
WTBU-TV   Indianapolis, IN         O  T)elevision from B)utler U)niversity
WTCB      Columbia, SC             S  W)e T)ake C)are of B)usiness
WTCC(FM)  Springfield, MA          O  S)pringfield T)echnical C)ommunity C)ollege
WTCG(TV)  Atlanta, GA              O  T)urner C)ommunications of G)eorgia Note: now WTBS
WTCM      Traverse City, MI        L  T)raverse C)ity M)I
WTCN      Minneapolis, MN          O  T)win C)ities N)ewspapers (Tribune & Pioneer Press), now WWTC, was channel 11
WTCR(FM)  Huntington, KY           S  T)ri-State C)ountry R)adio
WTCS      Fairmont, WV             S  T)own and C)ountry S)tation
WTCX      Lakeville, MN            S  T)win C)ities Note: now KZNR
WTDK-FM   Federalsburg, MD         S  T)he D)uck)
WTDR      Talladega, AL            S  T)hund)er) 92.7
WTDS(FM)  Toledo, OH               O  T)oledo D)epartment of S)chools, it should have been WTBE for Toledo Board of Education
WTDY      Madison, WI              S  T)od)ay) radio
WTEB(FM)  New Bern, NC             S  W)here T)omorrow's E)ducation B)egins or T)hurman E) B)rock, school president
WTEM      Bethesda, MD             S  The T)e)am) Note: sports format
WTEN(TV)  Albany, NY               F  T)e)n), Station is on channel 10
WTFF      Mt. Verson Hills, VA     O  T)he F)ellowship F)orum, KKK publication Note: now WTOP-DC
WTFM(FM)  Kingsport, TN            L  T)ri-Cities F)M)
WTFX(FM)  Louisville, KY           S  T)he F)ox)
WTHD(FM)  Lagrange, IN             S  T)h)und)er Country
WTHI-TV   Terre Haute, IN          L  T)erre H)aute, I)N
WTHR(TV)  Indianapolis, IN         F  Channel T)h)ir)teen
WTHS(FM)  Miami, FL                S  W)orlds T)o H)ear and S)ee Note: now WLRN
WTHS-TV   Miami, FL                S  W)orlds T)o H)ear and S)ee
WTHU      Thurmont, MD             L  T)h)u)rmont
WTIC      Hartford, CT             O  T)ravelers I)nsurance C)ompany
WTID      Reform, AL               S  T)i)d)e 101.7, Alabama Crimson Tide
WTIG      Massillon, OH            S  T)i)g)ers, Massillon Tigers [high school sports team and name of early NFL team]
WTIK      Durham, NC               S  W)here T)obacco i)s K)ing
WTIQ      Manistique, MI           L  ManisT)I)Q)ue, MI
WTIU-TV   Bloomington, IN          O  T)elevision from I)ndiana U)niversity
WTIU(TV)  Bloomington, IN          O  T)elevision-I)ndiana U)niversity
WTJC-TV   Springfield, OH          S  W)itnessing 'T)il J)esus C)omes, now WBDT
WTJS      Jackson, TN              O  T)he J)ackson S)un, Newspaper
WTJU-FM   Charlottesville, VA      S  T)homas J)efferson's U)niversity Note: owned by the Board of Visitors of the University of Virginia
WTKK(FM)  Boston, MA               S  TKK='Talk', was WJIB(FM)
WTKM      Hartford, WI             S  W)e're t)he K)ettle M)oraine, a glacial formation common in the area
WTKN      Daleville, AL            S  W)e're T)alk)in) (Talk radio)
WTLC(FM)  Indianapolis, IN         S  W)ith T)ender L)oving C)are
WTMC      Ocala, FL                S  W)elcome T)o M)arion C)ounty
WTMD      Towson, MD               L  T)owson, M)D)
WTMJ      Milwaukee, WI            O  T)he M)ilwaukee J)ournal, Newspaper
WTMP      Tampa, FL                L  T)am)p)a, FL
WTMX      Skokie, IL               S  T)he M)IX)
WTNC      Thomasville, NC          L  T)homasville, N)C)
WTND      Orangeburg, SC           O  T)imes an)d D)emocrat [Newspaper] Note: now silent
WTNJ(FM)  Mt. Hope, WV             O  T)ony Gonzales & N)ick J)oe Rahall
WTOD      Toledo, OH               S  W)e're T)op o)f the D)ial, 1560 kHz
WTOE      Spruce Pine, NC          L  T)o)e) River which flows through Avery, Mitchell and Yancey Counties
WTOF      Canton, OH               S  T)ower o)f F)aith
WTOP      Washington, DC           F  T)o)p) of the Dial, at 1500 kHz
WTOR      Torrington, CT           L  T)o)r)rington, now WSNG, Sing Radio
WTOS      Wauwatosa, WI            L  City known locally as 'T)o)s)a'
WTPA-TV   Harrisburg, PA           S  T)elevision P)ennsylvania), was associated with FM that became WNNK; another FM station (WQVE) then picked up the WTPA call sign
WTPI      Indianapolis, IN         S  T)op) of I)ndy at 107.9, top of the dial
WTRC      Elkhart, IN              O  T)ruth R)adio C)ompany, Newspaper
WTRL      Bradenton, FL            O  T)r)ail) Broadcasting, near the Tamiami Trail
WTRN      Tyrone, PA               L  T)yr)on)e
WTRW      Two Rivers, WI           L  T)wo R)ivers, W)isconsin
WTRY      Troy, NY                 L  T)r)oy), NY
WTSB      Lumberton, NC            S  W)here T)obacco S)ells B)est
WTSJ      Covington, KY            S  W)ith T)he S)ounds of J)oy
WTSK      Tuscaloosa, AL           L  T)us)k)aloosa
WTSL      Lebanon, NH              L  T)win S)tates L)ebanon
WTSN      Dover, NH                O  T)ri S)tate N)etwork
WTSO      Madison, WI              F  T)en S)even O)h, 1070 kHz
WTSO      Madison, WI              F  T)en S)even O)h, 1070 KHz
WTSR(FM)  Trenton, NJ              O  T)renton S)tate C)ollege (now College of New Jersey)
WTSU-FM   Troy, AL                 O  T)roy S)tate U)niversity
WTSV      Claremont, NH            L  T)win S)tates V)alley radio
WTSX(FM)  Port Jervis, NY          S  T)ri S)tate Crossroads (X-roads)
WTTB      Vero Beach, FL           S  W)here t)he T)ropics B)egin
WTTG(TV)  Washington, DC           S  T). T). G)oldsmith, DuMont engineering head
WTTM      Trenton, NJ              S  W)orld T)akes, T)renton M)akes (clever rearrangement of slogan associated with city) Note: Now WCHR
WTTN      Watertown, WI            L  W)at)ert)own)
WTTO      Birmingham, AL           F  T)elevision T)wenty-O)ne
WTTV      Bloomington, IN          O  Sarkes T)arzian T)elev)ision
WTTW(TV)  Chicago, IL              S  W)indow t)o t)he W)orld
WTUE(FM)  Dayton, OH               E  TUE = 'two', see sister station WONE (1 and 2)
WTUP      Tupelo, MS               L  T)u)p)elo, MS
WTUS      Mannington, WV           S  T)oday's U). S). Country
WTVB      Coldwater, MI            O  T)win V)alley B)roadcasters, original owners
WTVK(TV)  Knoxville, TN            L  T)elev)ision K)noxville, was WTVK
WTVM(TV)  Columbus, GA             O  T)elev)ision M)artin [Theatres]
WTVP(TV)  Peoria, IL               L  T)elev)ision P)eoria
WTWN      Wells River, VT          L  T)w)in) states (VT and NH)
WTWO-TV   Terre Haute, IN          F  Channel T)w)o)
WTWW(SW)  Lebanon, TN              S) W)e t)ransmit w)orldw)ide
WTYD      New London, CT           E  TYD = Tide, Station on Long Island Sound
WTYM      E. Longmeadow, MA        E  TYM = TIME for Beautiful Music Note: was WJKO w/ R&R, became WTYM 1963
WTZA(TV)  Kingston, NY             S  T)appan Z)ee Bridge) to A)lbany
WTZR(TV)  Chicago, IL              O  T)V from Z)enith R)adio) Note: now WBBM-TV
WUAB      Cleveland, OH            O  U)nited A)rtists B)roadcasting
WUAL-FM   Tuscaloosa, AL           O  U)niversity of A)l)abama
WUBZ(FM)  Philipsburg, PA          E  UBZ='B)uz)Z'
WUCF-FM   Orlando, FL              O  U)niversity of C)entral F)lorida
WUEV      Evansville, IN           O  U)niversity of E)v)ansville, was WEVC
WUFI      Rantoul, IL              L  U)niversity of) I)illinois
WUGA-FM   Athens, GA               O  U)niversity of G)eorgia)
WUHF      Rochester, NY            F  U)H)F) TV band
WUHQ(TV)  Battle Creek, MI         S  You)r H)eadq)uarters, studios in HQ of former FortCuster army base, now WOTV
WUIS(FM)  Springfield, IL          O  U)niversity of I)llinois at S)pringfield
WUKY(FM)  Lexington, KY            O  U)niversity of K)entucky)
WULF(FM)  Hardinsburg, KY          E  WULF='Wolf', 94.3 The Wolf
WUMB(FM)  Boston, MA               O  U)niversity of M)assachusetts-B)oston
WUMP      Athens, AL               S  U)m)p)ire, sports-talk format
WUNC-FM   Chapel Hill, NC          O  U)niversity of N)orth C)arolina
WUNO      San Juan, PR             S  U)n)o) is "One" in Spanish
WUOG-FM   Athens, GA               O  U)niversity o)f G)eorgia
WUOL(FM)  Louisville, KY           O  U)niversity o)f L)ouisville
WUOM-FM   Ann Arbor, MI            O  U)niversity o)f M)ichigan
WUOT(FM)  Knoxville, TN            O  U)niversity o)f T)ennessee
WUPE      Pittsfield, MA           E  WUPE = Whoopie
WUPI      Peabody, MA              E  WUPI = Whoopie
WUPM      Ironwood, MI             L  U)pper P)eninsula M)ichigan
WUPN(TV)  Greensboro, NC           S  U)nited P)aramount N)etwork
WUPQ      Newberry, MI             L  U)pper P)eninsula
WUPS(FM)  Houghton Lake, MI        S  UPS-'We deliver the hits'
WUSB      Stony Brook, NY          O  U)niversity of S)tony B)rook
WUSF(FM)  Tampa, FL                O  U)niversity of S)outh F)lorida
WUSL(FM)  Philadelphia, PA         L  USL='US 1', US Federal Highway 1 runs through area
WUSM-FM   Hattieburg, MS           O  U)niversity of S)outhern M)ississippi
WUSN(FM)  Chicago, IL              S  U)S) N)inety-Nine, 99.5 KHz
WUST      Bethesda, MD             L  U). S)t)reet in minority neighborhood
WUSV-TV   Albany, NY               O  U)nion S)treet V)ideo, now WEWB
WUTC(FM)  Chattanooga, TN          O  U)niversity of T)ennessee at C)hattanooga
WUVR      Lebanon, NH -            L  U)pper V)alley R)adio
WUWF(FM)  Pensacola, FL            O  U)niversity of W)est F)lorida
WUWM      Milwaukee, WI            O  U)niversity of W)isconsin-M)ilwaukee
WVAF(FM)  Charleston, WV           S  W)est V)irginia F)M
WVAH(TV)  Hurricane, WV            S  W)est V)irginia, A)lmost H)eaven
WVAL      St. Cloud, MN            O  V)a)l) Jacobson, former owner
WVAM      Altoona, PA              S  V)oice of the A)llegheny M)ountains
WVAR      Richwood, WV             L  W)est V)irginia), R)ichwood
WVAS-FM   Montgomery, AL           S  V)oice of A)labama S)tate
WVBC      Bethany, WV              O  V)oice of B)ethany C)ollege
WVBF(FM)  Framingham, MA           O  V)irginia B). F)airbanks, wife of owner
WVBG(TV)  Albany, NY               O  V)ision B)roadcasting G)roup
WVBO      Oshkosh, WI              S  V)alley's B)est O)ldies
WVBR-FM   Ithaca, NY               S  V)oice of the B)ig R)ed (Cornell)
WVCA      Gloucester, MA           S  V)oice of C)ape A)nn, now WBOQ
WVCF      Eau Claire, WI           S  W)isconsin V)oice of C)hristian Youth
WVCG      Coral Gables, FL         L  V)oice of C)oral G)ables
WVCS(FM)  California, PA           S  V)oice of C)alifornia S)tate College
WVCX      Tomah, WI                S  W)isconsin V)oice of C)hristian Youth
WVCY(TV)  Milwaukee, WI            O  V)oice of C)hristian Y)outh
WVEC      Norfolk, VA              S  W)e V)alue E)ach C)ustomer
WVEK-FM   Weber City, VA           L  W)estern V)irginia/E)astern K)entucky
WVER(TV)  Rutland, VT              L  V)e)r)mont
WVET      Rochester, NY            O  V)eterans B)roadcasting C)orp.  Note: now WPXY(AM)
WVFR      Ridgefield, CT           S  V)oice of F)airfield in R)idgefield
WVGO      Richmond, VA             S  V)irg)inia's O)ldies
WVHC(FM)  Hempstead, NY            O  V)oice of H)ofstra C)ollege Note: now WRHU(FM)
WVIA-TV   Scranton, PA             S  The W)orld V)i)a) T)elev)ision
WVII(TV)  Bangor, ME               F  VII = Roman numeral 7
WVIP      Mt Kisco, NY             S  V)ery I)mportant P)lace (on your dial) for V)ery I)mportant P)eople
WVIR(TV)  Charlottesville, VA      L  V)i)r)ginia
WVIT-TV   New Britain, CT          O  V)iacom I)nc. T)elevision, previous owners, now owned by NBC
WVJS      Owensboro, KY            O  V)incent J)oseph S)teele
WVKO      Columbus, OH             S  V)oice of K)olumbus, O)hio
WVLD      Valdosta, GA             L  V)al)d)osta
WVLK      Lexington, KY            S  V)ersailles-L)exington K)entucky (Versailles was first city of license)
WVLT(FM)  Vineland, NJ             S  V)ineland L)it)e
WVLT-TV   Knoxville, TN            S  V)ol)unteer T)V
WVLY(FM)  Milton, PA               L  The Susquehanna V)al)ley)
WVMA      Oak Hill, WV             S  W)est V)irginia M)usic A)uthority
WVMR      Frost, WV                S  W)est V)irignia M)ountain R)adio
WVMT      Burlington, VT           L  V)erm)ont) Note: ex-WCAX(AM)
WVNA      Tuscumbia, AL            S  V)oice of N)orth A)labama
WVNJ      Newark, NJ               S  V)oice of N)ew J)ersey Note: later WSKQ, now WJWR. Calls now used in Oakland (Bergen County) at 1160AM
WVNO      Mt. Vernon, OH           S  V)oice of N)orthern O)hio
WVNY(TV)  Burlington, VT           L  V)ermont/N)ew Y)ork
WVOC      Columbia, SC             S  V)oice o)f C)olumbia
WVOJ      Jacksonville, FL         S  V)oice o)f J)acksonville Note: once used by WQIK(AM)-1320, now at 970
WVOL      Berry Hill, TN           S  V)o)l)unteer (State Slogan)
WVON      Chicago, IL              S  V)oice o)f N)egro Note: now WGCI(AM)
WVOR      Rochester, NY            S  V)oice o)f R)ochester
WVOS      Monticello, NY           S  V)oice o)f S)ullivan County
WVOT      Wilson, NC               S  V)oice o)f T)obacco
WVOV      Huntsville, AL           S  V)oice o)f the V)alley Note: now WTAK
WVOX      New Rochelle, NY         S  VOX=Latin, 'Voice', Voice of Westchester County
WVOY      Charlevoix, MI           L  CharleV)O)Y), MI
WVOZ      San Juan, PR             S  VOZ="Voice" in Spanish
WVPO      Stroudsburg, PA          S  V)oice of the P)o)conos
WVPR(FM)  Windsor, VT              O  V)ermont P)ublic R)adio
WVPS(FM)  Burlington, VT           O  next letter up from WVPR
WVRQ      Viroqua, WI              L  V)ir)oq)ua
WVSC      Somerset, PA             S  V)oice of S)omerset C)ounty
WVSL(FM)  Valley Station, KY       L  V)alley Station-L)ouisville Note: now WQNF
WVSR(FM)  Charleston, WV           S  West V)irginia S)uper R)adio
WVTL      Amsterdam, NY            S  V)alley's T)alk L)eader
WVTM(TV)  Birmingham, AL           O  V)ulcan T)imes-M)irror, Vulcan statue is in Birmingham
WVTV(TV)  Milwaukee, WI            O  One-time owner Gaylord Broadcasting had the letters TV in all its stations' callsigns
WVUA      Tuscaloosa, AL           S  V)oice of the U)niversrity of A)labama
WVUD      Newark, DE               S  V)oice of the U)niversity of D)elaware
WVUM(FM)  Coral Gables, FL         S  V)oice of the U)niversity of M)iami
WVVA(TV)  Bluefield, WV            L  W)est Virignia-V)irginia)
WVXU      Cincinnati, OH           S  V)oice of X)avier U)niversity
WWBB      Madison, WV              O  B)oone B)roadcasting
WWBF      Bartow, FL               L  B)artow F)lorida
WWBR      Windber, PA              L  W)indb)er)
WWBT      Richmond, VA             O  Sister station of W)B)T) Charlotte
WWCA      Gary, IN                 S  W)orking W)ith the C)alumet A)rea
WWCC      Honesdale, PA            S  W)ayne C)ounty's C)ountry, now WSPN
WWCF      Baraboo, WI              O  W)illiam C). F)orrest, now WOLX
WWCH      Clarion, PA              O  W)illiam C)urtis H)earst
WWCO      Waterbury, CT            L  W)aterbury, C)o)nnecticut
WWCR(SW)  Nashville, TN            S  W)orld W)ide C)hristian R)adio
WWCT(FM)  Peoria, IL               E  C)aterpillar T)ractor [Rumored. Caterpillar was not the owner. Supposedly was going to be WCAT, but Caterpillar Tractor Co. was going to fight it, so the final callsign came from quick backpedalling.]
WWDB(FM)  Philadelphia, PA         O  W)illiam and D)olly B)anks, co-owners
WWDC      Washington, DC           L  W)ashington D)C)
WWDL(FM)  Scranton, PA             O  D)oug L)ane, founder/owner
WWDM(FM)  Sumter, SC               S  W)onderful W)orld of D)imensional M)usic, was beautiful music
WWEB      Wallingford, CT          O  W)allingford E)ducational B)roadcasting
WWFG-FM   Ocean City, MD           S  F)rog)gy 99
WWGY      Grove City, PA           S  Frogg)y), frequently-used country format moniker
WWJ       Detroit, MI              O  W). J). Scripps of Scripps-Howard
WWJC      Duluth, MN               S  W)onderful W)orld of J)esus C)hrist, now WQRM
WWJO      St. Cloud, MN            O  WJ)O)N Broadcasting Corp.
WWKI      Kokomo, IN               L  K)okomo I)ndiana
WWLC      Balsam Lake, WI          S  L)ake C)ountry
WWLE      Cornwall-On-Hudson, NY   O  W)illiam L). E)dmonds
WWLG      Baltimore, MD            S  L)eg)ends 1360
WWLP-TV   Springfield, MA          O  W)illiam L). P)utnam, original owner
WWLS      Moore, OK                O  L)arry S)teckline
WWMD      Hagerston, MD            L  W)estern M)aryland)
WWMT(TV)  Kalamazoo, MI            S  W)e're W)est M)ichigan T)elevision (was WKZO-TV)
WWNC      Asheville, NC            L  W)estern N)orth C)arolina
WWNK      Cincinnati, OH           E  WNK = Wink
WWNL      Pittsburgh, PA           S  W)e're N)ew L)ife Radio, formerly WEEP
WWNN      Pompano Beach, FL        S  W)inners N)ews N)etwork
WWNR      Beckley, WV              S  N)ick R)ahall
WWNS      Statesboro, GA           S  W)elcome W)here N)ature S)miles
WWNY      Watertown, NY            L  W)atertown, N)ew Y)ork
WWOC(FM)  Avalon, NJ               L  W)ildwood-O)cean C)ity
WWOG(FM)  Boca Raton, FL           S  W)onderful W)ord o)f G)od Note: now WKIS
WWOM(FM)  Albany, NY               S  W)onderful W)orld o)f M)usic Note: now WKLI(FM)
WWOM(TV)  New Orleans, LA          S  W)onderful W)orld O)f M)ovies
WWON      Waynesboro, TN           E  WON='one', W-ONE
WWON      Woonsocket, RI           L  W)o)on)socket, see WWON Waynesboro, TN, now WOON
WWOR(TV)  Worcester MA             L  W)o)r)cester, now used by Secaucus, NJ channel 9
WWPB(FM)  Miami, FL                O  W)onderful W)illiam P)aul B)rake Note: now WLYF
WWPT      Westport, CT             L  W)estp)ort)
WWRI      West Warwick, RI         L  W)est W)arwick, R)I), became WSVP and WLKW
WWRI      West Warwick, RI         L  W)est W)arwick R)hode I)sland
WWRL      New York, NY             O  W)oodside R)adio L)abs, Woodside, LI
WWRU      Elizabeth, NJ            O  R)adio U)nica
WWRV      Brockton, MA             S  The R)iv)er
WWRW-FM   Wisconsin Rapids, WI     L  W)onderful W)isconsin R)apids, W)isconsin, now WGLX in Plover, WI
WWSC      Glens Falls, NY          L  W)arren-W)ashington-S)aratoga C)ounties
WWSE      Jamestown, NY            S  W)onderful W)orld of S)tereo E)ntertainment
WWSW      Pittsburgh, PA           O  W)illiam S). W)alker
WWTC      Minneapolis, MN          L  T)win C)ities
WWTI      Watertown, NY            L  W)atertown - T)housand I)slands
WWUH      West Hartford, CT        O  U)niversity of H)artford
WWUS(FM)  Big Pine Key, FL         S  U)S)-1, only road through the Keys
WWVA      Wheeling, WV             L  W)heeling W)est V)irginia)
WWVU      Morgantown, WV           O  W)est V)irginia U)niversity
WWWB(TV)  Campbellsville, KY       S  The W)-W)-W)B)! (now WBKI)
WWWG      Rochester, NY            S  W)here W)e W)orship G)od
WWZB(FM)  Chicago, IL              O  Z)enith B)roadcasting Note: later WEFM
WXCC      Williamson, WV           S  C)oal C)ountry
WXCI      Danbury, CT              F  XCI='91' in Roman numerals (91.7)
WXFL      Florence, AL             L  F)l)orence
WXHB      Richton, MS              L  H)attiesb)urg, MS or H)ub), when former talk format
WXHR(FM)  Boston, MA               O  H)arvey R)adio Laboratories, later WJIB(FM), now WTKK
WXIA(TV)  Atlanta, GA              F  X)I) A)tlanta, Roman numerals for 11, alternately 11 A)live
WXIX(TV)  Cincinnati, OH           F  XIX = Roman numerals for Channel 19
WXKS-FM   Boston, MA               E  KS = 'Kiss'
WXLC      Waukegan, IL             S  X='across', Across L)ake C)ounty
WXMC      Parsippany, NJ           L  X)roads of M)orris C)ounty
WXOW      La Crosse, WI            L  Sister station of W)KO)W); X = Crosse
WXPK      Briarcliff Manor, NY     S  The P)eak)
WXPN(FM)  Philadelphia, PA         S) X)perimental P)ennsylvania N)etwork
WXPS(FM)  Briarcliff Manor, NY     E  XPS = Express radio
WXRK(FM)  New York, NY             S  RK = Rock format
WXRL      Lancaster, NY.           O  R)amblin' L)ou Schriver, President and GM
WXRR      Hattiesburg, MS          S  WX)XX R)ock and R)oll, (WXXX was area rock station in 60's and 70's)
WXRV      Haverhill, MA            S  The R)iv)er
WXSM      Blountville,TN           S  The Ex)treme S)ports M)onster
WXTK-FM   West Yarmouth, MA        S  Ex)treme T)alk), original branding
WXTR      Pawtucket, RI            S  Ex)t)r)a Radio. was WPAW, now WDDZ
WXTZ      Indianapolis, IN         E  XTZ='Ecstasy' in Stereo
WXVI      Montgomery, AL           F  XVI = 16, 1600 kHz
WXVT-TV   Greenville, MS           F  XV=Roman numeral for channel 15, T)elevsion
WXVX      Monroeville, PA          F  XVX=Roman 1510, later WPGR
WXXA-TV   Albany, NY               S  X)X), most recognizable combination of letters, like eXXon, A)lbany
WXXI-TV   Rochester, NY            F  XXI=Roman Numerals for Channel 21
WXXI(TV)  Rochester, NY            F  Channel 21 (XXI)
WXXS      Lancaster, NH            S  XXS='Kiss' Kiss 102
WXXV-TV   Gulfport, MS             F  XXV=Roman numeral for channel 25
WXYZ      Detroit, MI              S  XYZ = 'The Last Word in Broadcasting', now WXYT, calls on channel 7 TV
WYBC(FM)  New Haven, CT            O  Y)ale B)roadcasting C)ompany
WYBT      Blountstown, FL          L  B)lountst)own
WYCC(TV)  Chicago, IL              S  W)e're Y)our C)ity C)olleges, owned by City Colleges of Chicago
WYCD(FM)  Detroit, MI              S  W)e're Y)oung C)ountry D)etroit
WYCR(FM)  Hanover, PA              L  Y)ork C)ounty R)adio
WYDD(FM)  Pittsburgh, PA           E  WYDD='wide' Widen the World of Pittsburgh Note: now WJJJ
WYDN(TV)  Worcester, MA            S  Y)our D)aystar N)etwork
WYFF      Greenville, SC           S  Y)our F)amily F)riend, formerly WFBC-TV
WYFR(SW)  Okeechobee, FL           S  W)e're Y)our F)amily R)adio
WYGR      Wyoming, MI              L  W)y)oming-G)rand R)apids
WYLF      Penn Yan, NY             S  Y)our L)ifetime F)avorites
WYLL      Chicago, IL              S  His WYLL (Will, religious format)
WYLN-TV   Hazleton, PA             S  W)e're Y)our L)ocal N)etwork
WYLO      Jackson, WI              F  W)ay) L)o)w, 540 kHz (now WZER)
WYMJ-FM   Beavercreek, OH          S  M)aj)ic 104, now WXEG
WYMT-TV   Hazard, KY               S  W)e're Y)our M)ountain T)elevision
WYND      Nags Head, NC            E  WYND='wind' due to coastal gusts
WYNF(FM)  Tampa, FL                S  Y)ou N)ow F)ound and Y) N)inety F)ive
WYNS      Lehighton, PA            E  WYNS='wins', now WBYN
WYOW      Eagle River, WI          L  Sister station of W)AO)W)
WYRS(FM)  Manahawkin, NJ           S  W)e're Y)our R)adio S)tation
WYSS      Sault Ste. Marie, MI     S  YES-FM
WYST      Baltimore, MD            S  Y)our S)t)ars Note: now using other calls
WYSU(FM)  Youngstown, OH           O  Y)oungstown S)tate U)niversity
WYVE      Wytheville, VA           L  W)y)thev)ille)
WZAD(FM)  Wurtsboro, NY            E  WZAD = Wizard
WZBG      Litchfield, CT           O  B)oys & G)irls, name of licensee
WZBN      Zion, IL                 L  W)aukegan Z)ion B)Benton N)ewport (townships) [1967-1982]
WZEE      Madison, WI              S  ZEE 104
WZGC(FM)  Atlanta, GA              O  G)eneral C)inema
WZIP(FM)  Akron, OH                S  University of Akron Z)i)p)s
WZIX      York, PA                 E  Music='MuZIX', owner in the early 70's was Shelly Gross owner of Music Fair Enterprises
WZMX      Hartford, CT             S  M)ix), from former AC format, now Urban 'Hot'
WZNF(FM)  Rantoul, IL              F  Z) N)inety-F)ive
WZNL      Norway, MI               S  Z)ephyr Broadcasting's N)orthern L)ights
WZNT      San Juan, PR             S  Z)eta N)oventa y T)res, or Z-93
WZON      Bangor, ME               O  Stephen King's 'The Dead Z)o)n)e'
WZOR      Mishicot, WI             S  Raz)o)r), formerly WGBM
WZPR      Meadville, PA            S  Z)ip)per) Note: Zipper was invented in Meadville
WZRC      New York, NY             S  Z) R)oc)k, now brokered Korean
WZRD(FM)  Chicago, IL              S  WZD='Wizard'
WZRH      Zephyr Hills, FL         L  Z)ephyr) H)ills
WZRZ(FM)  Cincinnati, OH           S  Z)-R)ock Format
WZTA-FM   Tamaqua, PA              O  Floyd Z)immerman/T)a)maqua (Now: WMGH)
WZTV(TV)  Nashville, TN            O  Robert Z)elle T)V)
WZUM      Carnegie, PA             E  ZUM='zoom', became WPLW and is again WZUM
WZVN      Naples, FL               F  Carried on cable channel 7 [Z)ev)en)]
WZZM(TV)  Grand Rapids, MI         S  Chosen because the calls look the same upside down
WZZN(FM)  Chicago, IL              E  ZZN='The Zone, changed calls TEN TIMES in its history (all under the same ownership)
WZZO      Allenton, PA             E  ZZO='zoo'
WZZS(FM)  Zolfo Springs, FL        L  Z)olfo S)prings
XEFAJ     Mexico City, DF          O  F)rancisco A)guirre J)iminez, founder of Grupo Radio Centro.
XERB      Tijuana, BN              L  R)osarito B)each, BC, Original City Note: now XEPRS
XETRA     Tijuana, BN              E  XTRA = Extra (for former all news format)
ZBM       Bermuda                  L  B)erm)uda
ZDRC      Cebu, Phillipines        S  R)adio C)ebu
ZNS       Nassau, Bahamas          S  Z)ephyr N)assau S)unshine